10 Little Truthing Tricks

Ultimately when we’re trying to impart this ‘outlandish’ information, it is a task and a half. We are after all living in one massive mind control project. As most of us are aware, it’s a hard slog getting through the fog of the matrixified judaic mind-lock. 

We all are passionate about the Truth and desperately want people to get it asap. Especially people we are close to. However in our desperation and passion, we tend to forget the depth of this jewelian grip and the frustration kicks in and we end up ranting and raving, and sometimes totally screwing up our delivery.


Below are some suggestions I have focused on. Some work some of the time. I have mixed and matched these depending on the situation, the personality type and how I’m feeling in the moment and of course the time I have. If you aren’t having much success with your current methods, perhaps you could give some of these a go.


You have nothing to lose. You may come up with a whole host of alternative subtle approaches yourself – this will be great; so long as you can keep tweaking, developing and improving your techniques to get better results.


Some of these ideas are deceptive, which I am aware on the surface is against the grain of Truth. However at present I maintain that my intent is coming from a place of goodness. And ultimately my objective is to try and save lives and reduce suffering.


I now feel the bottom line is we are dealing with good ol (or bad ol) ego. My information source is better than your information source.


Our egos versers their egos.


People just do not want to be told they have been had ALL of their lives. They don’t want to be told directly or indirectly that they have been made a fool of from everybody in authority.


So long as we’re aware and sensitive to this and other factors, such as plain old fear of change. Then we should have better results; and reduce our levels of frustration – stress.


All these techniques and more will come with experience. Probably if you try to embrace this experience and have a bit of fun in the process, this helps a huge amount. I’ve met some terrific people and had some of the best laughs street Truthing.



1/. SHUT UP! 

Strange one this; but it has to be the golden rule of Truthing. The art of listening. But how can you pass on information if you’re shutting up? Well all I mean is, allow that person to do most of the talking. Most people love talk about themselves – well their egos and identities. Let them. It’s important they have an opportunity to moan, to gain some levels of sympathy about their ailments and how ill-treated they are in life.

You can learn a lot about a full range of people and the real depth of this agenda beyond just browsing websites. Plus you are helping others at some small level. That person you patiently listened to may be the only person that they had to converse with for days.

Our job is to very subtly nudge these poor souls towards an alternative thinking – just by planting appropriate questions. Trying to get them away from a mindset of ‘problems’, and more towards the root cause of their problems.

I tend not to even hint about the kosher connection, because the flier will give them that. I just try to plant the seed that what is happening to their lives is not an accident. That there is in fact a global plan, an agenda. And that they are not going mad.



2/. Neutral 

Pretend you are not totally sure about the information and keep neutral. This way you are not coming across as arrogant, egotistic, or a know-all. This relaxes your delivery of the Truth. The person then doesn’t feel you are necessarily taking sides, or have an agenda and are not particularly pushing something, an ideology onto them. People are sick of being told what to think.

There are always going to be people who love an argument, just for the sake of it. It’s their sad way of adding a bit of spice to their lives. So by trying hard to keep neutral, this cuts out a lot of this draining antagonism. So if someone tries to get me to bite, I may say something like

You’re probably right mate.” That immediately defuses their attack and they still go home with your information. They can get as angry as they like at home when you’re out of the scene. Obviously this technique is easy said then done.

So for example you may say something like:

Someone gave me this website; I’m not sure what to make of it, but it’s very interesting stuff.” 

Or “At present I can’t verify this information, but I reckon it’s worth looking into.”

Nice n neutral. No pressure, no hard sales pitch…..as this is unproductive. That way they at least check the information out, without their feathers (ego) being ruffled.



3/. Pretend/admit you were once also in denial

or that you too found this this material radical or shocking at first. Give an example of how a friend kept telling you about this material and you kept denying it – UNTIL YOU INDEPENDENTLY RESEARCHED IT YOURSELF……and proved it to be unquestionably true.

