A letter to preachers of all stripes



Pastor James Wickstrom, D. Litt., 


Father James Wright, 


Brother Anthony Grigor-Scott,


Minister Louis Farrakhan,



the Rev. James David Manning, M. Div.




By John Kaminski






Pastor Jim: First of all, I want to thank you for recommending me to your followers after I wrote “9/11 and the death of America”, an endorsement which I’d guess you’ve had plenty of second thoughts about, both before and since I wrote it.


Father Jim: You already know I hold you in the highest regard for your work ministering in real time to those in need as someone who lets his actions be his prayers — which is also my philosophy (minus the pious nomenclature).


Brother Anthony: I have told everyone I know that your Bible Believers newsletters rank right at the top of political commentary in the world for their timely and relevant analyses of how we are all being misled by our controllers.


Minister Farrakhan: I cannot convey what an inspiration you have been to me, both for the faithful solidarity with your people as well as your trenchant insights into the powers of darkness that today threaten all living things with their lies. You have done more to benefit the lives of everyone than any U.S. president ever dreamed of doing.


And Rev. Manning, for your fearless candor, well-researched accuracy, and unshakeable belief in what is good, I can only give thanks to God that you have forged from your own inspired will a calling that definitively shows that no matter the color of our skin, the color of our hearts — in all sincere people who aspire to compassion and understanding — is unmistakably the same.


I speak to you today to remind you that we are all on the same page regarding the greatest threat to the health and well being of all peoples. You are all champions in the never-ending fight against the greatest evil that has ever been seen on this planet — Talmudic Judaism.


Through insidious bribery, cynical blackmail, and a centuries-long succession of manipulated mass murder, the Jews — all Jews — have pillaged our nations, perverted our minds, and prostituted our bodies to the point where now our the likelihood of our collective survival is in serious doubt.


Since the dawn of time, the preaching of belief in a higher power has been the one essential element in the stability of societies, the happiness of families, and the health of our children. All over the world, sectarian conflicts have never been about the universal desire to appreciate and venerate the fortuitous power that has given us this incomparably sweet gift of life, but about the priestly particulars that set brother against brother, and the moneychangers against everyone.


For me, then, the true litmus of religious legitimacy is how one deals with the stranger, how one deals with the uninformed and the unenlightened, and definitely NOT how ones memorizes rituals and traditions, which are as variegated and capricious as the sands of time.


Insisting that everyone must believe as you believe is inconsistent with the very actions of the Creator, who has furnished us all with an incalculable number of variations in the manner of how life survives and prospers.


This knowledge, this well-informed contention of mine, is something that I ask all of you to take to heart.


In all of human history, there has never been a more critical time to set our superficial sectarian differences aside and unite against a common enemy — an enemy that aims to destroy everything that everyone holds to be sacred and essential to life itself, these things that we tell our children make life worth living.


Pastor Jim, I’ve been wracking my brain for years trying my best to figure out how best to convey to you that I am a supremely religious person — I’m just not dogmatic about it. In studying the various creeds of the world — and I am still very much a student — I find that everyone pursues the same goal — peace of mind — but by using as many different methods as there are species of birds in the sky.


I believe all dogma is an unforgivable slur against the Creator, confabulated by desperate animals who live and die and consequently have no chance to thoroughly comprehend either the workings of the universe or the genuine magical secret of life.


Six hundred trillion galaxies is a bit much for me to comprehend.


Yet, no matter how much knowledge we acquire, the time comes in each of our lives where our faith is all the fuel we will ever have.


Claiming to know what “God” said is nothing but a projected fantasy. Regarding such speech as real guarantees a life that will remain unreal.


And it’s not just Christianity or Islam that I’m talking about. I’d take it back as far as the Egyptian legends of Osiris and Horus, whose myths Christianity, and later Islam, purloined and transposed into their own dogma — and possibly even farther back that that.


It should be obvious to all that our religious leaders have failed us — present company excepted — by tolerating the profanations of Scripture and taking the moneychangers’ money in order to beguile and deceive their credulous followers, all the while fattening their own evil coffers.


Each of your creeds and and each of your websites provides a thrilling exhibit of honesty, so essential to combatting this perfidious onslaught of what they call Jewish media, which encourages depravity, disintegrates families, and destabilizes societies.


We all agree on this. And I’m telling you, we must not let the particular idiosyncrasies of our own geographically or racially based dogma interfere with our common purpose, which is to rid the world of insincerity and dishonesty.


Personally, I find the aboriginal religions to be the purest and healthiest forms of worship, because they recognize that any creed that does not protect anything with two eyes and red blood from thoughtlessness and cruelty is not a real religion at all.


But these minor differences over theological stratagems must be put aside for later and hopefully happier times. Any religion that ranks its dogma over alleviating the dangers to our survival reveals its own hypocrisy to those who have eyes to see.


Continuing discrimination against our less knowledgable and less enlightened brethren creates a hypocrisy that comes back at us as karma that delegitimizes our efforts, and shortens and demeans our very lives.


I urge you to examine the creeds of others and realize that we all want the same thing; we have all identified the same perpetrators of our impending and premature demise, and need to put aside our doctrinal differences in order to deal immediately with our common and lethal enemy, which continues to inveigle the peoples of the world into this slow slide into species suicide.


Pastor Jim, your explications of how the Ashkenazi Jews have hijacked the legacy of the twelve tribes of Israel is an invaluable contribution to the study of religious history.


Father Jim, your insistence that Jewish penetration of the Vatican hierarchy has debased and deformed the legend of Christ and actually turned him into a Jew, polluting the transcendent efficacy of His presence, is a light in the darkness for those who need to hang onto Him in our darkest hours.


Brother Anthony, your scrupulous fidelity to the teachings of Brother Branham and the clarity with which you report on the worldwide depredation of the Jews is an inspiration to all who have identified this most critical threat to our survival.


Minister Farrakhan, I completely agree that America needs a separate republic for blacks within its borders where you can take care of your own in a way that you can fully appreciate, and thanks again for getting all those drugs off the streets in so many U.S. cities, a task which will never end until the last Jewish pusher is eradicated.


And Rev. Manning, thank you so much, not only for the pep talks to blacks to get their lives in order, but also for the riveting accounts of Barack Obama selling drugs and arms in Afghanistan and the Middle East when he was supposed to be attending Columbia University.


God surely blesses you all. Now it’s time to neutralize all those who take His name in vain and use the magic of His name for their own perverted purposes.




John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.








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