Out of the Woodwork


It’s funny, when the penny drops and you actually realise that it’s in fact a Jewish plot; lots of old anecdotes about our experiences with the chosen tribe come bubbling up to the surface. Little insignificant incidents that we all bury and just move on.


One example I can recall is my friend’s parents told me that when they were in Austria waiting for a train in the early hours of the morning, they got chatting to a Jewish law student.


Naturally when you first meet someone and find out about their lifestyle, career and interests, you tend to bring up personal situations around these topics. So as they were killing time, they happen to mention about a domestic dispute they had with a neighbour over some boundary issues with their garden. This young jewish lad made some suggestions what he thought they could do to resolve it. Politely they listened and then moved on with various topics of conversations.


My friend’s parents shared their last hot drink with him from their flask, they also gave him a pullover/jumper because he was cold. Telling him they could keep the pullover because he’d need it for the rest of the journey.


As it was back in the days prior to the internet, the couple gave the young lad their address in friendship so as he could send them a postcard from a location on his travels.


When the couple got back home to England………..


Waiting for them was an invoice for the advice that this young Jewish lad had casually provided over their garden boundary dispute with their neighbour!!




This is the mindset we are dealing with!


This is how they go about life – fleecing the goy.


Let’s think about this. This couple not only gave this young lad a nice hot drink, actually gave him a warm pullover he could keep. But more importantly they gave him their company, their friendship, their compassion and ultimately their TRUST.


What did they get in return from this child of satin for their kindness?


A hard slap around the face. They were metaphorically spat at for being so nice to him. How dare these stupid naive goy  receive information from such an enlightened superior being for FREE. They must pay for his expertise. 


To think he was probably calculating a price whilst they were imparting their story to them. He was probably even drafting a format of the invoice in his mind ready to send them, before they had even finished telling him their situation.


The word chutzpah jumps out at you. Hubris, arrogance – unbelievable!


To me this small example exemplifies the mindset we are having to deal with on a daily basis. And it’s not until years later that all these small anecdotes we have experienced with this tribe and put away somewhere, all begin to come out of the woodwork.


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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  October 6, 2012

    Perhaps they ought to have considered reporting the theft of a jacket to the police.

    • he he he – well they would only lose if it then went to court, because they own the courts.


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