10 Reasons Why I’m sure Brian Gerrish is a Shill


Having met Brian several times and spoken with him at length, I have always found him to be a gentlemen. It saddens me to come to these conclusions. But this unfortunately is part of the fabric of the TM.

Why should it matter about these shills? Well I feel it is crucial to out these gatekeepers. They are seriously dangerous to the Truth. Lets be direct and honest – these people are indirect murderers.


Anyone who stands in the flow of Truth, is indirectly helping towards death, destruction and suffering.


1/. Brian apparently gets funding from Sheila Butler, the daughter of Lord Kitchener, who set up (genuine) concentration camps in the Boer War.


2/. Never mentions the JCN throughout his whole body of work. And like these shills propagates rhetoric of Nazi state. That should ring alarm bells with any true Truther.


3/. Has a Jewish woman working for him (Kate) who propagates anti-Islamic posts. What on earth is going on there!?


4/. He attended a dinner suit award ceremony at a Scientology centre in Sussex, to receive an award ‘for his efforts’. I have a reliable contact who witnessed this and said there were envelopes passing hands (£££).

Why on earth would anyone who is aware of this agenda attend such an event, knowing the amount of suffering it entails? Why would he accept an award?? Surely the Truth is not about this.

Not only that, anyone even slightly aware of this agenda should be aware that Scientology is a mind control sect and would have no association with it.


5/. He has been on the Alex Jones show. Dodgy!! Anyone worth their weight in the TM should know to stay well away from that king of shills.


6/. Has associated himself with Mr Lizard (David Icke). Alarm bells are ringing!! These shills love to slap each other on the back.


7/. He is the top speaker at the British Constitution Group pulling in thousands of people. And a top speaker at the controlled opposition event ‘The Alternative View’. He has his own newspaper – The UK Column…..why is it called the column – ‘the fifth column’ perhaps? He appears on alternative TV. How does this happen? You and I would not be able to do this. One thing I’ve learnt is these ‘events’ and publications always always start from top down, never from grass roots up.


8/. He is associated with the Hollie Greig hoax. I’m sorry it now turns out this whole sick story has been fabricated!! Another evil distraction using a mentally disabled woman. These sick bastards, where does their cruel deception end(?)


9/.  Brian is also associated with the seriously dodgy Belinda McKenzie; the leader of a British 9/11 Truth campaign and a fundraiser for the MKO a terrorist organisation which was illegal in the Britain and was involved in a campaign of killings and kidnappings in Iran.

At one stage she was investigated by the UK Charities Commission and found to have been money laundering a sum of £5 million which she could not account for but which had passed through her account.

But instead of being jailed for funding terrorism or money laundering she is still running around starting up new campaigns. Indeed far from being in prison she is now the head of the Association for Charities.


10/. The logo of the British Constitution Group is a Union Jack with a dove – Venus the occult symbol of sacrifice, for crying out loud.





1/. Dodgy funding

2/. Tight lipped with regards to the kosher control, just distributing half Truth

3/. His colleague propagates Islamophobia

4/. Attended a Scientology event to receive an award

5/. Guest on the Alex Jones show

6/. Associates himself with David Icke

7/. Top cat in all the right places, with his own newspaper

8/. Associated directly with the Hollie Greig case – which now turns out to be a hoax

9/. Associated with dodgy Belinda Mckenzie

10/. Associates himself with the dove occult symbol of sacrifice



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A bit long-winded this one, but there are some snippets of interesting information touching on these points.


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  1. Heidi

     /  October 8, 2012

    Oh well done; Chris Jarvis has posted this to facebook to spread awareness. The UK Column refused to publish his story on how his kids were taken away. Why would they do that I wonder?? Is it because they’re controlled opposition perhaps??

    • Welcome to DFT Heidi.

      Interesting info. Mmmhhh we’re beginning to see the cracks now. Truth is on our side.

      Thank you for contributing.


    • Hello Digger
      I was very surprised to come across this article… having a go at Brian Gerrish who as you probably know works with me at The British Constitution Group… I know him very well and can vouch for his sincerity… having said that no doubt some will condemn me by association… but that will say more about them than me. Your 10 reasons why Brian is a shill is dredging the bottom of the barrel – it seems that somebody has put an idea in your head and you are now trying to justify your thinking with some very weak arguments. Let me try and address them.
      1. Dodgy funding. The lady being referred to is a very nice lady and very keen to help out with funds. If her grandfather was Adolph Hitler – it does not make her guilty. Very weak argument.
      2. Tight lipped on kosher control … meaning Jews… but also tight lipped about Muslims… Christians… Hindus… and Buddhists… etc – quite rightly – it is puerile to blame all members of any group because there are a criminal element amongst them – we would soon run out of friends. The problem we know is the bankers and everybody agrees on that score. Very weak argument.
      3. Kate is Jewish – so what… see above. very weak argument.
      4. Somebody he knows propagates Islamophobia … meanwhile you condemn all Jews – no mention of him having attended a mosque to give a talk. Very weak argument.
      5. Attended a Scientology meeting… actually a ‘Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights’ award – the CCHR is part of the Scientology group – see 2 above. Very Weak argument.
      6. Appeared on Alan Jones show – as have many members of the Truth movement – good publicity. Again – so what? Very weak argument.
      7. Associates (whatever that means) with David Icke… so what?Very weak arguments.
      8. Top cat in the right places ????? what does that mean? Has his own Newspaper… and you have your own blog…. ?????? Again – If running a newspaper has some hidden meaning please elaborate. Very weak argument.
      9. Associates with Belinda McKenzie… that word ‘associates’ again. Explain what you mean… many people have met her and spoken with her and have been at the same conferences as her. Very weak argument.
      10 The dove – I approved that…. just as I approved the use of OUR national flag. I am sick of small minded people denigrating our flag because of racist propaganda by the government agencies. The dove is a symbol of peace for crying out load.

      In summary – Digger give us all a break – it is hard enough fighting the real enemy without having to fight amongst ourselves.

      As for Chris Jarvis – he sounds very plausible. But not everything he says stacks up. Do your homework on him
      As for Mel V – who gave you all this nonsense… she is anti British – because the Brits put her grandfather in a prison of war camp. She has an ax to grind… you should do your homework on her also.

      Seems to me Digger that you have been sucked in… I suggest you go by your initial instincts… he is a gentleman, he is sincere and of course the other side is trying to undermine his credibility.

      As for the Hollie Greig business – a lot of people got drawn into this issue including me… we were given some accurate information and some misleading information that I believe saw some innocent people defamed – but not by Brian Gerrish. Nothing that Brian has said has been proven to be wrong… that cannot be said of others involved. I believe there is sincerity on both side of the camp – and I believe mistakes have been made in some of the claims… but the evidence pointed to Hollie having been abused… but didn’t name names. Do I believe that there are paedophiles in Aberdeen… yes I do.

      Some thing need to be left unsaid becasue there is no value in saying them – we have got a bigger problem to deal with… and I call them Bankers – you can read into that what you will… I hope you can read between the lines… but correctly this time.

      People should never be condemned by association or who their family are. As clearly an intelligent individual I am surprised that you have fallen for this rubbish.


      Roger Hayes
      Chairman of The British Constitution Group.

      • Hello Roger,

        Welcome to DFT.

        Thank you for your detailed response to my essay. I do appreciate your balanced and non-aggressive delivery.

        This open criticism and debate is always welcome in respectful terms.

        I will aim to address point-by-point all of your grievances with my post.

        Firstly I understand your feelings about somebody putting thoughts in my head; but I have to say you are only partially right; in that many trusted people have put thoughts in my head, to instigate my reasons for believing this. People who have worked alongside Brian and people who have objectively looked at Brian’s approach to the Truth. As well as my own experiences and objective opinions. After all we’re all influenced by others.

