Spiritual Bumble Bees


On the surface it would seem I have a disconnect between not being religious, yet promoting religious doctrines.


On the one hand I’m turning my back on any separatist identification with any ONE religion, locking someone into a label, a box, a pigeon hole, an identity.


On the other hand I’m strongly encouraging people to immerse themselves in a cross range of pure spiritual scriptures.


I find our false identities not only dangerous, but one of the the root causes of our global problems. The JCN is just an extreme version of this identity issue. They are deep-rooted in their judaic identity.


So I’m just suggesting we be careful we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Religious spiritual scriptures with the true essence of spirituality is essential for life. In fact we are in this mess because we have turned our backs on true spirituality.


True spirituality is nothing whatsoever to do with individual religious identity – separatism. 


As for the argument that none of these prophets ever existed. Well I don’t care either way. It has no effect on what I gain from these scriptures whatsoever, if they did or didn’t exist. It shouldn’t bother any of us. All that matters is the principles, the essence of these mystical teachings and how beneficial they are to us and society.


All we need to be concerned right now is how can I improve my state of mind, so as to improve my life – so as I can then go out there and serve others. How are these scriptures going to help me deal with this JNWO? Are these scriptures going to help us all tackle this global problem?


The difference between how I express the teachings of a particular religion and an identitist of a particular religion, would be for an example, a Buddhist would say “The Buddha said ……”, where as I would say “The Dhammapada states ……” or I may say “In the teachings of Buddhism they say …….”


This cuts out all the attachment and dangerous identity. Which has nothing to do the message of Buddhism, or Christianity, or Islam, or Hinduism.


I am also selective in what I absorb and practice. For example I refuse to accept any cast ideology which is present in the Hindu religion – knowing this is just man made traditional separatist ideology. Nothing whatsoever to do with the essence of the Vedas or B’Gita.


I won’t let the fact that these religions have been polluted affect what I gain from their original pure messages. The fact that the elite Jews have usurped the Vatican has no effect on my approach to Jesus’s teachings. That Hinduism is now being used by the JCN as a tool for their means, does not tarnish what I gain from the wisdom of the B’Gita.


Just because this demonic force is de-naturing all foods, does not stop me from seeking pure natural foods for my sustenance. 


If you want to go to a far off destination. You leave your house, you walk down the road, get the bus, then get a coach to the airport, get on a plane, reach the country you want to go to, get a cab to your hotel. At your destination you hop on a ferry to a local island, then use a moped to travel about.


All these are different modes of transport. Each one you are using on a temporary basis, you may be able to re-use them again an again. But you are not identifying yourself as these modes of transport. You’re identity is not wrapped around being a walker, or a bus passenger, or a flight passenger, or a ferry passenger. This would be silly.


The mystical teachings are a collection and choice of spiritual transporters to help you travel to your spiritual journey. You could probably take just a couple of these modes to get to your destination, but it’s easier to use a comprehensive range, a variety of modes to get you where you need to go. They are all effectively saying the same message.


I think we should be spiritual bumble bees selectively taking the pure nectar of these rich sources. Without identifying ourselves with any one of these beautiful flowers.


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  1. Steve

     /  August 17, 2013

    Spot on. You use some great metaphors here. I love the final analogy with bumble bees taking the best nectar. Obviously you are resonating with the true essence of each spiritual teaching you delve in to. For this and other reasons, you are a rare individual. I guess it is up to each of us whether we can do this; many seem unable and become tangled in all the poison that man has put into separatist religious doctrine.


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