Moral High Ground

It’s the jooooooos. Well it is and it isn’t. It’s also us. Here’s another hard look at ourselves. Our trained traits which keep us locked down inside this judaic matrix prison.


Yet again the number 10. Ten traits which we need to self-reflect on before we can start pointing the finger out at anyone else and any other entity.


Of course these areas may seem trivial in comparison to what these maniacs are up to. But if we look at the principle of our actions and non-actions even though they are considerable watered down. To self-reflect on our characters will be the first huge step for us to change the world around us.


1/. Unreliable

How many people have let you down this month alone? How many broken promises have you received this season? How many people have you let down? Can people take you by your word? Are we in any position to moan about our reliably unreliable politicians, when we’re constantly letting people down?



2/. Unfair business practice

I’ve probably been stiched up by as many Gentiles as I have Jews. In fact if I worked for Jews, I may just come off better in the end. There are some shits of Gentiles out there, lets face it. Just look at the traitorous chabad-goy sell outs in government positions. This plan wouldn’t come together without these traitors in place.


But how about us? What are we up to in business? What type of trading are we involved in? Is it ethical for starters? And do we use n abuse our staff? Do we try to squeeze as much out of them a possible, using the excuse that times are hard now?



3/. Unable to self-reflect

Those bloody Jews never self-reflect. Well, as far as the elite predator Jews, this is the case, but how about us lowly lot? Are we able to look at ourselves, our character traits. This of course is what this wee essay is about. To have a good look at how we are interacting with our fellow brothers and sisters from all walks of life, from all religions and all cultures. How much do we apply that golden rule?



4/. Hateful

Revengeful, lust for murder. Hang those bloody traitors – lynch the lot of them!! Ohh dear, is that our only option? Is that all we can come up with? Surely we can do better than that. That’s at their level. We’re leagues above them surely!? We have snap out of this meme of revenge and hatred. It never has worked and never will do. It locks us up, blinds us and only provides short-term self-satisfaction and results. Never any sustained, permanent solutions. This is spiritual warfare, so we have to tackle this from a spiritual perspective. Tough, assertive, effective, responsive, objective solutions. Then we’ve won.



5/. Cowardliness

All of us have played the coward role at some time in our lives. All of us have backed down at times. Anyone who says they haven’t is a liar. Sometimes it makes sense to and come back another day fighting. But I sometimes hear people accuse the Jews as being cowardly fighters. Again this is a fair comment when we look at these brave IDF soldiers torturing children and women.


But once again are we so brave? I would suggest if we were not so fearful, we wouldn’t be such a pickle now. We have absolutely gotta man up. I know more women in the movement who have more metaphoric balls than blokes I know. Long-term so-called Truthers scared to challenge parking tickets, even distribute fliers… case they caught. Bloody hell, think what our forefathers went through for freedom. Now these people are scary.



6/. Cruelty

I often describe judaism as: insane, demonic and cruel. So what about us? Well 95% are happy to have millions upon millions of innocent animals suffer and cruelly murdered each day for our self-gratification. Sorry I could have worded that more sensitively, but that is the harsh Truth.


Most of us are passive about the child abuse in our neighborhoods – by the state. We acquiesce to old people being degraded – by the state. We tacitly consent to disabled people being tortured and we go along with our fellow brothers and sisters rotting away in cages for trivial crimes in our own towns. Now that’s cruelty.



7/. Sleazy

The JCN pretty much run the porn industry – that’s a fact. So that means they are attacking and debasing society. That ain’t on. But who are they selling it to? Who is using all this porn and digesting the whole sex industry? Who is carrying out all this porn and sleaze? Well it’s us Gentiles. Demand and supply, supply and demand. No buyers, no market, that simple. If we view debased sleaze, we become debased and sleazy. Very simple formula. We become what we absorb.



8/. Lying

Those lying bastards we all say, well some of us do. There is a book titled “The Jews and their Lies” (link below). It’s how the elite and not-so elite Jews practice their business. ‘Through deception thou shalt do war’ being the slogan of israhell’s Defense (attack) Force. The kings of deception. But do we have halos on our heads? How many porkies (pork pies = lies) do we say in a week, in a month, in a year? All collectively adding up to our character.


Perhaps a white lie to protect someone, to be sensitive towards them, or even self-preservation, is acceptable with good intent. But lying for the sake of lying can only work against us, as it degrades us.



9/. Backstabbing

Although within the fractions of the JCN, there is a fair amount of in-fighting, ultimately Jews have a remarkable ability for cohesiveness. Whatever their brethren have done – they stand by them. I think this attitude only works in their favour short term. In the long run, it breeds anti-Jewism.


Unfortunately I can’t see a tremendous amount of cohesiveness in the TM. Perhaps I’m comparing it against my background in the animal rights movement. I have witnessed some truly staggering levels of camaraderie and in-group support in the AR community. Faced in some serious dangerous situations they pack together. On the side of Truth, goodness, this is a character trait we absolutely must grasp.



10/. Supremacism 

Whites looking down on blacks, blacks looking down on whites. Catholics looking down on Protestants, Protestants looking down on Catholics. Rich looking down on the poor, slim people looking down on fat people, Careerist looking down on drop outs. This list is endless of our snobbery and condescending attitudes towards others. Most of the time like many of these traits we don’t even realise we’re doing it.


None of us have any real authority over anyone else, or the right to suppress or look down on anyone else.



Are we really in a position to be on our moral high ground about our overlords?



We must be the change we want to see in the world.

~ Mahatma Gandhi


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