        1/. “If her grandfather was Adolf Hilter!!” Straight away – you are ringing alarm bells!! You and the half-Truther brigade are ALL propagating this disinformation that Adolf Hitler was a negative character. Although I do not think you are a shill. I think you are genuine guy, who is caught up with half-Truth. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ROGER. Do some research beneath the surface. Adolf Hitler was the hero of the second world war. It was the JEWS and the JEWISH media who have demonized this stoic man for over half a century. IT WAS THE ELITE JEWS WHO INSTIGATED AND FUNDED WW1 AND WW2. You and the British Constitution and Brian and associates (Alex Jones, Icke) are continually perpetrating this garbage. Exactly what this JWO JEWISH world order wants.

        If you are an honest Truther-seeker, which I think you are; then you will take the time to do some real research into real history. Please look into the works of serious independent historians such as Deanna Spingola at the end of this post.

        As for his funding not making him guilty – I agree, but it’s all accumulative. All adding up to this accusation.

        2/. Tight lipped on Muslims… Christians… Hindus… and Buddhists. Roger I believe you to be a genuine guy, but very much caught up in disinformation. This JWO is not Muslim driven, Christian driven, Hindu driven, nor Buddhist driven IT IS ELITE JEWISH DRIVEN. I know this is difficult for you to absorb. It is after all the ugly Truth. But it is the Truth. This is where this whole Truth movement and disinformation is hinged on. 90% of people claiming to be in the Truth movement go along with the BS that dis-agents like Alex Jones and Icke spew out. They are agents of israel! How do I know this is difficult to accept – because I once was in this half-Truth world and it’s tough making this quantum leap over to the ugly Truth. Sorry Roger, but this is how it is. I promise you, you will see this one day.

        The Muslims are the new Germans in that they are the new scapegoats for the Jewish crimes. THE JEWS DIS 9/11.

        You say “the problem we know is the bankers” I’m putting my hands in the air now :-). Roger, Roger, Roger ….I have so much respect for all you have done and are currently doing for the Truth. BUT YOUR POSITION IS DANGEROUS!! Who the friggin hell are the bankers??? Let’s think – are they Celtic, Kiwis, African, Buddhists, the Russians? NO THEY ARE EIITE JEWISH. It’s not rocket science my friend. Again Roger, p-l-e-a-s-e do your homework and snap yourself out of half-Truth mindset.

        3/. This point I understand you saying this. But as the problem of this agenda happens to be JEWISH. Then we have to be very very mindful of Jewish infiltration in positions of influence. The exact position Kate is in. Kate propagates anti-Muslim e-mails. Filthy racist e-mails. She is NOT a true Truther. Otherwise she would realise it is her ideology that has brought this destructive agenda into our world. Now, if Kate is one of good gals, she had better clean up her act and lay off with all this anti-Muslim crap. Our Muslim brothers and sisters have had enough demonization and kosher driven Islamaphobia. And we’ve had enough of this. We don’t have to worry about Islam but we do have to watch the elite JEWS.

        4/. Great Brian attended a mosque. I’m pleased, but confused why he is not clearly expressing the relentless attack on Muslims, by the kosher-owned media. If you had read the depth of my work you would observed I have made a continual referral to ‘elite’ supremacist Jews and not ALL Jews as you claim. In fact I have devoted a whole page to the “Good Jews”

        In addition I do not hate Jews or anyone I hate what the JCN have done throughout history and are doing. My position is purely spiritual. Hence I have devoted a whole page to the subject of the damaging negative effects of hate. As well as this post on my position toward people threatening to harm Jewish people.


        5/. Yes I am aware of CCHR. But this is not good enough! I wouldn’t be seen dead in that venue. Because I know what it’s all about. Why, why, why was he accepting an award?? This is the height of distasteful behavior. Nobody should be accepting awards for crying out loud. Especially at dinner jacket events. The Truth is not about kudos, and personal benefits. People were appalled by this behavior. Even if it was for fund-raising benefits – it’s associated dirty money.

        6/. NO, NO, NO Roger – not good publicity. Extremely poor publicity. Anything to do with this clown Jones, this traitor on humanity is extremely distasteful publicity. He is a kosher asset. He is transparent as cling film. He is a subverter of Truth and extremely dangerous to the Truth – therefore to innocent people’s lives. He is a 100% shill! He is 100 times more dangerous than the main stream media. Brian should have known better. The only reason one would go on his show, is to expose his lies and subversion.

        7/. I have to disagree, for the arguments I have put forth. One must be very very careful who one associates with, especially at the level Brian is at. Icke again has been exposed multiple times, by a plethora of people as being a number one dis-agent. Another one claiming to be a long-time researcher but propagates this Hitler is evil myth. Icke has done more damage to the Truth than anyone out there.

        8/. I hear your argument and I agree this as an isolated point is weak. But accumulatively it adds to the equation. This blog was set up by Mark Glenn from http://www.theuglytruth.wordpress.com a serious political spokesperson for the Truth. A man who has had a personal invitation from President Ahmadinejad to give a speech. A man who is a regular guest on Press TV. And the point is this blog IS FREE. Brian’s papers are not. I do not know any group of truthers who can distribute the amount of press he can. And it’s full of half-Truth and snippets of disinformation too.

        9/. I disagree for the reasons I have mentioned. I do not trust Belinda one inch. I have met people who warned me about her. Another dangerous half-Truther in my humble.

        10/. Out of all the symbols the paper could have chosen – you did not have the sensitivity to not use a known Babylonian symbol. The union jack also is smothered in blood from years of pillaging other nations – on behalf of elite Jewish families by the way. There easily could have been a neutral symbol used/designed. No excuse on that one!

        Yes, I hear you Roger when you say, give us break. I appreciate the genuine efforts you are making. I believe you to be an authentic soul, but we just will not give half-Truth and people propagating half Truth a break. Not at all. Because half-Truth and disinformation is lethal for the Truth. It is too serious. We are talking about WW3 as you well know. Half-Truth is an anchor to getting the real Truth out there.

        Thank you for the information on Mel V. I now believe you to be correct. But I promise you, she is not a strong influence on my thoughts.

        I agree with you on the Hollie Greg case. We all have fallen for this one. But it was more how it was propagated and delivered.

        Your example about one’s family. It’s more about who one choses to associate with. I stick with this theme.

        In conclusion Roger. I have no axes to grind against you. I regard you as an intelligent, brave, industrious person for the Truth. Your efforts are commendable. I just want to benevolently rattle you from the position you are in. Although my words are frustrated, they are respectful towards you.

        The analogy we use with half Truth is if someone gives you a £50 note, but then rips it in half. That note is now useless. It has to be accurate Truth. We have to hit the bullseye my friend.

        I mean no malice towards you – or Brian, Kate or the British Constitution. It’s just there is a sense of urgency and we are now so frustrated and impatient with inaccurate Truth.

        I hope this post will help you understand my position in a nutshell:

        In kindness and respect


  2. Vic

     /  October 24, 2012

    Having been an officer in the Royal Navy should be a big red flag too. Naval intelligence is the core of psychological operations. For a very illuminating read on Naval connections in social engineering and the whole 60’s movement take a look at http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/ and the series about Laurel Canyon.

    • russ hook

       /  June 9, 2013

      Thanx Vic, the military is indeed heavily involved in Behavior Modification or Mind Control, a lot of which is TRAUMA BASED. Laurel Canyon is a very intriguing read for me b/c I grew up in that ‘Hippy Dippy’ era! I just caught the tail end of it in the late 60s. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was BS, and now I can see the many Jews who led, or more like INFILTRATED the ‘revolution’ back then, ala Abby Hoffman.

  3. tesla

     /  November 1, 2012

    The white dove being the symbol of sacrifice is in my opinion incorrect, its a christian symbol, have you a link to where you got your info regarding the symbol meaning as the occult symbol of sacrifice ? many yhanks

    • Welcome to DFT tesla,

      You may well be correct, but I have heard/read so much over the years that the dove symbol is occult. At present I don’t have an actual link to ‘the symbol of sacrifice’ I’m kinda pressed for time right now. But I know there is a lot out there showing the dove being an occult code.

      Sorry that’s not the answer you may want. But if I have time later, I will present it.

