10 Traits of the Elite Jews


Ten examples of their characteristics, which to date have brought them relative success in suppressing us. 

Although these are negative traits towards us; in most cases we could turn these around to positive traits which we could use to fight this good fight.


1/. Camaraderie

The term thick as thieves springs to mind. No matter what their crimes, the cult members will clan together. In true tribal spirit they use all their resources to not only protect their own, but give that member full encouragement. At times their protective boundaries are almost impenetrable.

If we can be supportive to our fellow brothers and sisters, this would rapidly speed up our victory. Supportive to those who are trying to do their bit. Join forces with all peoples; from all walks of life, from all religions, skin colour, nations of as comrades. Lets not let our adversaries divide and rule us. 



2/. Tenacity

Through thick n thin. It is often said Jews are work shy, but I wouldn’t say they were lazy. The elite Jews are very industrious in fulfilling their dream domination and destruction over the goy. They are relentless in their multidimensional attacks against us.

Keep plodding on my friends. We have no other choice. Unfortunately this is a life or death situation. Every day we have do our bit – resist and propagate. Lots n lots of small incremental acts which collectively will all add up to us winning this battle. We will have many set backs and knocks along this rough path, but victory is waiting for us at the end. 



3/. Long-term planers

Where as we may plan a couple of years ahead for most of our plans, if that these days. These big boys are at least setting plans fifty years ahead. They have such long term objectives with intermittent gradients along these time scales. Gradually gradually implementing their destructive agenda with full projective foresight.

This is directly linked with the supremacist Jew’s focus. If we had a crystal clear collective focus, this type of planning would come almost naturally. Our plans would almost be an organic processes. Solutions would pretty much become obvious and uniform throughout the world. 



4/. Hyper Organised

Plan A, plan B, plan C and probably plan D. They have every angle covered, every possibility. Any difficult spontaneous scenarios – they have solutions in place. It’s in their breeding; they have a pedigree of international secret network organised criminality. I would suggest though that their logistics are not going so smoothly for them these days; due to us pesky Truthers.

I do think we are slowly getting our act together. Things are looking better as far as our winning spirit. I know that’s easy to say and we have to be careful of being too idealistic; but I honestly do think we’re becoming much more organised. That much more mature in our approach. This is all good news and we should feed off of this positive development and allow it to exponentially grow. 



5/. Ruthless

These tyrants seem to have no boundaries. There is doesn’t seem to be a cap off point with their evil and ability to inflict pain and suffering on the world. The only reason they are not doing more to us is because at present they cannot get away with it.

It may be strange to see ruthlessness as a positive trait we can adopt. But delivered with a positive approach, we could capitalize on this trait. I feel we should be ruthless in our delivery, ruthless in our rejection to this onslaught. Ruthless in getting the word out.



6/. Resourceful

The JCN’s great ability to get over whatever problem and work around things has served them well. I really don’t like to compliment this evil force; but this is the reality. They are extremely adaptable, so long as there is a means to an end. This is linked into their foresight and ruthlessness. They are opportunists.

We definitely could take a leaf out of their book in this regard. We need to be as resourceful as we can, using every opportunity at our disposal. Again I sense we are getting better and better at this I can see this developing further the more the movement matures.



7/. Financiers

Well this has to be their forte and huge huge leverage over us with their infamous usury…..compound interest and funny money we all run around trying to obtain. They have trapped us into this debt-based slavery and now are aiming to take us towards a cash-free society, so that we slave away for digits and photons on a computer screen.

This has to change. We have to try hard and fight this deadly and corrupt system in every way we can. For the time being we must invest in precious metals (preferably silver coins), bartering-type goods and barter our labour when we can. Ultimately though we need to rid ourselves of this judaic usury-based monetary slavery.



8/.  Shrewdness

As the term implies shrewd as a Jew. This is where their mastery in deception comes to the surface. The kings of deception again and again, generation after generation. Every time we fall for their shenanigans. Every time. Trickery, deception, lies, scams – through a multiple of honed and tuned methodologies.

I would suggest we need to wise up to this. We need to box clever and try hard to adopt this shrewdness, instead with good values. One suggestion is we could start with a simple thing like trying to respond to situations with what they throw at us, as opposed to keep reacting. Just this little technique would throw them off course.



9/. Disciplined 

Although on one level these maniacs do not have the ability to control their insanity. They are destruction junkies. They just can’t stop their evil. Yet in other ways they are very much disciplined with all their focused direction, they are able to be very contained and not fall for the destructive traps that we fall for – such as gambling, drugs, and general destructive habits which break down the family unit.

This is a theme I try to push hard. The importance of us cleaning up. This is paramount for our success on every level; both physically and spiritually. We can’t really complain about the negative social traps they throw at us, if we keep lapping them up.



10/. Spiritual

Strange to label our adversaries as spiritual. But they most definitely are. On the dark spiritual spectrum. That is what all this mess is about. The darkness verses the Light. I would strongly suggest we need to realise their insane actions are all stemmed from their demonic/satanic-driven energy.

Simple solution to this – just turn in the direct opposite direction. Lean towards the Light. I cannot encourage us enough to try to grab hold of the concept that we become what we absorb. To cleanse ourselves spiritually speaking, it is essential we try to absorb the gems of knowledge from a plethora of spiritual disciplines and doctrines. Always from a comprehensive detached perspective. This is our true wealth, our true power source. And it’s so easily accessible. We just need to be spiritual bumble bees to take the beauty from the worlds ancient wisdom.




1/. Camaraderie

2/. Tenacity

3/. Long-term Planers

4/. Hyer-Organised

5/. Ruthlessness

6/. Resourceful

7/. Financiers

8/. Shrewdness

9/. Disciplined

10/. Spiritual



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