In America ….


A polite request to my American comrades …..












I luv ya – I do. Honest. Most of my information has come from the work of sterling American warriors in this fight. What would we do without you? The dynamic audios, the amazingly powerful websites, the truly engaging videos. Outstanding work.


But….;-) it’s always always coming from 90% an American perspective. This is understandable with the dynamic shifts you’re now experiencing, but you’re not alone my friends.


Near on every single book I read from an American author always gives examples or statistics based primarily around American culture. In America statistics show, In America surveys tell us, In America we do this, In America ……


It’s an insular mindset and an identity which I think is dangerous, and maybe partly why you’ve got in such a mess. I’m not saying a bit of cultural identity is such a bad thing, but we all gotta watch it. It grips us so hard and creates good ol separatism…..which the chosen ones love us to be wrapped up in. Good ol divide n rule.


One gets the impression when talking to many good-hearted, well-meaning American people that there is this big mighty country called AMERICA, the finest country in the world and there are some other little places which are out n about there somewhere. God bless America attitude. Some of those little coutries we bomb and have extended property rights. Just like the old British Empire colonial mindset. Where the sun never set.


Why should I go abroad when we’ve got it all here, in a one-stop-shop that does everything? I don’t need a passport. 


I politely encourage you to self-reflect on this one. This ain’t a smack-in-yer-face criticism, just a gentle nudge from a caring friend. I don’t think you realise you’re doing it. In interviews the sentence may go something like “Well, you see what’s happing here in America is we’re being systematically corroded from the inside out —————- Ohh of course it’s happening elsewhere, but here in America ……..”


Do you know what’s going on with the finances of Sweden? The police state in Brussels? The political correctness in Australia? The thousands of people being incarcerated each month for hate speech in Germany? The pressures the Lebanese people our under? The breakdown of Ireland? The collapse of Greece? The invasion of land rights of the tribal people in New Zealand?


More importantly; do you care?


I’m sure you do. Especially the real hardened Truthers out there.


From an (Eastern) spiritual perspective our true identity is not our country, our accent, our place of birth, religion, colour of skin, age, sex and any of these superficial imposed or chosen identities. We are all beautiful souls riding in our identity cars. Being an American is only your temporary vehicle you’re having this traveling experience in for now. It will soon change and you’ll be sitting in another vehicle.


Maybe chuckling along in a German Volkswagen camper van, nipping through the London streets in a British mini cooper, or whizzing through the back streets of Bombay in an Indian Rikshaw; who knows? But you’ll be having good and bad experiences in your new vehicle.


This is just a kind-gestured hint to my comrades across the pond to be mindful of being a tad more global-minded when focusing on this Jew WORLD Order. We’re all in this together. We’re all brothers n sisters in this big global melting pot.


God bless America

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