      The best


      • russ hook

         /  June 9, 2013

        Hi Digger, aren’t you busy enough writing these enlightening blogs for us? If genuine truthers want info about occult symbolism THEY have the responsibility to research it THEMSELVES. ALL ‘christian’ symbolism is 2nd hand/re-cycled from eons before. It was used to mind-f**k millions of sheeple thru the ages. Read the RINGING CEDARS books to get some true history of how Man lived before the FALL into the dark ages of religion, violence, and ignorance, which is where we are NOW.

      • I read it years ago Russ, I must re-read it again. Thanks for reminder.

  4. I cant thank you enough for this post.

    Friends with valid info have e-mailed Brian Gerrish only to hear nothing back and fnd their future emails blocked. We all know that only selective e-mails reached Brian.

    The homosexual agenda is on the front burner, we are all being groomed to be homosexual, the Christian family is being erased, which is why every case of abuse of boys in childrens home scandal in the UK is being hushed up; but a single case involving a girl is blown right up in our faces. Similarly, why is it only the girls abused by Jimmy Savile that is in the headlines?

    Thanks T

    • Thank you T,

      Yes I have heard similar anecdotes.

      You are so right. There isn’t a fortnight that goes by in which I don’t here something dodgy about this man and his set up. People are e-mailing me regularly now about this crowd and their antics. They are getting exposed, along with all the other shills as the Truth pushes its way up to the surface.

      Thanks for all you are doing T


    • raj

       /  May 21, 2013

      Child Molestation & The Homosexual Movement:
      youtube string> dAMWhVd0StI

  5. hetzer

     /  November 4, 2012

    Digger, you are a total twat.
    You can’t put a sentence together properly and your
    spelling is atrocious, says a lot about your intelligence level.
    Gerrish is a top guy, know him personally,please give my
    regards to your puppetmasters within the corrupt extablishment!

    • Digger, you are a total twat.
      Ohh dear, hetzer – such depths. Look what you’ve done to yourself. Shown how unconscious you are.

      You can’t put a sentence together properly and your
      spelling is atrocious, says a lot about your intelligence level.

      Ha ha ha, from someone who can’t even spell “establishment” – ohh dear hetzer. I can actually put a sentence together, in fact I have created over 300 essays, many of which are widely distributed. I’ve never claimed to be a writer. I swing a hammer for a living and I am someone ‘just having a go’. That is all I have claimed. I am trying to get some REAL Truth out there. I am just somebody who cares about this world collapsing and is willing to get off my arse, take risks and do something. I don’t just hang about forums planting spiteful unproductive remarks with no substance.

      I have always been open about my poor spelling and dyslexia. I openly spoke about this on my broadcast with Mark Glenn. And how it should not really matter, all that matters is the REAL Truth gets out there.

      Being able to write in an articulate manner with perfect spelling is not a sign of intelligence. True intelligence is marked by someone who has wisdom, who is an independent, critical thinker, who dares to push boundaries and not follow the herd. Most of my ‘intelligent’ readers can see through this.

      Gerrish is a top guy, know him personally,
      Mmmhhh now that’s interesting – best of buddies with ol Brian are we now. So no bias there then. You are right there – Brian is indeed a TOP guy; right at the TOP.

      please give my regards to your puppetmasters within the corrupt extablishment!

      I notice how you are unable to go through point-by-point of each area I highlighted in my essay. Just lower yourself to childish slander and abuse. That to me does not appear to be very ‘intelligent’ hetzer.

      When you can make an ‘intelligent’ argument and prove me wrong. When you can dispute my thoughts, then fine, please feel free to contribute in an adult environment. But until that time, best stay within your beloved half-Truther forums.

      The world is collapsing hetzer – DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR TIME – DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS EVIL! And have the courage to face the REAL Truth.

      • russ hook

         /  June 9, 2013

        Indeed far from being in prison she is not the head of the Association for Charities.
        Hi Digger, I think you meant NOW instead of NOT in this sentence, right? And it’s not the Boar War, it’s the B00R War lol b/c only a dumb BOOR would fight and kill for his own SLAVERY! (; Anyhow it’s TRANSPARENT POS like hetzer WHO NEED TO BE DEALT WITH, along with the ‘TOP’ ‘leaders’ of our ‘Countries’. It is easy to suss them out b/c they NEVER really say anything, just hurl criticisms, and insults but NEVER give their side of the story. That is the JEW way of course.

      • Thanks Russ, I wish I had paid more attention in my english classes at school instead of mucking about and looking out the window. I wish I had read as a child. There isn’t one post I write without ridiculous typos and sloppy grammar – oh dear. Appreciate you bringing these up. I will amend now. Thanks.

        I hear your thoughts on your previous post. You may well be right?? I just don’t want to create any more divisions and in-fighting than we need, hence I have not accepted them. But I’m grateful for your thoughts. But remember Russ, it’s all about energy. You have expressed yourself, you are full of anger and can be very very aggressive. So if we give out aggression, most people are only going to be aggressive back. 50% of your comments I have to trash because they are too spiteful or rude, as you know. If people are sane, respectful and deliver their message in a mature way, (as you do half the time), then they will get accepted if if they are in 100% disagreement with my points.

        As for me being a shill – no problem you worrying about my credibility. That is normal health critical thinking. I encourage anyone to keep thinking this about EVERYONE in the movement – including me. I get accused of being a shill weekly, but that’s ok with me. I almost encourage this objective thinking. It’s healthy for the movement. I prefer people to be thinking along these terms, rather than those gullible lot who went along to worship Jones and Icke at the Watford Bilderberg meeting.

        Thanks for contributing

        All I can say is this:


  6. Harbinger

     /  November 5, 2012


    I don’t believe BG is a shill. I just think he’s nowhere near as far down the rabbit hole as you and I. He’s old school English/Brit. This means that he’s still not prepared to discard much of his indoctrination he received as a child, from the educational establishments, from the MSM and the military. He believes the system can be changed for the better when you and I know it can’t.

    I just think he’s oblivious to a lot of what’s really going on and the reason he’s where he’s at is because of his run in with Common Purpose. I think he honestly means well but clueless as to who’s ‘pulling the strings’.

    • Hi Harbinger,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your intelligent and detached comment. I really want to believe you ……and you may well be correct. I hovered in this train of thought for a long term. But now there are too many issues (some of which I have not mentioned) that leads me to think otherwise. Despite him being very gentlemanly.

      I really struggle to accept with all his contacts and skills in research he is unable to work it out. It’s not so difficult to see the JCN angle. I know many many people who have tried to share this ugly Truth with him and he ignores it all – no excuse in my books if he apparently is a serious Truth researcher. We can be talking half-Truths for decades and never get anywhere – and these dis-agents know this.

      I hope I am proved wrong.

      Thank you so much for your valid contribution.


      • Harbinger

         /  November 7, 2012


        You’re welcome.
        In my time of falling down the abyss and espying every horror within, I found that it’s very easy to adopt a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. I get very frustrated when people are still unable to see reality when it’s on the wall and moreso has been for a while. However I take a step back and realise the overwhelming majority are fast asleep and they will awaken through choice. I think a coma better describes it. I was one once as were you and all truthers. Remember we see the naked emperor. They don’t.

        Now I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I just think he’s a man scorned by Common Purpose, who tripped and fell into the rabbit hole, not out of choice and is slowly awakening to the JWO, although, he like many, through massive indoctrination won’t see this.

        Regardless whether we agree or not, you provide valuable scepticism, sadly lacking within humanity today. It’s as vital to humanity as food and water are. I have a simple motto – question everything and if you’re still unsure question until you no longer are.

      • Thank you Harbinger, You are a very charitable person. Only time will tell, as I believe the Truth will out.

        Thank you for contributing.


  7. Mal

     /  November 8, 2012

    Do you have any evidence for these claims? I happen to know that at least 2 of them are completely unfounded.

    Lizards? Where’s your actual stone cold bare face fact that these guys are lizards?

