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“Truth always lags last, limping along on the arm of Time.”

~ Baltasar Gracian The Art of Worldly Wisdom (1647)

“We’re very excited”

Dissolving silk electronics melt in your body, not in the hand

    Where’s yours? Oh, it biodegraded

    By Brid-Aine Parnell • Get more from this author

    Posted in Science28th September 2012 10:16 GMT


    When it comes to electronics, boffins are usually going one way – how to make them smaller, faster and longer lasting, but a few researchers are going against the tide – looking for electronics that can last just a moment and then disappear.


    Boffins insert dissolvable implant into a lab rat

    At the University of Illinois, with help from Tufts and Northwestern Universities, scientists have come up with biodegradable electronics that can do their job and then dissolve. Apart from reducing the amount of consumer electronics in landfills, the disappearing gizmos could also work as medical implants, before dissolving in bodily fluids, as environmental monitors or any other device that needs to disappear.


    “From the earliest days of the electronics industry, a key design goal has been to build devices that last forever – with completely stable performance,” Illinois professor of engineering and project leader John Rogers said.


    “But if you think about the opposite possibility – devices that are engineered to physically disappear in a controlled and programmed manner – then other, completely different kinds of application opportunities open up


    .”And it’s not all theory. The researchers have already built and demonstrated several gadgets, including a 64-pixel digital camera and an implant designed to monitor and prevent bacterial infection in surgical incisions, successfully tried out on rats.

    Dissolvable electronics in water

    The research was supported by warboffin agency DARPA, who no doubt sees other potential applications for the tech. Why would the Mission Impossible team need a self-destructing tape-recorder when instead this transient electronic radio transmitter could self-dissolve in five seconds?


    The electrics are tiny, but high performing, gadgets on ultrathin sheets of silicon. The sheets are so thin, that they break up in biofluids in a few days, but put together with soluble conductors and dielectrics on magnesium and magnesium oxide, they can make a huge range of electronic components, sensors, transmitters and more.


    These boffins aren’t the only ones to be looking into disappearing electrics and like others, this team wraps its devices in silk, allowing the structure of the silk to determine the rate at which the transient electronics inside breaks up, from minutes all the way up, potentially, to years.


    “There are lots of opportunities, many of which we probably have not even identified yet,” Rogers said.


    We’re very excited. These findings open up entirely new areas of application.”

    The research was reported in Science. ®

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    Egyptian Journalist Arrested for Defacing Anti-Muslim Poster

    Mona Eltahawy


    Mona Eltahawy, the prominent Egyptian-American writer and activist, has been arrested in New York after spraying paint over a controversial poster on the subway that has been condemned for equating Muslims with “savages”.


    The posters were put up in the city by the anti-Muslim American Freedom Defense Initiative, led by Pam Geller. They were approved by a US court, which ruled that they were “political” statements and protected by the first amendment, which guarantees free speech.


    The poster states: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.” Between two Stars of David, it adds: “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”


    Eltahawy was arrested after a supporter of Geller’s initiative attempted to prevent her defacing the sign with a purple aerosol.


    The posters are now displayed in 10 New York stations – including Grand Central and Times Square – after a court ruled that the local transport authority could not refuse the ads.


    In a video posted online of the incident by the New York Post, Mona Eltahawy can be seen attempting to paint over the poster before she is tackled by a woman with a camera, who is identified as Pamela Hall.


    “Mona, do you think you have the right to do this?” Eltahawy is asked. “I do actually,” Eltahawy replies, adding: “I think this is freedom of expression, just as [the ad] is freedom of expression.”


    As the scuffle continues two police officers appear to then arrest Eltahawy, who says: “This is what happens in America when you non-violently protest.”


    Eltahawy, who has written for this paper, was later charged with “criminal mischief” and “graffiti”.


    During the Arab spring, Eltahawy was arrested in Cairo and suffered an assault by riot police which left her with two broken arms.


    The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) had originally ruled it would not permit the posters because they were demeaning, but was compelled to take the $6,000 (£3,700) ad after Geller’s group went to court.


    Last month US district court judge Paul Engelmayer ruled that it is protected speech under the first amendment.


