Stick it where the sun don’t shine


Funny how the little things just get you. If we continue to tolerate this bullying and insanity, then it’s our fault. Sadly knowing the obsequious sheople – they will tut, nod their heads disapprovingly and then comply and comply and comply….into their jewelian nightmare.

“No” is such a tiny word.

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  1. I went into a cafe in a well-known supermarket chain (oh oh – that was the wrong thing to say – sorry Digger) and bought an expensive glass bottle of some fancy lemon juice. When I got to the till I realised I hadn’t picked up a glass to drink it from. The woman on the till said they’d had all of the glasses removed for customers because of ….. gosh who would have thought I could have dropped it and accidentally stabbed myself and anyone sitting near me. So I was offered a very flimsy paper cup. Well it’s good to know that they are really looking after me, as I obviously can’t do it myself. Yes, digger I didn’t rant at the woman or demand to see the manager, I just laughed as it was just too pathetic. But now you’ve reminded me that it is my duty not to accept this crap – I shall now write a protest to S*******y’s. I’m sure that they will have one incidence of a customer’s nicked finger from a broken glass in their first aid book – probably back in 1982 – but there’s bound to be a fob-off answer.

    Funny that they actually allowed me to handle the glass bottle myself and pour it into the paper cup – goodness knows what could have happened if I’d accidentally dropped it – hmmmmmm I might just have sued them for the lacerations to my legs – oh and my shredded tights. So watch for the total disappearance of glasses and glass bottles coming to a place near you.


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