So you may say:

I know what I’m saying sounds insane and ridiculous; I refused to believe this for a long time myself. I had a work colleague who kept telling me about this and I kept ignoring her and called it all stupid conspiracy theories – until I started looking into it.”



4/. Try to have a conscious approach

Being sensitive to the personality type you are talking to. It takes a bit of practice, but if you are aware of this and make it your objective before you deliver any Truth, you will soon get super fast at sussing out this important element.

Are they self-absorbed in their hobbies/pass times?

Are they politically minded?

Are they an intraspective, sensitive type.

What particular interests or identities are they projecting?

Do they have a spiritual outlook?

Are they hardcore pragmatists?

Are they technically minded?

Do they have a social conscience?

Does history interest them?

However, try not to get intimidated by any of their specialities, especially if they are academically minded. You don’t have to be an expert. Just enough information on each subject, with links ready to provide them for their particular persona/subject.



5/. Time/Energy Expenditure

Try to be mindful of how much energy and time you are going to impart with that person. Again it’s all about immediately tuning into that person. The bottom line is ‘How much time is it worth investing to share this information with this particular person? Will my efforts be wasted and could I be more productive by moving on?

You can practice different pitches – short pitch, medium pitch and then a more in-depth discussion to grab that person’s attention, if appropriate – if you sense they are inquisitive enough.

A simple short pitch could be something like – hand them a flier and then say:

“Just some information for you which is the opposite of what the media is telling us” with a light smile.

It really is that simple.



6/. Mirroring

This blends in with all of these points. Again tuning into that person. This is more about your body language. Of course this can be seen as artificial – but I honestly don’t care at this stage in the game. Yes I am flogging something, but it is not really for personal gain. As long as we are coming from an altruistic perspective TO SAVE LIVES, then I feel a bit of good-intended deception is fine.

Mirroring is used in all sorts of sales pitches and NLP style approaches. However it is all about intent. We are coming from a good place….that’s all that matters. We are also directly trying to help that person and their love ones.

So mirroring is just about subtly resonating with the person you are talking to. Especially on a one-to-one. The unspoken message is “We have more things in common my friend than what we may disagree on.”

Try to pitch the volume of your voice to theirs. Try to subtly mimic their general mannerisms – if they are more smily upbeat, try to pitch your delivery in that tone. If they are serious and intense, keep it similar. If they are trivial and superficial, try very hard to keep it nice and light.



7/. Walk away

Any antagonistic people, try to move on as fast as you can. This is not being cowardly. This is being pragmatic and in fact being brave – as it takes a brave soul to battle one’s ego. Reserve your energy. Practice responding as opposed to reacting.

You will be super proud of yourself that you acted with maturity. Especially if you are in company; as this is also showing them respect that you are not putting them in harm’s way.

Respect yourself, respect your companions, respect that poor soul in denial, respect the Truth movement and ultimately Truth itself.

Be sensible in approaching people. Be street-wise. Ask yourself “Do these people look trouble?” For guys, we have to take our egos out of the equation. It ain’t worth it. We just need to be as productive as we can that day. To get as many hits as we can; and not get embroiled in any unnecessary hassle.

I would add to this that on a spiritual level, if we come at this from a clean conscious level, we should hardly receive any grief on the streets. For me those days are almost gone. I very rarely encounter nasty people, and if I do, I feel I can deal with them on a spiritual level.



8/. Prep

Do sufficient homework before you hit the streets. We don’t have to be experts in any areas, because are job is not to be opinionated or even educators. The information will do that. Street Truthing is more about being hinters.

That day, we are just the messenger boy/girl. We are the opposite of bumble bees…..spreading the Truth to as many people as we can in the time period we have.

However if a question comes at us. Or a discussion starts, we can use our knowledge to ‘gently’ prompt that person into thinking along different lines with our appropriate informed questions.

