Naughty Builders

I know a few carpenters who are work on building sites. They tell me about the conditions they are working under. They have to obtain a mandatory health & safety card before they can start work. 

This is called a CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) card and is pretty much standard now across many industries in Britain.


This CSCS card ensures the employer that the ‘operative’ has passed a test in health and safety, answering stupid questions.


Q/ What angle do you put a ladder up against a wall? 

A/ Well fuckin well work it out using common sense and a bit of logic for crying out loud.


But of course this test is really only a form of conditioning. Mind control. To insert new normals through more predictive programming – conditioning of the goy to accept AUTHORITY.


Of course all packaged and sold to us under the guise of in the interests of public safety – public safety my arse.


Everyone conditioned into believing government stats about how dangerous things were before H&S has been introduced. And how many lives it’s saved – so it’s all for our benefits – utter twoddle.


I would suggest it is a hundred fold more dangerous, if we fully understand where this is taking us. Dangerous for our minds, our spirits and our futures.


Obviously ‘the government’ don’t give a hoot about our health, nor our safety; because they are deliberately murdering us. No, this is just about controlling and formulating goy slaves. Getting them all into a mindset of NOT having autonomy.


No more cash jobs, everything regulated and monitored. And this is now becoming the new norm. “Well you’ve got to have your CSCS card!”. Normal = natural.


Each guy HAS to don those stupid neon high-vis jackets, steel toe-caped boots and hard hat – even if they are working inside a safe, well-lit building. Can you image that in the heat of the summer.


This is typical judaic-communism; to keep the goy slaves uniform. Not allowing individualism. By controlling people’s outlook and diminishing one’s individualism, is a psychological way of breaking down one’s enemy. And we are their perpetual enemy – just for being non-Jewish.


The saddest part of it all, is they are now enforcing builders to wear GLOVES. So hardy experienced carpenters, with leathery hands who are used to handling timber and having splinters, are now FORCED to wear stupid gloves to protect themselves.


Try screwing some screws into some wood using a drill wearing gloves – it’s dangerous! A housewife can do DIY without wearing cloves for crying out loud.


Foreman are being enforced to enforce this nonsense. Sheep controlling the sheep. Guys are not only getting told off like children for not wearing gloves, but ACTUALLY FINED! I kid you not!


When I heard this, I knew this was one of those thresholds, where you shake your head and think to yourself “If they will accept that ….they will accept pretty much anything from now on.” No resistance whatsoever – conform, conform, conform.


This penalty system is just like in a soccer match where these slaves can have so many warnings and they have a yellow card and if they’re really naughty they get a red card issued. I promise you – I am not joking.


I understand it to be two yellow cards and you are off site and you’ll have to come back the next day with your tail between your legs. A red card and you actually have to ask (plead) permission to come back to your slave position. Having paid a penalty fine.


What was the crime? –




He should hang his head in shame.


Can you just imagine Jesus being told off for not wearing his gloves!? Sent home early to Mary for being naughty.


I somehow don’t think he would have tolerated this insanity.


To think these carpenters who get issued a red or yellow card have to pack up their tools, go home early and explain to their wives and children how naughty they’ve been.


This is how low we have dropped!


Again, these tyrants don’t give a damn about protecting people. They couldn’t care less about looking after carpenter’s hands; it’s all about control, to break us. How far can we push the goy? 


And how far can they push the goy?


Next they will bring out a ‘law’ (legislation/statue) that builders will have to have string attached to their gloves tied onto their sleeves so they don’t lose their gloves, just like four year olds.




Where is the limit to this jewellian insanity?


Are builder’s going to have to sit on the naughty step, if they don’t wear their gloves? Are they going to have to get a solicitor’s letter to offer apologies, with court cases. Where nervous builder’s will be standing before a corrupt masonic judge having to plead their case.


“Well me Lord, I just took off one of my gloves, just for minute to pick my nose and then the next thing I heard a loud speaker call out my number – and then it was too late. I’m awfully sorry governor; I promise, if you you let me off this time, it won’t happen again. I’ll willingly pay my fine. All I want to be is a good goy slave.”


It’s so so sad.


And to think the word mandatory is in itself a mind control word.



1/. having the nature or powers of a mandate

2/. obligatory; compulsory

3/. (of state) having received a mandate over some territory


Compulsory by whom????


Breathing – obtaining sustenance through water and food – shelter/protection from the elements – having core body temperature – ensuring our pH blood levels are neutral. Now these are mandatory as far as I’m concerned.


Wearing gloves – was that part of nature’s laws? I can’t remember reading anything in the New Testament or the Vedas about having to have a CSCS card. No; because this is yet more judiac bollocks. More fear-based mind control.


It is not mandatory whatsoever. It is just manipulation of our emotions through lots and lots of incremental Pavlovian training. Habit-based conditioning mixed in with collective acceptance, social engineering – groupthink.


“Everyone knows that….that’s just the way things are.”


None of this BS is mandatory – it’s a mindset.


Every time those builders get up out of bed, get ready to go to their slave positions, get there on time and walk over that threshold of the building site; they are walking into another day’s mental threshold.


Another day not earning, not gaining – but selling out. Another threshold of acceptance, another threshold of conformity to big brov. Another tacit agreement, another indirect contract.


Obviously there doesn’t seem to be a limit to these tyrant’s bullying and sadly no limits to which the fear-based goy will tolerate this bullying…..all for their measly slave shekels, so they can spend it on their Pavlovian rewards.


So sad to see such demoralization of human spirit. When all of this is so unnecessary – when all we need to do is just say “NO”; and literally and metaphorically throw down our stupid gloves.



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