    “Our hands are tied,” New York subway spokesman Aaron Donovan said. “Under our existing ad standards as modified by the injunction, the MTA is required to run the ad.”


    The posters have attracted widespread condemnation including from Jewish figures. Among those who have spoken out against them is Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster, of Rabbis for Human Rights — North America, who wrote for CNN online: “As a rabbi, I find the ads deeply misguided and disturbing … The coded message makes clear who the savages are: those who support jihad, which in Geller’s mind includes all Muslims. She has called Islam ‘an extreme ideology, the most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the Earth’.


    “As a Jew, I know the extreme to which baseless hatred can lead. And the Jewish community has been in the past a target of hatred in the United States. Geller’s message ignores the positive contributions that our Muslim friends, neighbours and colleagues make to our country every single day.


    “It is also unfortunate that Geller chooses to frame her message of hatred as one of support for Israel.”


    As head of a group called Stop Islamization of America, Geller, a rightwing blogger, helped spur a long campaign two years ago to remove a planned Islamic community centre near the World Trade Centre site, which she called the “Ground Zero Mosque”.


    Geller’s group has also placed posters in other stations north of New York City that read: “It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism.”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/mona-eltahawy-arrested-2012-9#ixzz27i613GFu

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    10 Reasons Why I’m sure Brian Gerrish is a Shill


    Having met Brian several times and spoken with him at length, I have always found him to be a gentlemen. It saddens me to come to these conclusions. But this unfortunately is part of the fabric of the TM.

    Why should it matter about these shills? Well I feel it is crucial to out these gatekeepers. They are seriously dangerous to the Truth. Lets be direct and honest – these people are indirect murderers.


    Anyone who stands in the flow of Truth, is indirectly helping towards death, destruction and suffering.


    1/. Brian apparently gets funding from Sheila Butler, the daughter of Lord Kitchener, who set up (genuine) concentration camps in the Boer War.


    2/. Never mentions the JCN throughout his whole body of work. And like these shills propagates rhetoric of Nazi state. That should ring alarm bells with any true Truther.


    3/. Has a Jewish woman working for him (Kate) who propagates anti-Islamic posts. What on earth is going on there!?


    4/. He attended a dinner suit award ceremony at a Scientology centre in Sussex, to receive an award ‘for his efforts’. I have a reliable contact who witnessed this and said there were envelopes passing hands (£££).

    Why on earth would anyone who is aware of this agenda attend such an event, knowing the amount of suffering it entails? Why would he accept an award?? Surely the Truth is not about this.

    Not only that, anyone even slightly aware of this agenda should be aware that Scientology is a mind control sect and would have no association with it.


    5/. He has been on the Alex Jones show. Dodgy!! Anyone worth their weight in the TM should know to stay well away from that king of shills.


    6/. Has associated himself with Mr Lizard (David Icke). Alarm bells are ringing!! These shills love to slap each other on the back.


    7/. He is the top speaker at the British Constitution Group pulling in thousands of people. And a top speaker at the controlled opposition event ‘The Alternative View’. He has his own newspaper – The UK Column…..why is it called the column – ‘the fifth column’ perhaps? He appears on alternative TV. How does this happen? You and I would not be able to do this. One thing I’ve learnt is these ‘events’ and publications always always start from top down, never from grass roots up.


    8/. He is associated with the Hollie Greig hoax. I’m sorry it now turns out this whole sick story has been fabricated!! Another evil distraction using a mentally disabled woman. These sick bastards, where does their cruel deception end(?)


    9/.  Brian is also associated with the seriously dodgy Belinda McKenzie; the leader of a British 9/11 Truth campaign and a fundraiser for the MKO a terrorist organisation which was illegal in the Britain and was involved in a campaign of killings and kidnappings in Iran.

    At one stage she was investigated by the UK Charities Commission and found to have been money laundering a sum of £5 million which she could not account for but which had passed through her account.

    But instead of being jailed for funding terrorism or money laundering she is still running around starting up new campaigns. Indeed far from being in prison she is now the head of the Association for Charities.


    10/. The logo of the British Constitution Group is a Union Jack with a dove – Venus the occult symbol of sacrifice, for crying out loud.





