The Right Tools for the Job

“A bad tradesman blames his tools” I don’t totally go along with this expression

Having the the right equipment for a specific job ensures better, quicker results. It also makes a more permanent job.


If you want to tune a car engine, you have to use a car mechanic’s tool kit.


If you want to repair a veneer on a table, you have to use a cabinet maker’s tool kit.


If you want to mend a curtain, you have to use a seamstress‘s set of equipment.


You want to fix a leaky pipe, you have to use a plumber’s kit.


We are in a spiritual war; so we have to tackle this problem from a spiritual perspective. The pure scriptures and the associated spiritual disciplines are the main tools we are going to have to use to fix this problem.


It is because we have turned our backs on the true disciplines of spirituality that we are in this mess. We have been trying to clumsily fix the problem with the wrong set of tools. It hasn’t worked in the past, so why should it work now(?)


We’ve tried fixing this problem using a politics tool kit – but the politics kit keeps breaking apart, it’s just not man enough for the job.


We’ve tried the demonstrating tool kit – but that’s useless. It doesn’t even touch the problem. In fact in makes the problem worse.


We’re tried the violence approach – and although that seems to fix things for a while, as soon as we’re out the door it all falls apart again.


We’re tried the dialogue tool kit – again, works for bit, but it just ain’t man enough to fix this major repair job.


The only tool kit man enough and suitable to permanently sort this job out, once and for all is a serious spiritual tool kit.


Let’s invest in not only the right tool kit, but in a quality tool kit, to finally repair this damage carried out on humanity.

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