Controlled Choices

For the risk of sounding a bit of a Truth snob; those of us in-the-know about this agenda and how the JCN works; we can see how they play both sides of most aspects of our lives. The illusion of choice, autonomy and freedom is a joke. We don’t really have any choices, other than what they hand to us – of course other than sticking our finger up and saying no to all of it.


This is the control technique, the trickery of the JCN. They give us the perception we have choices, but of course usually only two main choices – we are owned and controlled by them.


With most of us unaware of the deception which is played out on us, we almost get into a panic situation where we feel obliged to chose A or B, red or blue. Not knowing we have all the other letters in the alphabet and colours on the chart.


Here are 10 examples of the trickery of our so-called choices. All of them two wings of the same the judaic bird.


1/. Conservative ~ Labour   /   Democratic ~ Republic (it doesn’t matter who you vote for – the Jews still get in)


2/. Dogmatic zealot religious fundamentalism ~ Atheism 


3/. Communism ~ Capitalism


4/. Government Bodies ~ Revolutionary leaders


5/. ITV, BBC, Fox News, ABC ~ Al Jazeera, Russia Today, infowars, David Icke


6/. Neo-Nazi Fascism ~ Lefty/liberal Anarchism 


7/. Grammar schools ~ Comprehensive schools (same results, both judaic indoctrination)


8/. Daily Mirror ~ The Daily Mail / New York Times ~ The Washington Post


9/. New-age drop outs ~ Die-hard corporate jobsworths


10/.  Capitalist Greed ~ Environmentalism


All of it controlled dissent, controlled opposition –

controlled choices


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