    If you look up ‘fifth column’ you might find that it is not what you think it is. A fifth column is “a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group, such as a nation, from within.” Whilst the Nazi Party maybe described as a ‘fifth column’, it does not imply that all ‘fifth column’ organisations are Nazis. Do you see?

    I’m not saying your claims are unfounded, just that there is a startling lack of evidence; that is, you have offered none.

    This is an observation that we should all heed to:

    If we are all collecting ‘noise’ from the internet, and then repeating it like a parrot, without actually getting the evidence to prove what we are saying, then what are we actually doing? Let’s say, for example, that you are not a misinformer. Let’s say that you genuinely want to help humanity stand on its own feet and be free of these maniacal parasites. What if, Brian Gerrish is legit. And that the info you are repeating is disinfo (because you haven’t offered any evidence). Wouldn’t you be doing a disservice to the movement; the uprising; to Brian’s hard work. Then who’s side does that put you on? Actions, speak much louder than words.

    Those that talk, are worth a penny to the dozen. Those that put their money where their mouth is are priceless.

    But of course, you are going to come back to me with the evidence, rendering my blurb irrelevant, aren’t you?

    • Welcome to DFT Mal,

      Do you have any evidence for these claims? Yes, sufficient. Some of which would mean implicating trusted people I don’t wish to. It is up to people to investigate. And this stuff is easy to find out. I happen to know that at least 2 of them are completely unfounded. Well, that’s 2/8. Do we just ignore the 8? I have said with all my work, if I am proved wrong, then I will amend and apologise. The emphasis is not for me so much to prove, it is all the deniers. Please support the 2 areas you feel are wrong and I will amend.

      Lizards? Where’s your actual stone cold bare face fact that these guys are lizards?
      I have so many people like yourself who jump to make a comment, in REACTIONAL mode and do not read through material, or do sufficient research. Where does it imply ‘these guys’ are lizards. Mr Lizard is a code term, a nick name for Icke. This is painful.

      If you look up ‘fifth column’ you might find that it is not what you think it is. A fifth column is “a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group, such as a nation, from within.” Whilst the Nazi Party maybe described as a ‘fifth column’, it does not imply that all ‘fifth column’ organisations are Nazis. Do you see?

      Mal please look into sites such as http://www.zioncrimefactory.com and http://www.spingola.com for the real Truth on the Nazis. THEY WERE THE GOOD GUYS. You see this is the danger of the likes of Gerrish and co. They perpetuate this Nazi propaganda crap and keep people forever in half-Truth mode. THIS IS DANGEROUS TO THE TRUTH.

      I’m not saying your claims are unfounded, just that there is a startling lack of evidence; that is, you have offered none.
      Yes I hear your thoughts, but again most are self-evident when you look at his stuff, i.e. who he associates with. A couple I just can’t implicate people and one can quite easily research these areas.

      This is an observation that we should all heed to:

      If we are all collecting ‘noise’ from the internet, and then repeating it like a parrot, without actually getting the evidence to prove what we are saying, then what are we actually doing? Let’s say, for example, that you are not a misinformer. Let’s say that you genuinely want to help humanity stand on its own feet and be free of these maniacal parasites. What if, Brian Gerrish is legit. And that the info you are repeating is disinfo (because you haven’t offered any evidence). Wouldn’t you be doing a disservice to the movement; the uprising; to Brian’s hard work. Then who’s side does that put you on? Actions, speak much louder than words.
      This sounds lovely Mal, but it really amounts to nothing when you look at the Gerrish’s half-Truth and people he associates with. If you are not talking about the JCN – that alone implicates you as a half-Truther, even if one’s intent is genuine. There is more than ‘noise’ to implicate Gerrish and Icke, etc. This is not repeating – who have I ‘repeated’ it off? This is my own incite, my own intuitive and collective thoughts after having attended and viewed years of Gerrish’s half-Truths. If Gerrish is legit – well let him prove is legitimacy but producing some REAL Truth and talk about the ROOT causes for once and not the endless symptoms, symptoms, symptoms that all these shills ramble on about. Let’s say Gerrish was legit, then this would only strengthen him, as I and others would end up having our tails between our legs in time. I would personally apologise and make amends. Gerrish would only come out triumphant.

      Those that talk, are worth a penny to the dozen. Those that put their money where their mouth is are priceless.
      Again this sounds lovely and catchy – but what does it mean. What’s money got to do with the Truth? Other than supporting excellent sites such as http://www.theuglytruth.wordpress.com which I do regularly. Other than having sufficient funding to have newspapers (UK Column) and a TV broadcasts distributing half-Truths. Yes Gerrish does do a lot of talking, many years in fact of talking – just a shame there is no depth to what he’s saying. Just round and round with distraction techniques.

      But of course, you are going to come back to me with the evidence, rendering my blurb irrelevant, aren’t you?

      Mal you have to move on from this half-Truth and face the ugly Truth. If you had, you would not be trying to protect this man, it would be SO obvious! All the ‘evidence’ is out there. Just do some homework. Many people in this movement want everything handed to them on a plate. This is not how you really understand Truth, it takes just a bit of digging oneself. Then you truly understand Truth.

      Give it time before you respond to this Mal. Come back in a month or so when you’ve done sufficient homework, when you’ve moved on to a deeper level of Truth. If you’re still coming from a place that Gerrish is a true Truther and that Nazis were the bad guys, we can’t really communicate.

      Thank you anyway for your contribution.

      This response is said in respect.


  8. Wolf Teilahr

     /  November 28, 2012

    Brian Gerrish is most definitely a shill, as far as I’m concerned. Gerrish, Alex Jones and David Icke are all part of the Jew-created, “It’s the Nazis! The Nazis are coming!”, brigade. Goyim-herding gate-keepers who’s sole function is to make sure that the people never focus on the real root of the attacks against us, which are Jewish Bolshevik in origin. Everything we see taking place in our society today, from political correctness to social engineering, is taken straight from the Communist manifesto, it has nothing in common whatsoever with National Socialist ideology. Jewish Bolshevism? It’s the original name for Communism and Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin and Marx where all Jews. Gerrish will never mention the Jews, he knows that his “truther” career is finished if he does.

    As for the “white dove” symbol, it’s most definitely Satanic, there is no true Christian symbol in any shape or form, the creating of all religious symbols and images is banned in the Bible. Research Aleister Crowley, Digger, a Satan-worshiper who used the white dove symbol regularly. David Icke follows Crowley’s example, he even went on the same South American “pilgrimage” as Crowley. The only difference that I can see between Icke and Crowley is that Crowley openly admitted that he spoke with demons where as Icke refers to them merely as “the guys”. The Denver Murals are also an excellent example of Satanists and their use of “white dove” symbolism.

    The National Socialists are coming? Oh, how I wish that they were, as we would soon see an end to these shills, their Zionist Jewish masters and the evil tyranny that they inflict on my beloved Britain and all other White Aryan European nations, including the United States of America. I look forward to the day when Gerrish, Icke and all their deliberately misguiding ilk are standing in a British court of law, awaiting their trial for the crime of treason to begin.

    “Do not be misled, God is not one to be mocked. For whatever it is a man is sowing, this he will also reap.” – Galatians chapter 6, verse 7.

    • Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you Wolf for your wise incites.

      Yes I’ll be on the jury with you. They most def’ are traitors…..to humanity. They are directly and indirectly helping to destroy this world. Helping the dark side, with suffering, pain and destruction.

      Thank you for contributing.


  9. Wolf Teilahr

     /  December 1, 2012

    You’re welcome, Digger.

    On the subject of shills, you might want to delete your link to the website, “Wake Up From Your Slumber”, which is now under new management. Once known as a website that championed truth and debate from all sides, it has now become exactly the opposite. The running and control of the website has been taken over by someone who uses the pseudonym of “Joeblow” and the first thing that he did was to delete all posts that relate to Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich in a truthful and positive manner.

    He refused to seek the opinions of the website members before doing this and when they had realised what he’d done they were outraged, but he simply told them that this is how it will be from now on, as far the “WUFYS” website is concerned. Any posts of a similar nature in the future will be automatically deleted. Another excellent website sabotaged by those who loathe the truth, but the battle goes on, we will never be silenced.

