Odds n Sods – 3


I spoke to a Syrian guy during the week, who I tried in the past to help get him to understand the bigger picture. He seemed locked into a mindset of national politics and Muslim verses Christians. He was a tough cookie to get through to. He actually said “I don’t care about the killing in the North (of Syria) as my family are from the South.” When I responded “What, you don’t care about fellow Syrians and human beings being slaughtered?” He replied “NO!”


Now that is classic separatism. My box, my side, mindset.




Every now and then we all hear of a piece of news, a new type of legislation, or a personal incident that really smacks us around the chops and makes us think “Ohh my word.” It’s a point of reference how far we have come and a new threshold. Sometimes it can be more the trivial things that get you.


I remember jokingly saying because of the intense CCTV surveillance here in Britain we would be seeing cameras in the woods next…..that being the one of my Orwelian thresholds.


A pal and I went for long hike at the beginning of the year and cut through a woodland and on the edge of the trail and what did we see – a CCTV camera on edge of the woods!! So even in nature now we are being monitored. There was also threats of being SHOT if people went off the beaten track. If any of us low life goys entered on to one of the elite’s extensive property. I wish now we had kept the photos of both these cameras and the threatening warning signs.




A mate who is involved in a lot ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’ issues had his vehicle clamped a while back, by one of these parking CONTROL firms. All he did was get an angle-grinder and grinded it off; threw it to one side and got on with his life. Never heard anything from it since. After all, he was only dealing with a ‘private’ bullying company, who UNLAWFULLY tried to oppress his freedom. All these traitors can do is send threats on paper.


Well time we stand up to these bully tyrants and the traitors who serve them. They only do to us what they do, BECAUSE WE LET THEM.


I urge people who are involved in the Truth movement to look into the concepts of ‘Freeman/Woman-on-Land’ and ‘Lawful Rebellion’.


If we don’t resist, we deserve everything they throw at us.




Have you noticed the amount of sickly people out there? Particularly with immune-based diseases. Of course this should be no surprise whatsoever to us who know what’s going on. In fact it’s surprising we’re hanging out so long with this multi-dimensional attack on every level.


Chemtrails, poisoned water, EMP, de-natured foods, fuel toxicity in the air, Fukushima fallout, and of course the more intensified stresses and strains of surviving these days – truly end game in their mind sets and Armageddon in many others.


Everyone around us carrying on as usual. Plodding along with their slave positions, or desperately trying to obtain a slave position. Playing with our hobbies and pass times, happily being entertained like children, using these distractions as buffers for our emotional turmoil. Truly insanity.


Not to mention the emotional strain those of us in-the-know are under, having to deal with knowing the bigger picture and nobody around us aware, or caring. Even most of the people we know who are awake, don’t seem to get it how essential it is that they need to pick up a bucket and DO SOMETHING.


Ohhhhhh, there doesn’t seem to be an escape. Perhaps the Buddha’s word’s may shed some light:


“In this worldly existence, there can only be pain and suffering.”


Belated time to go within.







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  1. Yes, very sickly people. I just walked round my little local supermarket, all the (pretend) ‘good’ stuff is up in price, but the toxic junk is always on offer – BOGOFs everywhere for fizzy drinks full of fluoride to dumb you down and aspartame to poison your nervous system, enough sugar to create diabetes in an elephant, colours that might as well have come out of a paint pot, horrible bright blue drinks that truly look like something out of a laboratory and they are. Huge tins of sweets, biscuits, cakes galore, pizzas, junk bread with toxic flour improvers – just to suit the manufacturer and give the bread a long shelf life, carcinogenic ham and bacon, ready meals all ready to be irradiated in the so-convenient microwave.

    I could write a book – no really, I should write a book, the list goes on and on. Innocent items are full of chemicals, prawns, tuna, chicken, coffee, tea, grapes, apples, lettuce – impossible to stop. The public can’t know this and it’s kept from them unless they have an iota of intelligence – but that’s engineered out of them with yet more fluoride in their toothpaste, carcinogens in their soap, shampoos and so on.

    You need to be a lot more intelligent than your doctor or nurse who are happily complying and dosing themselves with toxic triclosan in their soaps – they’ve been told to do this to avoid MRSI, although there are other safer ways to deal with this. People genuinely don’t get it at all of the big companies, big pharma, food industries are setting out to positively harm them.

    Look who owns them, look who are the main shareholders, look who sets to benefit from a sick population.

    In their own houses people are bombarded with radiation from their phones, tvs, computers, their lungs poisoned with sprays on their carpets and woodwork, toxic fumes from MDF, paints, plastics, chemical cleaners.

    When I meet new people and find out what they do for a living, I can predict reasonably well what symptoms of diseases they might already have – hairdressers (radiation from hairdryers and chemical exposure), dentists (heavy metals), teachers (parasites picked up from kids frequently), artists (heavy metals from paints etc), farmers (chemicals and parasites), chemists (highest percentage of facial and upper respiratory tract cancers from chemical fumes from medications), plumbers (heavy metals) and oh yes (referring to your Naughty Builders post) carpenters (industrial glove poisoning).

    Then there’s the stress from worrying about all this without looking up to see the tons of poison coming down from the chemtrails. Yes, we are sick and we don’t deserve it. We are all suffering from Jewish disease that’s poisoning us and eating away at us.

    Spreading information can save us. Wake up whoever you can, we haven’t lost yet.


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