Digger Dictatorship


One often hears the phrase – “What we need is a benevolent dictator!” And secretly we all come up with concepts of how we would change things if we were in power. If I had my way ……


Well this is how things would be be run in my world. This is how we would all be living under a Digger benevolent dictatorship.


These are not necessarily in order of importance and very much interdependent


1/. Ban all addictive sensory stimulants

Both physical and mental. So this means for physical: all alcohol, recreational drugs (yes this includes weed, but still using the benefits of hemp products), junk food/drinks, tobacco produce.


But surely a glass of wine is no harm? But the point is why do we need that glass of wine? All stimulants are forms of hiding. Masking out painful uncomfortable areas of our lives. In a spiritual conscious utopian existence there is no need for any hiding. All root causes can be dealt with.


And mental destructive stimulants such as: pornography, gambling, gaming, TV, etc will also be banned.


Almost all competitive sports to be banned and replaced with more emphasis on self-development activities which benefit individuals which then help society. Activities such as learning ancient crafts, foraging, working with nature using and learning medicinal herbs, woodland activities. Bushcraft and survival skills, natural healing and medicines. Participating in social environmental projects, etc.


Generally a discouragement of more self-centered competitive activities and more self-development and social activities.



2/. Replacing Currency of Exchange

Outright ban on usury. No more fiat-based compound interest. A gradual introduction of other workable systems as an intermediate between money and pure altruism. So elements such a bartering, traditional currencies, local currencies, even village currencies. Anything which works, which does not induce greed and monopolies and accumulation of vast amounts of wealth.


With the a social programming towards eventually simply ‘giving’. The end result being having no money or method of exchange in an idealistic world. Nothing but pure altruism. How can I serve others today? attitude. What can I give to society this week?


So effectively everything would end up being free. We don’t need money – it’s another part of the illusion. All our essential needs would be the first things to be offered for free. Free energy, free travel, free food, free water in our homes, free housing, free education.


Yea dream on Digger – well you gotta have dreams. Why not make it a positive optimistic dream? Just because we haven’t had this level of altruism in our culture, doesn’t mean it hasn’t ever been like this. Selfish greed is not natural, it is a learnt trait. We have all been conditioned to snatch n grab and be self-serving. We will have to re-train ourselves to serve the better good. It can be done, with enough de-programming and positive social engineering.



3/. Prevention of all Jewish Criminality

This really has to be the number one thing we have to do before we can ‘fix’ anything in this world. This destructive force needs to be stopped and prevented from ever happing again!!


How we gena do this? The age-old Jewish question is surfacing again. Hence more expose of Jewish criminality, the more anti-semitism. But something has to be done! This infliction on mankind must be addressed and not suppressed.


There have been so many suggestions throughout the ages and even attempts to deal with this criminality; but it keeps seeping back up to the surface.


Here are some of the suggestions people are putting forth on how to deal with these criminals. These apply to all these elite criminals forming the JCN – both Gentile and Jew who have purposely acted to destroy this planet. These are just the exact reverse of what they plan and are doing to us – just a dose of their own medicine:

* Microchipped (as they wish for us)

* Electronically tagged (as they do for us)

* Use chemicals to suppress their criminal behaviour (as they use chemicals on us)

* Facial recognition (as they use on us)

* Finger printed (as they use on us)

* Iris scanned (as they use on us)

* DNA samples (as they use on us)

* Vasectomies/eugenics (as they control our birth rates)

* Slave for the rest of their lives for Gentiles (as they make us do for them). To make amends for all the carnage and destruction their tribe has created over thousands of years. They of course could never compensate for their collective crimes in a lifetime; but nevertheless, they must make some redress for the suffering they have caused.


However the number one thing is they must be contained. These crimes on humanity must never ever happen again. Never again – must they be unleashed onto society.


These elite criminals must be put through a deprogramming course where they must truly realise the extent of their crimes, or complicity of criminality. No matter how defiant they are, or subversive they try to be.


Every single day of their lives they must be made to genuinely repent. They must be put through a mass exorcism to de-possess them of their satanic entities/influences.


The lower level Jews and Gentiles who are asleep must be also deprogrammed. They must be educated on what their leaders have subjected them to and their roles in their own enslavement and where we are now at.


All forms of judaic identity must be completely destroyed and eliminated from society – other than for historical purposes. The doctrines, rituals, identity and any practices. Along with any associated practices such as Freemasonry, occult worship, witchcraft, esoteric practices and suchlike.