    • YES Wolf …..good spotted. I forgot to do that – I will do that now. I noticed that last week. Well, even if this has been usurped. It doesn’t really matter, as there are so many new anti-judaic sites springing up anyway. The Truth will out – and it is unstoppable.

      Thank you for the nod about this anyway.

  10. heidi

     /  January 23, 2013

    Sorry but how dare you say Digger is a twat and his spelling is atrocious you are an ignorant twat yourself. Brian Gerrish will not have an open debate when it comes to the Hollie Greig case and so on

  11. penchant

     /  January 31, 2013

    1. UKC does not discuss mass immigration.
    2. UKC does not make any reference to excess Jewish supremacist influence in the political process.

    #2 may be due to the UK’s restrictive laws which now effectively preclude talking about subversion.

    #2 is also as an issue far, afr more pervasei than people begin to imagine. No, not everyone in a particular ethnic, racial, religious, national, crime or other group is likely to be intentionally a material threat to society, but the subject of subversive Judaism is not one only of conspiracy “theory” but of conspiarcy fact. Jews who have spoken out, like Benjamin Freedman, David Cole, Henry Klein etc etc are testimony to that.

    Read the Library f Politicla Secrets booklets especially those by Bakony baout clandestine Jews in Asia, India, Africa; the black American slave trade; Chinse and Muslim crypto-Jews and Soviet Russia. Google will find them for you on among others, scribd.com, resist.com and archive.org.

  12. Albert E

     /  February 7, 2013

    Mel V. Is a stranger to the truth. However she did make some reasonable points about Brian Gerrish on occasions, but that related to what other researchers provided to her. Her research may be sloppy, but that of others is not. This “Truth Movement” is a misnomer. There is little truth in it and so many are paid up shills on an agenda to create the impression that it is OK for the masses to continue to slumber….because the “Good Guys” are sorting it out for you!!

  13. penchant

     /  February 9, 2013

    (A) To follow up on Freedman, this is a must-listen: his 1961 Willard Hotel Speech in Washington DC. Unlike the version on http://iamthewitness.com / Daryl Bradford Smith’s site I think this one is complete.





    (1) He says the world government movement is Jewish (so it is not the Luciferian Rite – as people such as RevolutionHarry would have you think – lizards, the Knightsd of Malta or the King of Spain, etc etc) (2) he was at the 1919 Versailles Peace Conference (3) he explains the moral chicanery of Kol Nidre and that it is still used (4) he relays that German Jews (and US Jews who at first supported Germany in WWI) sold out Germany to get US into the war in exchange for Britain giving Jewry Palestine; Jews bought up cheaply German assets after WWI, and the Germans began to retaliate by barring Jews from certain professions (5) then Jews declared War on Germany in 1933 intending to stop Germany’s exports, halt its food imports and starve it out; only then did things start to get rough (6) Jews were never persecuted in Germany for their religion, they only got payback for what they did.

    In light of present day knowledge he is probably wrong on Khazars. Was that intentional? Was it to deflect? Who knows. But the rest of his message still holds and anyway the Khazar thing is still debated. This is powerful testimony from an insider. “By their fruits ye shall know them”.

    (B) The UKColumn. I can’t quite recall, but if may have bee in Louis Marschalko’s book “The World Conquerors” about the Hungarian uprising that I read a little passage demonstrating the depths of deception in Communist/communitarian lands. In particular, secret police and citizen spies. if one went into any sort of office particularly governmental, there would be snoops and sneaks everywhere like flies on dogturds. But usually, disguised; so the lowly front office clerk or receptionist might turn out to be in fact the local quarter chief, for instance.

    In the case of UKC, Louise Collins is portrayed as some sort of humoured side kick, but there is plenty about her that I don’t trust, and this leads me to recall Marschalko’s fateful description.

    From Louis Marshcalko: The World Conquerors (1958) about the Hungarian Uprising of 1956:
    “When the freedom fighters succeeded in occupying the buildings
    of the secret police, they found further proofs of a terror almost
    incredible to the Western world. Huge halls and large rooms were
    stuffed with the most unimportant telephone conversations recorded
    on tape and filed. Unimportant letters from abroad had been photographed
    on microfilms and filed away in a gigantic card index system.
    On Tisza Kálmán Square in Budapest, a secret prison with 3,000
    cells had been built and equipped on the site of a half-finished underground
    railway station, the existence of which was unknown until
    the freedom fights started. Similar underground prisons were also
    detected in provincial centres together with subterranean passages
    to enable Communist “leaders” to escape in an emergency.
    And so, if we take into consideration that in Hungary the leaders
    were Jews, it can truthfully be said that here the most extreme dream
    of Jewry’s world kingdom materialised.”

    For more, see the book itself (online) and/or this if you can still find it — THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR: PHASE II, VOLUME 50, NUMBER 10 of May 28, 2008, page 8.

    All the push for human micromanaging and suppression that the “UK Government” (sic) is implementing is 100% in line with this. Press control, net snooping, mass immigration, political subversion … and pied pipers such as UKC that like Alex Jones heap up the fear and misery but mislead on the underlying philosophy and its origins. If Gerrish & Co persist with the baby talk for bubble heads we’ll have confirmation just whose agenda they are with.

    • Welcome to DFT Penchant,

      Have been absent from internet for several weeks, so have not been able to respond.

      Thank you for you fine contribution


  14. He also has connections with neo nazi’s google “Brian Gerrish + British Resistance” a white supremacist group.

    • Thank you very much, I will check this information out. Welcome to DFT.

      My position is as soon as I get concrete evidence and full address of of the points I made, then I will take down the post and give an open and private apology. To date I/we have not received such a response. I have only received slander. This to me only reinforces our thoughts.


  15. raj

     /  May 21, 2013

    I have recently listened to Chris Javis on Freedom Central with Mel Ve and I can say he has many valid points, is genuine and has the EVIDENCE to back up what he is saying.

    The key point about Roger Hayes failing to deny his ‘strawman’ is the big question and failure to fight the council tax case correctly and the second big question is why the UK Column/Bryan Gerrish keep on going on about the ‘government’ when it has been PROVEN there is NO GOVERNMENT – but gangsters running the country.. They are refusing to identify the STRAWMAN system – which is the ‘holy grail’ and key to cracking the ‘system of control’ – why are they NOT spreading the word about this? I recon they are a co-opt designed to keep people from it until a new system can be implemented and then it’s too late – we are running out of time and these people are not talking reality!!!

    I encourage other to listen:
    Examining the UK Column part II with Chris Jarvis:

    • Thank you Raj,

      I will listen to the link you sent.

      Yes, as you can see from my correspondence/return post to Roger, I have issues with his/their approach. No longer will we accept ‘it’s the government’ or ‘it’s the bankers’. I wrote this essay “Toxic Truth” through utter frustration, shortly after communicating with this crowd. I’m sick of them. We’re sick of them.

      As you say – we’re running out of time and these stalling time. Delaying and interfering in the process by endlessly prattling on about the problems, problems, problems of this agenda and NEVER once naming the culprits – THE JEWS.

      That’s their job. And the sad thing is thousands and thousands fall for it.

      Thank you for contributing.


  16. shadowmasterminds

     /  May 29, 2013

    As much as everyone who isn’t Jewish by race hates to hear this, but we have to kill them. They’ve kidnapped our children into brothels, wrecked numerous economies, and looted everything from us. I could go on, but this is just to list a few. It’s no question that we’re in a Jewish dictatorship.

    • Welcome to DT,

      I understand your utter disgust in what you see these supremacist Jews have done to us and are doing to us. Then what kind of society will we have then, a bunch of killers. No better than them. We have to stop them, but not lower ourselves to their degraded level.

      These are my subjective thoughts on ‘the Jewish question’:

      Yes you are correct there is no question we are in a Jewish dictatorship.

