10 Ways to Become Strong Truth Warriors

Truth Warrior


1/. Clean up 

(i) Subject our minds to quality material: educational, Truth, pure spiritual doctrines and reject anything which is going to degrade and weaken us.

(ii) Subject our bodies to quality sustenance: natural and wild foods, drinks, nutrients, detoxification substances, medicinal plants, etc. Try to reject/limit de-natured, acidic based substances.

We become what we absorb 



2/. Qualitative sleep

Sleep deprivation can make our lives hell. To have quality sleep is easy said than done with our busy busy lives. All of us are maxed out nowadays. However by reducing the amount of artificial stimulants; (both mental and physical) can greatly help.

Meditation is an amazingly powerful antidote to irregular sleep pattens. One needs less sleep with regular meditation, due to less burn out/stress (emotive reacting) to what we are being exposed to.

To be fighting fit, we need to have a proper recharge each night. As well as intermittent rest between projects. Days off purely just to relax and reflect.



3/. Spiritually grounded

Realizing we are in a spiritual battlefield is essential for us to win this war. Trying to tackle this purely from a worldly viewpoint will only get us so far in our understanding of what is going on. We really must embrace the spiritual aspects of this agenda. Everything in our lives is spiritual – every argument, dispute, disappointment, upset, luck, joy and all the highs and lows. All a spiritual journey and part of our learning opportunity.

Only our choice if we want to learn and move on from it. All sorts of people and situations weave into our worldly experience…..but every character and event being a spiritual presentation.

Without us fully grasping this experience, (no matter how nightmarish) as being spiritual; we will be just chasing our tails.

After a while, and with lots of practice, practice, practice; the strength we can pool from our spiritual outlook will allow us to respond to events from a more detached objective position, rather than reacting each time.

Once you being to witness the magic of RESPONDING to situations, it becomes addictive and weaves into your life as a very positive and empowering habit.



4/. Resistance

Saying “NO”. Lots of little NO’s, which all accumulatively add up. Disobeying. Lawful Resistance. Freeman/woman-on-the-Land. Metaphorically sticking that middle finger up at this beast. Enough is enough is enough – no more!

After a while the mindset of resistance becomes part of you. Being subservient is draining and depletes us of our life-force energy. Standing up to the bully is empowering and strengthens our character and I would also suggest our soul.

Just starting the process is more important



5/. Propagate

Let’s get the word out. Spreading the Truth. We can become the opposite of bumble bees with our info spreading. Every day, little by little – a flier, a few words with a stranger, inject it into small talk, give out DVDs, conveniently drop leaflets in various places. With the main objective being NEW BLOOD. This is all about number crunching, getting more and more and more people on our side.

By actually spreading the Truth this actually strengthens you. It is self-motivating. It makes you feel part of something big, useful, engaged and gives your life more value.

Just starting the process is more important



6/. Help Motivate Others 

Showing example is a good start. Inviting others out with you street-Truthing. Start off gently, no hard core sell or getting into tricky situations, as this will only put people off.

It is a real shame and a thorn in my side that people are not self-motivated to get the word out and resist; but unfortunately this is the reality.

So we have to nudge potential Truthers to get out there and do their bit. Remember this is about life or death. This can be done through gentle persuasion, or a bit of appropriate guilt. It’s subjective and depends on your relationship with that person. Some you will win, some you will lose.

In my experience, if they won’t budge, you are wasting your time. It’s a damn shame as most of these people have so much knowledge to share and so many skills. It really burns my heart to see such Truth knowledge and potential wasted.

However the positive flip side is when you do see people you have initially motivated become engaged with this energy. It is the high of all highs. Extremely empowering, and fills one with hope and inner strength.



7/. Continue to become informed 

This one has to be good old balance. It’s trying to get that middle ground between becoming an addictive Truth-browser, hardly being any use to the TM, and burning out with this stuff.

We have to keep informed with current events; but not to the extent we just become full-time Truth spectators. Just observing the horrors unfold on our computer screens.

Knowing what is going on both in terms of the horrors and with our successes, can be quite motivating. We can draw our strength from knowledge alone.



8/. Don’t buckle 

Keep pounding away at this no matter what knocks we have along the way. A steadfast winning attitude. Standing strong against the following:

(i) False accusations Somebody calls you a label and you know you are not that label – THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Just keep ploughing on regardless.

(ii) Criticism If that criticism is useful and we are able to self-reflect then this is productive; but in the scheme of things if it is an unnecessary non-constructive comment – just carry on business as usual. We don’t have time to be overly sensitive to these unhelpful remarks.

(iii) Nasty abuse These predominantly come from people who have personal issues. They usually are bitter or jealous individuals who know in their heart they should be doing more and their comments are a projection of their frustration within themselves. Just move on; brush these people and their silly comments to one side. They are meaningless in the bigger picture.

Tenacity is the key



9/. Focused attention

Where are we going? What exactly is the society we want to live in? Where is our precise direction? What do we definitively want? Have we really contemplated these thoughts, or have we just reacted to whatever they have thrown at us? Do we have a scheduled game plan?

Hadn’t we ought to get our Truth life plan together!?

We need to really reflect on this important aspect. We need to meditate and clearly envision the world we want for ourselves and future generations.



10/. Camaraderie 

Lets begin to start swimming together. Having collective support, the feeling of not being alone, having a moral buffer, financial safety nets, accessible open resources, etc. These are important areas of security we greatly need.

Anyone who is doing their bit to help the Truth, should be supported in any way possible.

Plus don’t forget our empowering mantra………..





1/. Clean up

2/. Qualitative sleep

3/. Spiritually grounded

4/. Resistance

5/. Propagate

6/. Help Motivate Others

7/. Continue to become informed

8/. Don’t buckle

9/. Focused attention

10/. Camaraderie



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  1. Hi Digger,
    short of time to be in touch and let You know about translation. Only excerpt from comment:
    “Łał! Niby to wszystko wiedziałem, ale niepotrafiłem tego wszystkiego zebrać do kupy. Czas sobie to wydrukować i wziąć sobie to do serca”
    “Wow! I guess I know all of these, but couldn’t add one thing to another. Time to print this piece and take it deeply to heart”
    Greetings Andrzej

    • Hi Andrzej,

      Good to hear from you. Thank you for the feedback to the piece and translation of course.

      Thanks for fighting at your side of the fence.


  2. Many thanks my friend, I’m pleased you and your Polish readers are able to benefit….to get the word out there.

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