    1/. Dodgy funding

    2/. Tight lipped with regards to the kosher control, just distributing half Truth

    3/. His colleague propagates Islamophobia

    4/. Attended a Scientology event to receive an award

    5/. Guest on the Alex Jones show

    6/. Associates himself with David Icke

    7/. Top cat in all the right places, with his own newspaper

    8/. Associated directly with the Hollie Greig case – which now turns out to be a hoax

    9/. Associated with dodgy Belinda Mckenzie

    10/. Associates himself with the dove occult symbol of sacrifice



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    A bit long-winded this one, but there are some snippets of interesting information touching on these points.


    to the same goal


    Know the Self within and go beyond all sorrow. 
    – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad


    When all hostility, fear, and insecurity are erased from your mind, the state that remains is pure joy.


    That state, hidden at the very center of consciousness, is the Eden to which the long journey of spiritual seeking leads. It is “The peace that passeth all understanding,” that resolves all conflicts, fulfills all desires, and banishes all fear.


    The purpose of all valid spiritual disciplines, whatever the religion from which they spring, is to enable us to return to this native state of being – not after death but here and now, in unbroken awareness of the divinity within us and throughout creation. Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language, and the practices they follow lead to the same goal.

    ~ Eknath Eswaran

    How Do Jews Celebrate Yom Kippur?

    by Kawther Salam
    September 26, 2012

    Last Tuesday, September 25, 2012 Jews began observing the start of the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, the 25 hours of fasting and contemplation known as “Yom Kippur”.
    During this Jewish holiday, as during all other Jewish holidays, Israel imposes additional complications on the lives of Palestinians next to the horror which they are already forced to live every day by the Jewish occupation. This means that patients of heart disease, cancer, kidney … cannot go to hospitals, that people should die in their homes because no medical help is available, pregnant women must give birth in hell and not in a hospital, students must stay indoors, the dead in Hebron can not be buried at the cemetery, windows are prohibited from being opened by the house owners in the heart of occupied old city of Hebron, that Muslims are not allowed to pray and that life must be dead for everybody not a Jew.
    This is how the Jews celebrate their holidays in occupied Palestine, not so much by celebrating, but by subjecting to iniquity and making life hell for everybody else and celebrating their suffering.
    During the Yom Kippur of this year, the Jews decided to celebrate their holiest day in another way, in a special way. A group of colonists, most of them American nationals, went to the farm of Abdul Karim Maiqel Abu Ali, a 61 year-old farmer, between Ramallah and Jerusalem. The old farmer and three other members of his family were busy bringing in this years olive crop on which the family depends for their sustenance and livelihood.




    Abu Ali relates: “The Jewish colonists razed about 150 olive trees, then they started throwing stones at us while slowly approaching until they were near us. I was not able to do anything more than to shout at them to get out of my farm”.
    “They surrounded me and started hitting us, we were three and they were over 20. I was injured and fell on the floor, but instead of leaving me, they used a sharp instrument and cut off my right ear and threw it before my eyes. I fainted and I woke up in the hospital”.
    The wife of Abu Ali relates: “The Jewish colonists thought that my husband had died. They left him with blood covering all his body, they cut off his right ear, made a gaping wound in his head 4 centimetres long, and then they made cuts in his hands and feet, some of them were long and straight”.
    She added: “After the jewish colonists left the place, his friends who were all injured but less than him, tried to help. The Israeli police came and they decided to transfer Abu Ali to Jerusalem hospital through Magen David ambulance, but the ambulance stopped for two hours at the check point of “Hizma” north of Jerusalem. The Jewish occupation forces rejected to allow Abu Ali to pass for treatment in Jerusalem, because it was their holiest holiday of Yom Kippur. After two hours of bleeding and without medical attention, Abu Ali was transferred in serious condition to Ramallah’s hospital by the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance”.
    This is the very special way how the Jews occupying Palestine celebrated their “Yom Kippur” this year, with abuse, racist violence, terrorism and flaunting an extreme hooliganism which apparently is firmly entrenched in Jewish culture.


    Sent with thanks from John Kaminski

    Feeling happy

    Them now, us next

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