Odds n Sods – 4

A mate was telling me that the people who work in Sainsburys (major supermarket in Britain) have to sit at the check out till for four hours without a break. That is half a day. They are allowed loo breaks, but not an official relaxing break. FUCKIN SLAVE DRIVERS. How dare they! – Well I suppose they dare, because we put up with this slavery.


Yet this parasite Lord Sainsbury projects to the public image that he is a philanthropist – what bollocks. They fleece us and turn us into slaves whilst getting us to worship them. I bet if Lord Sainsbury turned up at one of their stores, these sycophantic stupid goy slaves would be groveling to him.


Notice how they have stolen this term ‘Lord’, so as to get us to worship our parasitic overlords. I will only accept this term being directed to Lord Jesus Christ, or Lord Krishna and suchlike.




A good buddy of mine, like myself doesn’t have a TV. In Britain everybody is tricked (deception) into paying a mandatory TV license for the pleasure of our indoctrination (programming). After all we must pay for our mind control. During the week my friend informed me that a guy came round to his place posing as someone from a private satellite company, asking him if he had a TV. This is how the government are deceiving people now into getting them to admit if they have a TV or not. This is the depths they are now sinking to. Good old deception so as to fleece the goy. Yet again it all gets back to us, if we submit to this corrupt behaviour or not.




Over the years I have been gradually drip-feeding information to a long term Aussie friend of mine who I worked with on the Euro Disney construction. It’s been a hard old slog trying to get any feedback from him at all on this Truthing material. He is quite comfortable, with a nice job, good salary, nice house, nice environment; life’s relatively sweet there in Aus. As I didn’t get much response from him; I decided to blast him over a period of a few days with appropriate material suitable for his personality. 🙂 God bless’im – after all that intense information, I got an e-mail back from him with photos of his pond……where do you go from there!?




A couple of us went out street Truthing during the week and we met up with a couple who were very clued up with the agenda. We clicked straight away and they spontaneously offered to help us out with handing out some fliers. Marvelous. How easy it is to bond when people are willing to unite in a common cause. What a great spirit this couple had. What a lovely connection and sense of camaraderie we all had that day.




Polite suggestion: May I suggest whenever we write the word Truth, we try to use a capital letter T. Even for the term Truthers. I feel this little act will be a step in the right direction for our mindset, to build up our self worth as a movement. Our activities and image is worthy and should be recognised for it’s importance and significance.





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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  October 6, 2012

    Are we going to see the photos of his pond?


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