Justice must be met, but without any malice on our part. We must come form a spiritual perspective and understanding that these criminals have been possessed and know that we would probably be carrying out the exact same crimes had we been born into their environments. Our objective is only to stop and prevent this demonic Babylonian curse from ever manifesting on society again.


We have no right to kill anybody, other than in a spontaneous self-defense situation where there are no other options. To contain these criminals is an alternative option to killing. We should not be the murderers that they are.


As much as these people must repay for their crimes. I maintain we must not lower ourselves to their levels. We must show no hatred by acting in a revengeful way. They are all about hatred and revenge – not us.


We must never degrade ourselves by degrading another human being – NO MATTER WHAT THEIR CRIMES. They must live in humane comfortable conditions for the rest of their lives – but contained.


We must hold our head up that we have dealt with the situation; whilst always having acted in a civil, spiritual and compassionate way to our adversaries – despite any evil doings they have done to us.


This disciplined approach, these spiritual moral values should be the only foundations to rebuild a civil society upon.



4/. Real Education and Propagation of Truth

A complete revamp of the schooling system. Children should spend more time with both parents and family members. As parents will now not be out slaving each day for this artificial judaic entity called money. Children will be encouraged to integrate more into the community in a traditional manner.


Real education, real Truth should be propagated. This means scrapping the dominant left-brain BS and propaganda we call education. There should be more intuitive-based learning. More organic development of individuals for the betterment of society.


There should be huge Truth museums set up in every major city called “Never Again” museums. Where people can attend for no cost. These museums will give the real Truth on the judaic hegemony. Nothing must be suppressed.


These Truths should be paramount and engrained into everyone’s psyche. Every single person should pass a standard Truth exam and be regularly mandatory examined on a yearly basis. The Truth should ooze into society in forms of never-ending radio shows, TV programmes, Truth magazines, quizzes, cinema, etc. The exact opposite of the duplicity we are been fed on a daily basis.


There should be Truth universities specifically focusing on the history of Jewish perfidy. With professors on this subject.


All levels of learning should be pure, open and able to expand providing they are beneficial to humanity. True sciences, true history, etc.


Children and society should be taught beneficial subjects as mentioned in 1/. (traditional crafts, trades, nature-based skills, natural medicines and practices).



5/. Development of True Spirituality

This is the root cause of why we have fallen. We have allowed others to ensure we remain unconscious. We can blame the Jews, the government, the Federal Reserve, the various traitors in society. But the bottom line is we have allowed all of this carnage and corruption to happen whilst we were too busy being busy in our selfish slumber. We chose to not be spiritual awake. Because true spirituality and selfishness are diametrically opposed. If we were spiritually grounded we would not be such a mess – this is a fact.


Spiritual education as part of the Truth education would be a mandatory part of our lives. It would in fact be the core element. No dogma, but just pure spiritual conscious disciplines will be the natural part of living. Integrating the positive elements and common aspects of traditional worldly spiritual principles.


Children will be taught the value of internalizing. How to meditate (internal praying), how to mentally self heal, to serve others, to be compassionate, to have self worth. Know who they really are and their true identities. Learn the dangers of separatism. And the nature of reality and how this links in with true science.


A society hinged on spiritual/consciousness will be a society where people will be sharp to a spot the first signs of darkness beginning to seep into our world. All demonic entities will be cut at the bud. No grey areas accepted. People will be trained to immediately to stamp out any dark entities or influences before they manifest into people’s minds.



6/. Free Energy

No more archaic fossil-based fuels to ruin our world. Not only will current forms of free energy be utilized, but all emphasis will be put on how to develop further forms of clean free energy. Available for all.


Cars will run on air and water. Public transport will be so efficient and comfortable people will prefer to use public transport. Houses will have free-flowing clean energy sourced from solar, aqua and probes in the ground, etc. With total elimination of any destructive pollutive forms of energy.



7/. Ban all unnecessary animal suffering

Well all unnecessary suffering in the world needs to be abolished. However with the social programmes I have suggested, most suffering will be automatically eliminated.


But we cannot expect our lives to be rosy at the expense of other sentient beings, that would not be a conscious existence. There would be a ban on all animal exploitation: fur trading, factory farming, circus animals, zoos, transport, vivisection centers, hunting/gaming, racing animals. Using animals for any entertainment purposes.