I would suggest having a comprehensive range of websites and films available to write down/pass on. So as you are covering all ground. i.e. info on nutritional-based topics, science-based, history, animal rights, etc.

Equally ensure you are prepped physically too. With equipment: Truthing material (fliers, stickers. burnt DVDs, etc), appropriate dress, etc. Pen and paper to expand information and receive information. (please see link below on suggested Truthing Kit)



9/. Analogies

What would we do without analogies? A simple analogy can cover so much ground and unnecessary awkward explanations. Speaking metaphorically geared towards that person’s lifestyle or career can really drive a message home. Analogies tend to get remembered above technical data and historical facts.

A classic could be when trying to nudge that person’s mindset out of looking at the problems in their lives all the time and towards the root cause, we could say:

“If we have eczema and it is so sore, and irritating and we have had it for years; even though we have applied creams and lotions on it. It will never go away unless we look at our stress levels, nutrition and environmental factors.”



10/. Complement

I try to plant a complement with the victim before I leave them. I may say something like:

“Well, you definitely are a good listener.” (even if they weren’t particularly). Or, if they are being particularly challenging, I may say

“Well at least you have the intelligence to bother to question these concepts – most people are too dumbed down to even care.” 

Or “You obviously know your subject/politics well.” (again even if they’re talking nonsense) 🙂

I know this is a bit sneaky and artificial. However IT DOES HAVE A POSITIVE AFFECT.

When they get home and see the information, then they will see your side of the things.

In general I always try to keep the vibe good. I try to always leave on a good note. Your job that day may be just a prepping process for the next Truther to offload some information onto them.



In Summary 

1/. SHUT UP! (this is a must)

2/. Neutral

3/. Pretend/admit you were once also in denial

4/. Try to have a conscious approach

5/. Time/Energy Expenditure

6/. Mirroring

7/. Walk away

8/. Prep

9/. Analogies

10/. Complement



In conclusion

The two aspects I now focus on when delivering Truth on the street are:

(i) Try to ensure there is a good chance that person goes home and checks out your information.

(ii) Generally they have a good first impression of meeting a Truther. Their first encounter with the Truth is positive.


Happy Truthing



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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 27, 2012

    A well-written article as comprehensive as need be on the subject.

    I am fairly new at truthing, and have been taking the bullhorn approach. I have no problem talking to a small crowd of people who might be in line outside of a cafe or eatery mentioning that they are being lied to by the MSM, and that Iran is not building nuclear weapons, that they are abiding by IAEA, and that Israel has always refused inspections and that they do have an arsenal of nuclear weapons. Crude compared to what is outlined in this article.

    I also start a conversation with strangers by asking them who was behind the attack on 9-11. It always works. (And unfortunately, it’s never “the Mossad”, or “the Zionists”, or “Israel”.) I’ve also found, and this should be obvious, that pointing the finger at Zionists is a lot easier than pointing the finger at Jews. I may use the word Jews after I have felt them out, but my purpose is to win them over and convince them, not alienate them.

    Bear with me digger as I must take slight issue with “mirroring”. As an alpha male (thank you 20+ years of hard-core drug-free bodybuilding), people I have spoken with have mirrored my body posture. I’ve always noticed it, and once I do, I can’t help but see them as submissive. I don’t want anyone I approach or engage seeing me as submissive to any extent. A truther must have confidence. People respect confidence.

    • Matthew,

      Thank you for all your feedback on the various posts.

      Yes, I appreciate the Mirroring could be taken the wrong way. I am talking in a very very subtle way. Not done in an obviously artificial manner. Some of us do it naturally. If someone is quite a jokey type personality, one may naturally resonate with that person.

      I think I’m just talking about trying to relate/connect with that person beyond the spoken word. That’s about it. I have seen the awful cheesy NLP techniques which I don’t like. What makes it worse is their intent behind their mirroring. With us, it’s about saving lives.

      Well done for doing your bit Matthew.

      Thank you again for your contribution.



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