This is not who you really are

You celebrate 4th July and thanks giving, have the stars n stripes flag on your house, USA sticker on your car, read your version of the holy Bible and attend your style of church. But – this is not who you really are.


You adorn your keffiyeh, you eat at your favorite Lebanese restaurants, you attend pro-Middle East political debates and demos, you visit websites focusing on Middle Eastern policies, you read the holy Quran, attend your Mosque. But – this is not who you really are.


You call yourself an atheist, mix with other atheists, chat online with other atheists, wear God is neigh T-shirts and mockingly have anti-God stickers on your car. But – this is not who you really are.


You have a steady job, and in your spare time run a football team. You do all the organising, help the finances the club, select team players, attend training sessions and matches But – this is not who you really are.


You wear Truthing T-shirts, attend Truth meet ups, go on Truth forums, browse endless Truth videos, participate in the Truth movement, have a Truth website, devote all your spare hours to being a Truther and getting the Truth out there. But – this is not who you really are.


This is just your experience for now. Temporary, superficial in the bigger scheme of things. Just your vehicle you are traveling in – for now.


The space man padded out in his padded grey suit is not him. He is not grey, he is not soft-padded, slow walking. This is just his suit.


Good/bad, laughter/sadness, male/female, pain/pleasure, joy/suffering, rich/poor, religious/atheist, disabled/able-bodied, pink/brown/tan, misfortunes/luck. But none of these fleeting experiences or artificial identities are the real you.


This is why the true spiritual scriptures talk about attachment, ego and true identity. All of our transient labels are all about our attachments to our ego-based false identities.


The only reason we are going to take offense at someone insulting our identity, is if we are clinging to it as a false security. That’s the real reason why we get so defensive….fear of loss of our false sense of security.


Our only  true security can come from knowing who we really are and keeping a connection to this true identity.


You are a beautiful soul having an experience within these transient, superficial identities.


The inner Self is your only real identity


This is who you really are.



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