10 Classic Throwaway Lines from Deniers


1/. Well, you can’t prove this stuff either way.

After having plied them with heaps and heaps of factual evidence from a comprehensive eminent sources.



2/. If this was true, it would be all over the media, because they love a good story to sell their papers!

Ohh right, I suppose you’re right.



3/. Nonsense – you conspiracy theories look for conspiracies in everything, just to make your sad lives more interesting.

Yea right mate.



4/. Look, there has always been problems in society and there always will be! War is war, you’ll never going to change things.

You bet; with apathetic people like you who will just accept things. We’ll just carry on as usual then – lets not bother to try to change things.



5/. Well you know the israelis have gotta protect themselves, after all what they’ve been through in the past.

Yes, quite.



6/. Listen pal, I haven’t got time for all that nonsense (I’m too busy making mammon).



7/. Ohh yea, then explain to me why they found one of the passports on the floor belonging to the high-jackers?

(they say in a preening manner, as if they’ve caught you out). Ermm that’s a tough one, now you’ve got me there.



8/. Look mate, we know what these Muslim fundamentalist are like, you’ve only gotta look at them to know they’re dodgy characters.

Well yea, now you mention it, I suppose you’re right – that’s logic.



9/. Ohh and you know it all do you!?

No comment – gobsmacked.



10/. You nutter!

As they eat there GM food, take their poison pills from their trusty doctor, read their propaganda liespaper and watch their talmudvizion; and repeat it all, and then get ready for their poorly paid slave shift – now that’s sanity for you.



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  1. Number 11 – “Oh don’t send me all that stuff, I won’t look at it anyway, it’s all too depressing and I don’t want to know. And what can I do about it anyway!?”
    End of conversation.
    A very ‘intelligent’ ‘friend’ of mine (ex-BBC presenter) gets totally irate at the same time as saying the above. This person puts it all down to incompetence and greed.
    Not worth a breath. Sad.
    Number 12 – Not even a reply… nothing. Then a complete change of conversation – “Do you think I should choose a carpet or wood for my lounge?”
    Go for the carpet – it’ll be softer to bang your head against when you find I’ve been right all along.

    • BRILLIANT!! I actually roared laughing. Ohh if it wasn’t so serious!

      We could make a collection of these EXCUSES

      Thank you for great contribution Spicegirl


  2. Whitewraithe

     /  September 18, 2012

    Here’s number #13 Digs –

    Just because you read it on the internet you think it’s true.

    This is the one I get from my family, BUT, just because they saw or heard something on FOX News, then it has to be true. After all, if it wasn’t reported on the mainstream media no one should believe it.



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