Boxing Clever

10 Ways we need to Fight Smart to win this War

[as always these are all interdependent and not in order of importance]


1/. Camaraderie

We have to swim together. We must try hard and stop this silly bickering and falling out …..usually over nothing. Then as the time goes by we’ve forgotten what we’ve fallen out over. If we say “It’s blue” and someone else says “It’s red”; well we’ve just got to get over it. We ultimately only have three choices: We either see their point of view and agree it’s red, agree to disagree, or suggest we settle on purple. But we have to fight the good fight together. Coz we need each other.


As we well know, that is the strength of our adversaries. They bond like cement. No matter what.



2/. Focus

What is it we actually want? Perhaps that sounds a daft question, but how many of us have intensely thought about this? We all seem to focus on our issues, especially the symptoms; but even if we do pay attention to the root cause, we still are not focusing on what kind of world that we want to live in. This is vital.


If we don’t have: (i) a definitive destination (ii) set ideals on what precisely we want from life – without engraining these two important compass points into our psyche, we are lost ships in the night. Again these pirates know precisely to the finest degree where they are sailing.



3/. Hatred Out

‘They’ or ‘it’, this force is all about hatred. Hatred, revenge and killing – chuck them all in a bowl, leave them to set for half an hour and hey presto you have a nasty supremacist elite Jew.


We are made of more substance – self-discipline, strength, righteous indignation and some other quality ingredients. We must remind ourselves that as soon as we lower our values to ‘their’ level; it’s game over. Hatred is also one of their traps, which we keep falling for.


Hatred blinds us. This force, these demented beings feed off of this energy called hate. Lets starve the beast. It’s the elite Jews excuse to play the eternal victim through induced hatred. Their perpetual Hegelian Dialectic.


Hatred towards this clan has never ever served us in history.


Hatred = short term wins and eventual loss.

Self-disciplined righteous indignation = Permanent victory


When the dust settles and we get through this mess – WHICH IS DOABLE; we will need to know we won with our dignity intact. What kind of new society are we going to build our foundations on? What environment are we going to project to our children and future generations? Hatred, revenge, murder – or spiritual-disciplined righteous indignation? No brainer.


One of the obvious positive traits which draws me towards truly spiritual-based people, is their ability to RESPOND in stressful situations rather than REACT. Ohh to grasp that level of self-control in all scenarios would be a master life skill. A sure tough one when these people’s actions make our blood boil. Ohh to have the ability not to bite.


The ability to deal with all of this insanity objectively, from a detached controlled position. This is at the level of a highly skilled martial artists. Every time these pesky so-and-sos throw out a bate to us, we must be mindful not to react with hatred, but effectively respond with affective action.


With this advantageous detached mindset we will become tenfold more powerful. One thing they do offer us, is lots of opportunities to practice. So lets practice practice practice.



4/. Tenacity

We can’t quit now we’re in the fight. If we quit, we’ve lost. Even if we may think at times we’re losing. We can never pull out. Miracles happen, our opponent may just trip up, they may get tired before us. Serendipity may just pay us a visit. This is more than just wishful thinking, and aimless hope. We have to be doggedly steadfast, keep going and going and going and then a kind of magic happens.


Someone up there, something inside of us, consciousness whatever recognizes our full commitment, our dedication. That we really do mean business – and luck ‘eventually’ will fall on our doorstep. Lets just embrace this as our spiritual opportunity. Determination ~ perseverance ~ resoluteness along with nifty sparring skills will win us the fight.



5/. Strategy 

How are we going to pitch the fight? We genna steam into our opponent with a full on counter attack, or are we going to pace things a bit and reserve our energy? Do we have a plan? Do we have a plan B and C? What does our schedule of works look like? How about we get a Protocols of Truth together? Come on all you middle-managers out there, don’t just sit there, let’s get cracking. Lets have a MO of defense and counter attack.



6/. Sense of Urgency

To sound a stroppy git – this is not a hobby, nor is it entertainment. This is literally a life and death situation. This is THE most important thing in your life! That is no exaggeration. Because it usurps your family, your health, your wealth, your future, your hopes n dreams and of course your soul – everything. So what is more important than everything?


Of course we should not get into a panic knee jerk (reaction) mindset, but just listen to that tick tick tick in the back ground. We have to get our act together very soon and face our opponent.



7/. Know our Opponent

This is more than just knowing our enemy as far as just their name. We have to know every single nuance of their persona, every detail of their character. What are their strategies, their pattens, their style of fighting, their previous fights and quirky anomalies? Who do they associate with and of course their fight plan. What would they predictably do? How would they try to surprise us?



8/. Uniqueness

So what if traditional boxers jab and punch, or do lots of fancy foot work; we will fight in our own distinct even idiosyncratic way. As an individual with individual talent. We all have our special ways of doing things. We all have our particular skill sets. So all we need to do is just use them.


All of us have experiences we can utilise. We don’t have to be experts. Just have a go at a low level. Blimey, if Digger can do it with all his spelling mistakes and dodgy grammar then you definitely can!



9/. Control the Fear

Not initially easy I know. However I promise you most of it is unnatural. Most of it is conditioning. Look how a skinny weak person can just look at their large potentially dangerous dog in a stern way just to get the dog in fear. The dog could tear their master apart in less than a minute, but trained fear keeps the dog in that subservient mindset.


We too have been trained with our Pavlovian fears to submit this illusory mind lock of fear. In reality they are the ones in fear of us figuring this out and uprising. We know all this, but the programmed fear mechanism is so engrained.


However the trick is with all fears it to slowly gradually face them. Begin to start being naughty. Go on I dare you. Start off slowly and begin to say that little tiny word beginning with N and ending in O. At work, in social events and with these fictitious small penalties. Beginning anything is the hardest part, but we have to stop acquiescing at some point, so why not make it NOW.


90% of a street fight is a bravado. It’s mainly about who’s gena back down first. Well I tell ya – they are!


What choice do we have? If we succumb to this false fear, and reduce ourselves to being subservient goy slaves – then WE ARE ALREADY DEAD!


This is not about being careless and recklessly fearless – that is stupidity. It’s about getting a grip of reality. Once you’re in the heat of the fight anyway, the adrenaline kicks in and the fear disperses. It’s mostly perception, fear of fear itself.


However I can make you a promise …………as soon as you fully grasp the spiritual aspects of all this agenda and life; beyond an academic level – the fear immediately begins to dissolve.


As soon as we can fully appreciate that we are NOT body, nor mind, that they perpetually try to keep us in; and that we are souls/consciousness – then it’s game over for them. And I believe this is slowly incrementally happening. We’re beginning to get it.


From this viewpoint our whole existence/experience shifts. You have not stumbled across the Truth by accident! Your life has meaning, you have a bigger purpose in life. And it’s not about being in fear.



10/. Winning Spirit

What’s the point in entering the ring, if you are in a mindset that you haven’t got a chance in hell? Anyway we don’t have a choice in the matter, we’re almost boxed into a one-way alley, through our own doing; so we have to fight. And we have to fight hard with all we got. We absolutely have to win this fight, there is no alternative option.




1/. Camaraderie

2/. Focus What/Where

3/. Hatred Out/Respond not React

4/. Tenacity

5/. Strategy How

6/. Sense of Urgency When

7/. Know our Opponent Who

8/. Uniqueness

9/. Control the Fear

10/. Winning Spirit



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