With educational programmes set up to decondition people of their attitude to other sentient beings. To educate people that animals are not there to be used for our exploitation. That they deserve a peaceful existence in their natural habitats. They should experience the elementary sensory pleasures we experience: to be pain free, mobile, feel the sun on their backs, the natural environments and live in relative comfort without being used and subjected to unnatural fears and suffering from mankind.



8/. Attention to the Environment 

Our environments have a direct effect on us. No matter if that is in town or in the countryside. Natural or artificial. Everyone deserves to be in an inspiring uplifting pleasant environment. This is one of the aspects this dark force has subjected us to, to be suppressed by cold, dark, uninspiring conditions and habitats. We deserve more.


We cannot function soundly as a society in an oppressive degenerative environment. All buildings which are not aesthetically pleasing will be demolished and replaced by pleasant, uplifting structures. No more depressive tower blocks, bland units of accommodation or uncharacteristic office buildings.


The exact opposite. People will go to a town and areas will have uniqueness, individuality. People will be wowed by structures, buildings and environments. These will leave a positive impression and be totally inspiring. Quirky follies, beautiful stonework made by craftsman, ornate towers, carvings, stunning parks, quaint villages, beautiful monuments, dynamic designs. All structurally permanent, well lit, safe, well vented, integrating nature, warm, colourful, quiet and all to lift one’s spirit.



9/. Eugenics 

WOT!!! Are you kidding? These maniacs are all about eugenics. Well, if we are going to be living in a war-free, disease-free world with superior health services and more abundance and longer lives, then we have to ensure we don’t get overwhelmed by population growth. It could easily happen in such a utopia. If we all have four or five children in such excellent conditions we could soon be big trouble.


So things just need to be kept in balance. Perhaps nature/God will sort that out any overpopulation with a natural disaster, but surely we can prevent any suffering by just being responsible.


Large families were traditional due to greater risks of deaths due to disease. Large families however would be discouraged despite their being an abundance. I’m not talking about abortions, or criminalizing people for having lots of children; just using natural traditional birth control to maintain our population for the benefit for all future generations.



10/. Compassionate Law

The current corrupt laws must be eliminated. We have slipped into corrupt contract law by stealth. We need to return to a more natural method of regulating ourselves. I feel if we focus on the spiritual conscious aspects of our existence, we could eventually almost eliminate man-made laws altogether.


Traditional societies have not needed law as we know it today. They relied on God’s law/natural laws. I would suggest we need to rely on spiritual/conscious laws.


We should self police. Having responsible spiritual elders in society to administer discipline in society from a place of compassion. No penal prisons for people to rot and degrade. People should be disciplined, but without revenge. Justice from a place where the person repents and wants to make amends. Always looking at the root cause of the crime.


Removing money from society and the demonic criminals and replacing it with a conscious spiritual mindset is the solution to all criminality.



11/. Military Abandonment

In this spiritually-based society there would be no need to for the ludicrous concept of war. All wars are purely for the benefits of criminal leaders, never for the people. Wars only prevail in an unconscious demonic society. They are the by-product of a collective diseased unconscious mindset. These leaders would not have their wars if unconscious ignorant people didn’t go along with them.



12/. Proper Health Care

Linked in with many of these aspects. Social health care would actually be positive for people’s health and not kill them as it currently is. It would predominately be based on preventative health.


If we are living in a spiritually driven society where we all are living cleaner without the toxic overloads, then we would be almost dis-ease free. Quality health foods, well informed people about health practices, traditions and exercises. No obesity, limited stress, a radically compassionate kinder society, cleaner air, water and environments, no EMP, hope, positivity, abundance, love. This is almost unimaginable.


As for first aid and accidents, well there would be the best of the best. The latest high tech medical equipment and procedures integrated with effective natural healing methods.



13/. Replacement of Artificial and Destructive Products

This ties in with all these other points. One example would be to bring back the wonder product of hemp. Plus many other natural versatile products such as coconut, bamboo, etc. These natural products should be used for as much produce in society as possible: transportation, buildings, medicines, clothing, domestic products, furniture and on and on.


With pure holistic sciences aiming to eliminate all destructive chemicals and elements in our society. Instead to encourage more development of sustainable living for a great healing of Mother Earth.