      Thank you for contributing

  17. annon

     /  September 18, 2013

    A short while ago Digger put forward the question that brian gerrish may be dis-info?
    Now I do not know Diggers reasons for this but several of us are reluctantly coming to the same conclusion
    and here is why:
    (1) The massive coverage of the holly greig case to the exclusion of all the others,
    now the vast majority of child abuse cases are boys not girls, prime minister cameron said, quote
    “he would not actively persue cases against boys because he did not want to start a gay witch hunt ”
    and to this end the jimmy savile case not not include boys, and the BBC and authorities did not pursue alleged boy abusers elton john boy george george michael cyril smith david laws michael barrymore peter mandelson chris denning alan freeman paul gambacini freddie mercury nor robin gibb, official sources say they do not want the homosexual agenda disrailed
    only those who abuse girls have been hounded. brian gerrish does not mention this despite being told repeatedly from several sources.
    The governments own figures suggesta 5% increase in homosexuals each year.

    (2) Brian was a naval officer when you join any government body and you sign the official secrets act which covers you for life, and if you threaten to whistleblow, the first thing they do is threaten you with stopping your pension which is what they did to me, now Brian has not mentioned this which suggests his pension is safe, Brian also ignores all offers of back up info from readers.

    (3) The main disinfo agents such as david icke alex jones and henry makow never have their sites attacked and neither does gerrish,
    where his funding comes from is also under question,? we need transparency here.

    (4) TAINTING tainting is the word used when a 5th columnist is discovered, it casts a shadow of doubt over all those close to him such as patrick henningsen etc, so who connected with Brian is safe ?
    THINK TANKS initially there were 150 think tanks started up these are to fashion and control the media and TV to steer people like cattle, funding was mainly through Rockefeller and Rothschild so its aims will not be for people but for profit,
    there are now 400 think tanks and they do give mention of many people who are a thorn in the side of the NWO agenda,
    Brian is not mentioned once.

    (5) Brian is soley concerned with holly greig and common purpose, to the exclusion of all else, when a schol of thought such as common purpose is seen as not working, the authorities often use these failed philosophies as a vehicle to take down as many as possible, witness the BNP and EDL which are both fake organsiations to take down folowers when they soon fail

    (6) “By their fruits shall ye know them ” important issues are not touched, the philosophrers stone of the truth movement which is the bolocaust, on this everything else is based, because this has been proved to not have killed millions in gas chambers, this should have been covered on david icke alex jones henry makow and brian gerrish etc, but no mention, why ?

    (7) I was one of those who gave Brian enough rope but now have deep suspicions, one of these is because brian talks of “natzis ” all the time, when we all know the government is marxist, as predicted by ord Rothschild to the Apostles back in the 30s.

    (8) Many people say Brian is a “doom and gloom merchant”
    spreading goom and fear is high on the list of NWO piorities,
    so onus of proof is now down to Brian to show us he is genuine, and I for one will then apologise to him.

  18. rady

     /  January 4, 2014

    I will look at it from a basic point of view.

    Firstly if he believes in the International Jewry Conspiracy then doing so is going to get him classed as an anti-semite and would easily mean he would get classed as a Nazi. If he did believe in it and came out his funding and speaking opportunities would dry up.

    @annon Holocaust denial will get you in a bad place from those not awake as well as those at top if the Jewish conspiracy is true. I have heard him once refer to ‘satanic forces’ as a reason for what is happening and as many believe the Jews to be satanic he might actually believe in in what you say he purposefully does not mention. He repeatedly speaks about the banks and anyone wanting to do research can see they have Jewish influence. He speaks of a new world government and how the EU will become a communist state split up into regions. I disagree with him on his views on mass immigration as looking at it internationally it is more a case of white population replacement, technically white genocide when he says it’s more about creating ethnic tensions so the UK can bring in martial law.

    If he is a shill what would be the incentive outing common purpose? Would it be truth seeking or do you believe he is an agent who has become the focus for common purpose investigation so others leave it to him and he becomes the quasi-expert on it when it does not exist or is actually doing more than he says? Could common purpose then just be a distraction?

    A good point was mentioned about his career in naval intelligence and how he would of been under the official secrets acts. I think that announcing you were in naval intelligence would not be breaking the act but as long as you don’t disclose or pass on information it is not an offense. His naval career is interesting and for supposedly such a high ranking naval officer I would of thought he would have more connections than he lets on.

    How can Nazi’s be half truths when it comes to Jews? They believed in the Jewish conspiracy and removed the Jews. You say he’s bad because he has Nazi rhetoric then you say the problem is the Jews. If it’s more because you don’t like Nazi rhetoric then which ones? National Unity through homogenous ethnicity, traditional values, instilling pride in a nation?

    I would say Brian’s message of us to be calm and not to rise up is questionable but he might just not want to be deemed a revolutionary. From his site he believes in changing the current system:
    ”only by electing truly independent MPs to parliament, can we break free from the control of voting by Party Whips, poisonous internal party politics, and the existing corruption in Westminster. Only true Independent MPs can serve their constituents, clear of the corrupt control in the mainstream parties.”

    For truth seekers it is all too easy to label another truth seeker as a shill as we can never be sure what is the truth. It’s easier to know who not to trust and who to trust. On the other hand Brian is a public figure and has to play more to the rules than a blogger like yourself.

    Brian’s funding by the granddaughter or Kitchener is very interesting. On the fatal voyage in 1916 the boat he was on had large amounts of gold which were destined to support the Russian Tzar. With a national hero killed and blamed on the Germans it would of continued the war as they would not accept peace after the death of a national icon. With much of the Romanovs assets held abroad then if communism was successful they could buy up the assets at a reduced price. His granddaughter might then want to help bring conspiracies to light so people join the dots.

    H. H. BEAMISH, in New York Speech, October 30, 1937
    “The Boer War occurred 37 years ago. Boer means farmer. Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers. Upon making inquiry, I found all the gold and diamond mines of South Africa were owned by Jews; that Rothschild controlled gold; Samuels controlled silver, Baum controlled other mining, and Moses controlled base metals. Anything these people touch they inevitably pollute.”

  19. Sadly, Brian Gerrish, or an assistant, barred me from BCG on facebook, for showing 2 videos, Muslims on film as clear as day, one wanted to kill us all and said so, the other was a Muslim Labour MP who was discussing Muslim House Of Commons takeover.

  20. KRiess6234

     /  November 25, 2014

    UK Column: more resonances of deception? FUD! Fear, Uncertainty and Dread!
    This is not the product of long research but of sporadic intuition, so comments welcome.

    A few more issues with UKC and whether it is a front, distraction, Tavistock, NLP pick-a-word-that-means-deception operation, at least in its manifestation of “We are Change” and “Critical Mass Radio” which look to be backed by NW England Jews and libruls.

    1) they are tied up with “common law”, sovereign citizenry and so forth. Whilst common law in its manifestation in “jury nullification” (find that in a student criminal law textbook if you can!) has some good aspects, the weirder notions as alluded to in the articles below would be unrecognisable to any qualified lawyer in the UK. For one, they often revolve around formalistic notions that to any legal clerk or practitioner would be transparently erroneous and false – the type of “loopholes” that figure in TV and fiction.


    MrMilitantNegro™ The Racist caucasian Anti-Government Extremist Organizations: “Sovereign Citizen” “Christian Identity” “The Militia Movement” “Redemptionists”.

    “The concept of a sovereign citizen originated in the Posse Comitatus movement as a teaching of Christian Identity minister William P. Gale. The concept has influenced the tax protester movement, the Christian Patriot movement, and the redemption movement — the last of which claims that the U.S. government uses its citizens as collateral against foreign debt. Gale identified the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution as the act that converted sovereign citizens into federal citizens by their agreement to a contract to accept benefits from the federal government. … Notable Episodes: 1996 Montana Freeman standoff; 1997 Republic of Texas standoff Tactics “Paper terrorism,” including frivolous lawsuits, frivolous liens, fictitious financial instruments, fictitious automobile-related documents, and misuse of genuine documents such as IRS forms; various frauds and scams. … Included within the Christian Identity movements are: Anglo-
    Israelism, British-Israelism, and some white supremacists, anti-semitic and other hate groups.” [links to Wikipedia removed]

    (Possibly ghost written by ADL, SPLC, NAACP or other ‘Black’-fronted but Jewish financed, backed and promoted groups. Dr William L. Pierce thought the Montana Freemen were Christian Identity kooks who were wrong about the 14th Amendment and using merely out of frustration outlandish means to defend themselves against the consequences of being over-extended on bank loans).


