Odds n Sods – 2

 Apologies for my poor English in my work. I may be improving a tad :-). A mild excuse is that I have some level of dyslexia. I do some exercises and it helps control it. Sometimes when I write/read a sentence, I can’t for the life of me see an obvious word is missing. Or that I have written something like the the together.

I can read it 3/4 times and still not spot these errors. It’s not until I read it again at a later date that I can spot the mistakes. But there you go. What matters is the essence and message gets out there.




During the week I was handed a fake £20. I thought to myself, well this is really just a fake of a fake. Because none of the ‘real’ notes are backed up with anything of any value, so they’re all fraudulent.

It reminded me of when I used to go to court just to watch court cases, because I was learning about the Freeman-on-the-Land material and I wanted to observe the fraudulent activities and language (legalese) of the courts.

Some poor soul was up there for forgery of notes. He seemed a small time crook. To think that he probably hadn’t got a clue he was standing in front of masonic criminals. All of them a 1000 times more dodgy than himself. After all, all he was trying to do was survive in this corrupt insane society.

He probably has tried many times to play it straight in the past and failed each time, because unless you sell your soul  to some degree in this sick society, it’s hard to survive.

He’s probably sick to death of having slaved on building sites as a laborer or working in factories and never ever had any real money at the end of the month. Just a bad back, lots of bruises and no respect from society.

Perhaps he has worked it out that everything is corrupt and he’s thought to himself “Well if you can’t beat them, join them.” But the problem is these elite judaified criminals just don’t like competition.




A fella I’ve been trying to wake up for some time told me during the week that he’s looked at ALL the stuff I’ve sent him and that “YOU COULDN’T PROVE IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!”

🙂 phewww wot on earth do you say to that one!!??

I threw some more info at him and left it at that. I think he’s a goner.




“I’m so sick and tired of stupid conversations with ‘intelligent’ people who can’t think any more.”

~ Mrs L

This was tucked inside a paragraph in an e-mail sent to me today. It grabbed me as it made so much sense. I’m sure we all have so much empathy with her frustration.

The only comment I’d add to this post, is that many deniers are in fact intelligent. Far more ‘academically intelligent’ than me and damn good repeaters. That’s why they succeed in this system.

But ……in general terms they don’t have a scrap of wisdom. Not an ounce of inner knowing and hardly any levels of consciousness. That’s what I feel is the definitive differences between a denier and a Truther.




I brief message to my fellow Truth warriors out there. Keep marching on.

Don’t let any of these saddos try to trip you up. Most of the time they are Gentiles. These sad individuals who dump their unhelpful unproductive comments.

Sad, pathetic, inapt, jealous, insecure, bitter, cowardly saddos. They secretly wish they had it in them to do what you’re doing, but sadly they just can’t – or won’t.

We don’t even have to retaliate; as their crimes on humanity will be dealt with sooner or later when we win this battle. They will get their comeuppance for not only not picking up a bucket of water to help put out the fire, but trying to trip up those of us who are.

So just ignore them, brush them to one side. Trash their comments. Don’t give them the energy they crave. The best way you can infuriate them is IGNORE them and just keep marching on towards success.




Finally please keep focusing on the within; try to keep tapping into this rich fountain source for your true security, direction, real wealth, true identity and wisdom.

This is our only stability in these unstable times. This is the only reliable source you have when everyone and everything around you seems to be so unreliable…..your true Self is always there – within – waiting – patient – stable. This powerful source will never let you down.

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  1. Digger, lots of great stuff as always. reading this I was reminded of a line I used and forgot which was a good opener. when asked how i wanted to pay, i said, “do you accept bogus federal reserve notes?”. got a chuckle and turned out this person was very interested in financial reform and systemic corruption. thanks again for your outstanding site. aj


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