14/. Eradication of Sexual Perversion

This means no gay parades, gay marriages, gays adopting children, no transexual activities. No prostitution or any activities that debase society and effect the family unit. This does not mean criminalizing or carrying out any malevolent acts towards individuals who are non-heterosexual.


In a spiritual-disciplined society these sexual deviants will be rare anyway, as they are all based on deep-rooted insecurities because of false identity issues. Not to mention the pollution they are being exposed to due to physical and mental stimulants and poor nutrition. We become what we absorb.



15/. Removal and Destruction of Debased Art

Obviously some of this is getting into subjective areas. What is pure art and what is trash art. However for starters any obvious degrading exhibits previously presented as art will be publicly destroyed. Anything sexually perverse, sick, depraved so as to debase society will be gone.




1/. Ban all addictive sensory stimulants

2/. Replacing Currency of Exchange

3/. Prevention of all Jewish Criminality

4/. Real Education and Propagation of Truth

5/. Development of True Spirituality

6/. Free Energy

7/. Ban all unnecessary animal suffering

8/. Attention to the Environment

9/. Eugenics

10/. Compassionate Law

11/. Military Abandonment

12/. Proper Health Care

13/. Replacement of Artificial and Destructive Products

14/. Eradication of Sexual Perversion

15/. Removal and Destruction of Debased Art



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  1. spicegirl

     /  September 11, 2012

    Thank you for this uplifting article. When can I move in please?
    You touched on family values, just walk into most elderly care homes and see the shells of once beautiful old people trapped in sad useless bodies waiting to die. Medicated beyond belief with corporate leeches sucking their precious savings dry. Unloved by their families, too busy to find a way to include them in their lives. I would want to provide better care for the elderly with their own families. Promote respect for the elderly as it always used to be.
    No more religious ‘beliefs’ thrust into young minds so that they do not look or question beyond what they are told. Live and let live.
    Can we ban mobile phones too? See a child or teenager and they are oblivious to everything around them other than their phones and iPads etc etc. Brain dead and electrified, their parents are also trapped in this fabricated world of garbage.
    Talking of garbage, no more dropped litter and trash – but do away with the corporate toxins of colas, crisps, burgers, cigarettes, sweets etc and there shouldn’t be any junk.
    I rarely see an insect, bee or butterfly these days, just sad random creatures desperately trying to survive, fewer birds. Even in one year there is a difference. The jwo state is hell-bent to kill off as much wildlife as possible and poison us to oblivion.
    I’d promote organic farming, use our jobless youths to work the land to be self-sufficient. We are really stepping back in time but picking out the best bits of history without jewish control. How do we pick the good parts – can we live without electricity and gas? How do we produce them if not? We can lead simpler lives and not keep taking from this planet.
    None of us are shocked any more by the filth created in the world by jewish values devised solely for us.
    We all need to concentrate our thoughts together to build this new dream – the exact opposite of what we have now. The utopia we deserve.
    “I have a dream today” Martin Luther King Jr

    • Thank you again Spicegirl.

      Have to say it was more tongue-in-cheek, but I feel we tend to all (me included) put our energies on what we don’t want. I feel we can never manifest a world/society we DO WANT if we do not imagine it and project these thoughts. I don’t care how new-age that may seem, it is vital. Every single product created was first imagined as we all know. We must focus on a positive higher value that we aspire to.

      May I suggest we be very careful not to throw religion out with the bath water. Like everything religion has been usurped, twisted and infiltrated to appear sick, old-hat, irrelevant in our lives. True religion is actually true spirituality. I urge people to read the true spiritual scriptures (not the new-age junk spirituality) for a way out of this mess.

      Yep, mobile phones in the form they are must also be binned. How about we just do what we always had to do – make arrangements and bloody well stick to them 🙂

      Thank you for your valid contribution.

      Your benevolent dictator Digger

  2. freedomveg

     /  December 25, 2014

    Reblogged this on freedomveg.

  3. freedomveg

     /  December 26, 2014

    Wow so beautifull, i also wanna moove in 🙂 No seriously this mooves me to Tears, bc i yearn for it so much.

    • Thank you Free.

      We have to dream, we have to vizualise what we want. We cannot build a building if we haven’t even laid out plans, but more importantly we can’t even draw out the plans if we don’t already have a plan in our mind and we can’t have the plan in our minds unless we first visualise. Visualisation is vital to our success against fighting evil. In a nutshell…..What EXACTLY do we want?


  1. 6 Weeks

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