    “Khazars in DSCI
    The Khazar Jew William Gale
    Take the case of Colonel William Potter Gale. I will not deny that Gale was a passionate enemy of the Jews publicly. He seemingly had no love for Jews of any kind–Sephardim, Ashkenazim,religious or what. But what few realize is that Gale himself was an Ashkenazi, Khazar, racial Jew–a stealth Jew.

    This work by Gale hurt the developing Christian Identity motion in Southern California because instead of focusing on the Scriptures and morality, the movement moved to becoming a political motion to change US politics and being more militant in organizing para-military forces to start a revolution or make political changes to the nation (which was sure to bring on a response of hate and opposition from the Khazar Jew rulers of the nation). … And why did the Jew hater Gale introduce and promote a major and different direction to the CI
    motion? Well, Gale’s father was originally an Amalekite Jew named Charles Grabfiker who changed his name to Gale (this backdrop is covered extensively on the Internet and at http://www.age-end.com). If Gale’s mother was a goy, then he would have been half Khazar. For sure, he had enough bad genes to move the DSCI movement in the wrong direction at the wrong time.”

    2) UKC never knocks mass inward migration in the sense of addressing the individuals who come to UK basically to get a better economic deal without paying in here than they would get in their home states (and displacing indigenous whites and earlier immigrants in the process). Such immigration is backed by shekel grabbing business people who want to sell their fellow whites down the tubes for personal profit; and at a more organised level, by the symbiosis of self-loathing whites and high level Jews who want to eradicate white people in pursuit of their insane lust of global ownership, dominance and control – as set forth in their holy books, including several chapters of the Bible, not just the cabbala or Talmud, and by that fruitcake mischling Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in his 1924 “Practical Idealism”.
    The UK working age population is already surplus to needs and this is going to get worse with increased mechanisation – 1/3 fewer lower paid jobs in the next 10 years.
    Also introducing into a country people of visibly different race is known in academic studies to be productive of civil unrest once the new population becomes a sizeable minority, as little as about 10%.

    3) Gerrish occasionally cites a Muslim reporting to police child sexual abuse carried out by whites and his complaints not being investigated or actioned. This may be true, but it is hardly relevant statistically when there is plain evidence of multiple “Moslem” or more properly speaking Pakistani, Afghan, Indian, Iraqi etc etc rape squads who are not just traumatising young white girls for life but incrementally imposing their genetic dominance by getting some of these victims pregant and birthing mongrels.

    4) UKC has several very obvious Jews prominent in its organisation. Apart from the backroom you have Louise Collins
    who also circulates everywhere in the internet regions of fantasy ‘online radio’ and unreal distraction.

    Mike Robinson has a northern Irish accent but has a rather dweebish and Jewy aspect to his appearance and delivery (and European relatives, but by blood or marriage I fail to recall), although I don’t think it productive to spend time focusing on him in particular.
    Then you have those fluttering on the edges of antifa circles and schools for snakes, like Belinda McKenzie, who loiters around UKC. Was she present at Farrell’s arrest May 2014 for resisting bailiffs? (infra.). Did she know him?

    5) UKC took on the issue of monetary reform early in its online manifestation and several years ago now there was a forum which was open to all and not just paying subscribers. It attracted much useful comment and information on the subject. That was subsequently taken down and a new forum implemented where as much time is spent on bizarre stories like “Charles Seven”, “Holly Greig” (maybe legit. – but who knows?) and Guy Taylor’s repossession saga as anything more meaningful. Here is one example:
    http://www.ukcolumn.org/forum/anything-goes/theresa-may – comment ‘Abel Danger Mischief Makers ‘ – pure goofus Tavistock tard-trap-paper. To distract from the otherwise good information preceding it, indicating Theresa May is yet another tribal symbiotic in government with insanely delusional ideas about shutting down white dissenting voices objecting to their planned genocide?
    The monetary reform material looks like it has been dumbed down if not entirely eliminated and mantra-ised into the Bradbury Pound slogan and delegated to Roger Hayes and the British Constitution Group promoters of Lawful Bank (“awful bank”) to finish it off through neglect and inactivity.

    6) Gerrish favours the “Nazis” mantra although he has spun it in more recent times as nary a few viewers obviously have read elsewhere about who really won WW2 and what they did to the vanquished after it ended. Think of A.S. Leese: The Jewish War of Survival.

    7) Gerrish speaks of Britain’s Christian roots being under siege, graphic art depictions of Christ with an erection and other nasty and typically Jewish aggressive frontal attack stuff. This is all true, but it is a cultural attack, an assault on Western civilization – race hate on Whites.
    Actually following the precepts of Christianity is a recipe for your own self-destruction because history proves it has never worked, it was imposed by the sword and all our indoctrination inverts reality: the attacks on Lindisfarne by the Vikings were payback for the Christian attacks on sacred pagan groves and the murder of thousands of Saxons by Charlemagne and other exilarchs of the Jewish persuasion. Do not forget that “Christian precepts” include in Christ’s own reported words, “resist not evil”. What the hell’s with this idea? Hitching your wagon to that horse will take you over the cliff.

    8) Smearing of potentially bona fide investigators, whistleblowers etc.

    (a) http://kentfreedommovement.com/profiles/blogs/the-tony-farrell-report-fact-or-fiction

    I compiled some notes on Tony Farrell and his involvement in the “Charles Seven” story but have lost them. But if memory serves Farrell was prompted to run the Seven story by Gerrish, or at least Gerrish took some positive steps in seeing it put in his hands and him run with it.
    That story was a disaster and made Farrell look an idiot. In turn that defused him somewhat in his whistleblower -vs- South Yorkshire Police role; also, nicely in time as it happened, just before the Rotherham industrial scale child rape by ethnics surfaced.
    I still don’t know if “Charles Seven” was an agent or just mentally ill. She turned up, presumably to give moral support, when Farrell was turned out of a flat he was occupying under a repossession order. But her whole story was so demonstrably daft and unproven it would be wasting time saying anything more about it.

    (b) Here’s another story that the UKC ran for a while but seem to have dropped when they realised there were nutters behind it. Again, someone who at least on the surface appears to be bona fide (Stewart-Taylor) becomes enmeshed in the UKC dragnet.
    Lynne Portues, who was imprisoned on remand at Peterborough after reporting suspected paedophilia: The story of Lynne and her daughter Nathalie Veart:
    Show starts with Carla Buckle explaining to Yvonne Stewart-Taylor her webpage http://cocoaexposed.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/cocoa-interspace-exposed.html
    which indicates Stewart-Taylor was probably the victim of a hoax case involving mother Lynne Portues and daughter Nathalie Veart.
    [audio src="http://www.blogtalkradio.com/critical-mass-radio/2014/10/23/the-no-place-to-hide-show-with-yvonne-stewart-taylor.mp3" /]

    http://cocoainterspace.blogspot.co.uk/ (Nathalie, her daughter/detractor’s webpage)

    Timings approximate: @30m of the 23 October CMR show, Stewart-Taylor comments on UKC; @43:55m she refers to Lie-KIP is a lie(?) she thinks she has been set up; @50:30m Lynne’s daughter Nathalie had her head “filled with nonsense” by Eve Pears [note that surname, heh] Brian Gerrish told Stewart-Taylor she (S-T) might work with her; @1:05h Stewart-Taylor thinks the situation was evolved to derail the Melanie Shaw case (who at that time was also on remand in Peterboro jail; later released on bail but later convicted of some minor alleged arson offence 30 October (adverse psychiatric report surfaces out of the blue only at her trial) and on bail again awaiting sentencing.

