“Obviously mind control doesn’t exist”

If orgone energy was just a trivial new age con, then why the character assignations?

Struggling to make ends meet

1/5 of UK workers ‘below living wage’


One fifth of British workers equal to 4.82 million people and their families get paid less than the living wage, struggling to make ends meet, a study has found.

The findings by KPMG consultants and described as “shocking” by umbrella trades union group Trades Union Congress (TUC) show the workers have to survive on less than £8.30 an hour in London and £7.20 in other parts of Britain.

Campaigners have called on the government to raise the minimum wage from the current £6.19 to the living wage levels but officials say taking such a step would force many workers out of their jobs.

According to the KPMG study, England has the lowest number of the worker earning below the living wage while Northern Ireland (24 percent) and Wales (23 percent) are home to the greatest proportion of poorer workers.

“It is shocking that in this day and age one in five workers is still earning less than is needed to maintain a decent standard of living,” Frances O’Grady who will take over as TUC leader in January said.

“The living wage is not a luxury and means that low-paid workers don’t have to make tough choices over whether they can afford the everyday things that most of us take for granted, such as their fuel bill or a winter coat for their children,” she added.

Sourced from http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com – original source from Press TV

“Pure Truth, like pure gold, has been found unfit for circulation, because men have discovered that it is far more convenient to adulterate the Truth than to refine themselves.”

~ Charles Caaleb Colton ‘Lacon’ (1825)

David accepts the mark of the beast

Worth watching in full

V again




Check out these anti-austerity protestors. Look yet again how uniform they are. Where is the individualism? Not one banner pointing to the real criminals. I would suggest a handful of highly organised controlled opposition with thousands of gullible sheople.

Look too how inside the scissor logo there coincidentally just happens to be a “V”, along side this idiot in a “V” for Vendetta mask, which is donned across all European controlled demos.

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This makes me wana ….


How on earth can you tackle your enemy – when you don’t even know who your enemy is? Or too scared to even label who your enemy is.

“Time to ride boys…”  

Ohh for crying out loud.


Change the faces



Above is a typical poster or post seen on many of these so-called Truth sites. But this is the power of deception. These three characters on this poster are just puppets.


These should be the the type of faces on the poster:


DBS Broadcast

“You get a better turn out for a football game, than you will to save your own bloody life.”

Nice to hear Daryl say “Jews” now, rather than that deceptive word “Zionism”. I thought although this was definitely a downbeat audio, it was one of Daryl’s most direct and honest.


“It is morally as bad not care whether a thing is true or not, so long as it makes you feel good; as it is not to care how you got your money so long as you have got it.” 

~ Edwin Way Teale ‘Circle of Seasons’ (1953)

Smart Bollocks


What’s all this Smart bollocks? Smartphones, Smartmeters, Smartgrowth, Smartcars and even SmartScreens. Their new catchy terminology (predictive programming – mind control) to sell us more enslavement, whilst fleecing us of our hard-earned mammon.


Every single one of these Smart items are really not so smart for us in any way. They are a way of tricking us (again deception, by the kings of deception) into wanting slave tools. All these gadgets and material items are entrapments of one sort or another.


Smartphones = to monitor the goy more accurately, entrap us into materialism – deceive us into thinking we need things we certainly do not need at all. What’s so smart about that(?)


Smartmeters = to screw our energy up, make us ill, monitor us, whilst ripping us off. Nope, can’t see anything smart in that.


Smartgrowth – please see link to video below for explaination of this evil Agenda 21. Population control/eugenics, by better people. I personally can’t see anything smart in that also.


SmartScreens = The latest trendy mind control tool. Let’s be honest, that’s all it is. Get us conditioned into technology. Technology is good for us, technology is good for us, technology is good for us. If we repeat this mantra enough times, most of us will accept it. Get rid of those old-hat marker boards of silly old writing; move forward, be a progressive thinker. Get hooked up, on line, connected to the grid, within the matrix. After all, once your conditioned to this new system – it’s so easy.


These Smartscreens and new ‘system changes’ are also cleverly acting as a way of outing the ‘old thinkers’. People who have a memory of how things used to be. You know those type of awkward people, the ones with standards, the ones who wanted to do things the right way. Teachers who actually wanted to educate children, instead of just getting their stats completed so they get paid. Those old-hat principles which are just now simply slowing down the system.


Smartcars = allowing us to accept ‘small’ as cool. Apart from feeding into their global warming/climate change narrative. The trend for small seems to be the new normal. Tiny cars, being sold as trendy. Small dwellings, small wages, small mindsets. Small is great – for them.


We now have to socially accept downsizing on everything as the new normal…….whilst these elite Jews and all their minions somehow seem to be upsizing in every section of their comfortable lifestyles. More and more and more – it never seizes, whilst we have less and less and less.


Let’s stop paying for our shackles – let’s stop walking into these kosher entrapments 


Video of Agenda 21