    I am not acquainted with the history of Yvonne Stewart-Taylor and whether she is a victm in this case as she suggests or whether she is another playing a more subtle role but she claims Gerrish encouraged her to investigate this case (which turns out to maybe have something to do with the mother and daughter involved being 7th Day Adventists or Jehovah’s Witnesses or some other wackos and claiming a local vicar in Hartlepool was involved with indecent exposed of children when that may not have been the case and their reports to police and campaign for “justice” were treated by the courts as harassment).

    The welfare of children in care is paramount so they do have theoretical legal protection and arguably are better off than adults in practice because they are entitled to Legal Aid, being minors.

    So, back to the beginning. UKC: legitimate, or something else? Bona fide but overworked occasional bunglers, or derailers of investigators and general defusers of resistance to subversion? Certainly a slicker operation than they pretend it to be. The unbroken thread is the reporting of disfunctionality, spiritual darkness and bad news in general, without as much focus on solutions beyond ‘getting the word out’ and holding the occasional conference which never seems to hit the news later with a record of actions resolved upon. In other words, FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Dread!

    You can’t say a damn thing in this country now without breaking some law against the white indigenous population hurting the feelings of their enslavers, displacers, traitors and predators. Maybe this is why the UKC is as useless as eveything else.

    Given the absence of guns among the overall population, things are going to have to get real extreme before preventing peaceful evolution yields to violent revolution.

    • WOW!! incredibly comprehensive comment. I will re-read this again later. Thank you very much for all your effort.

      The Truth is sneaking out.

  21. Posis1959

     /  January 1, 2015


    Mainly about someone calling themselves Chloe George / Danielle La Verite / Danielle Deller (getting warmer, heh).

    Some comments about who she hangs with, mainly the UK Column, Gerrish and so on. Video links include her with some of same and Thomas “psycopathy” Sheridan.

    The apple never falls far from the tree.

    Writer of article is also questioning genuineness of reputed child abuse investigators Spivey and Maloney, so discernment alert: Maloney looks pretty genuine to me at first sight, Spivey I know less of.

    nb long piece but even distraction can hone discernment.

  22. Geoff Irwin

     /  February 2, 2015

    So the state is corrupt this we know! Cameron may be a Zionist is milliband not the flip side of the same coin? We,re soon to get Bush the 3rd who’s grandfather began the Nazi connection! Masquerade as they do under various flags of convenience their evil against those they proport to serve only superseded by the havoc they wreak globally! The faces change but never the script. Seems now Gerrish Crane & Co are but another cog on the wheel of disinformation in the sinister world we all reside in! Not quite the utopian society we were promised. Does it penetrate as deep as lizard bloke would asspouse? Somehow I doubt so however be under no illusion these people at their various levels of influence all bring subversion with their tissue of lies & web of deceit! To be aware is to be free. Find your own truth & flourish! Bow to no man together we are many! Discretion will always be the greater part of valour! They fool us not as it is they who are fools too believe they ever could!!

    • Totally wrong about Bush and NAZI connection. You have been listening to too much Gerrish and Icke material. Total disinformation.

      Said with respect.

      • Geoff Irwin

         /  February 2, 2015

        I didn’t get it from them. I’m trying to make sense of it all perhaps you can help? Every one seems to contradict each other. I know corruption is everywhere with Jews forever at the helm I agree totally. I’m new in my truth search so bear with me I’m open to any knowledge or advice you may wish to impart? Respect to you digger.

      • It will all become quite obvious soon Geoff. Try not to panic. The main thing is your eyes are now open. You just have to be a bit sharp for controlled opposition. My pages, posts and side links will help, as I have made mistakes and so am able to steer newcomers faster to more accurate Truth.

        Thanks for commenting.

      • Geoff Irwin

         /  February 2, 2015

        Thanks for articles you sent me I’m currently working through them. Cheers meantime

      • Thanks Geoff. You are welcome. It’s take time to undo our programming. But much much quicker to unprogramme, that the time it took us to become programme. We can undo in weeks what has taken decades.

      • wiseuporbedead

         /  February 2, 2015

        Digger,I know more of the truth than you realise – enough said. Re  -WOW!! incredibly comprehensive comment. I will re-read this again later. Thank you very much for all your effort.The Truth is sneaking out. The guy who wrote this is a government employee… soooo well informed and obvious by the spin he puts on things. Take this with a pinch of salt. Best wishes Roger

      • Thanks Roger. Hope you are well.

  23. the LIAR

     /  February 26, 2015

    You are all shills in your own way. I do believe like many others, Brian thinks he is doing a god job, however doesn’t realise like many that he has been fooled into becoming a shill. “the road to HELL is paved with good intentions” The CONfusion runs deep and is deliberate. All have rejected the creator and took the names and titles thus the first commandment rejected…There will be ‘no mercy’ until you/we learn how to RE – Deem yourselves.

    “God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” – William Shakespeare

  24. D MacDonald

     /  April 2, 2015

    Brian Gerrish quoted on 30/03/15 Niemoller’s poem on UK column news shown below,however he changed it for those who know it. He claimed one of the verses was ” then they came for the catholics” this reference appears nowhere in the poem. I believe Gerrish to be a jesuit shill, this organisation was banned in 80 countries due to their interference in the political infrastructure and their murderous attempts on the rulers of various countries (Abraham Lincoln, J. F. Kennedy, James VI).Regrettably the CIA has been controlled by this group since the 1950’s as is the State Dept today and one third of congress. It is no secret that John Brennan (current CIA Head)was jesuit educated. This is the cabal which is fomenting wars around the globe to whom the princes of this world bow down.
    ( with all due respect to catholic believers in mystery Babylon) “come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her plagues”

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me – See more at: http://hmd.org.uk/resources/poetry/first-they-came-pastor-martin-niemoller#sthash.OjMUwLXK.dpuf

  25. ccalten1718

     /  April 25, 2015

    Niemoller was a pathetic self-loathing worm (or agent?) whose mind had been polluted by the cellular parasite of Christ-insanity to a terminally pathological degree. He was quoted in the 1960s as saying the diminishing numbers of Whites in the world should just hope the other races would be nice to them despite all their (Whites’) past “sins” (like introducing most of the comforts of civilization). barfffffffff.

    ‘It’s the Jesuits’ is a Trade Mark and copyrighted design of “Vatican Assassins” diamond trader Eric Jon Phelps. LOL They were founded by various cryptos/mischlings including Loyola himself and exhibit the usual vices and MO of all secret societies. They are another poisonous fruit of the Jewish tree. I’d be surprised if that recovered Bible dupe Charles Giuliani hadn’t examined their history and schemes in considerable detail. There is also a celebrated debate between Phelps and Michael Collins Piper iirc in which MCP liquidated EJP.

  26. steven

     /  June 24, 2016

    this is the first time i have heard this about brian gerish but i have always found him to be a cold fish, what is strange to me is i have tried 4 times to join his campaign and have always given a bum pass code,i have tried to phone them 12 times on 4 different url numbers,they give me a new pass code and it does not work, the last time i tried to join that Irish guy who works fore him put the fone down on me, i get the same reaction on other web sites as well do they know something i don’t, or can you smell bad breath down the fone now?

  27. Peter Wright

     /  October 2, 2016

    The three dark satanic energies on this planet are politics, religion and big business which has and always has corrupted most people here as they think they are living in a free society. Most people on this planet are still ANIMAL-MAN an some are trying to seek ways to become HU MAN. This planet is a very dark , low energy planet where,through each reincarnation one is expected to evolve towards their SPIRITUAL levels which are located on and above the heart area of the human body. All things lower than this are related to the animal man creature that most people are now. The overriding enlightenment of all this is that no one gets away with anything. When you leave your physical body you go to where you are supposed to go and not where you pray to go to or wish to go. This is called JUSTICE and the only time we will experience it. All love Peter.

  2. Jewish Shills «
  3. Jewish Spies | Truth For Humanity

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