Protection from Entities

Interesting detailed review. But I can’t trust it entirely due the fact that it promotes the narrative that Hitler carried out demonic cruelty. More Hitler bashing, showing that this is someone who clearly hasn’t sufficiently researched all areas.


As for using the term Light with a capital L. Well, I view the term in alignment with the Truth and these two words are paramount as antidotes to darkness – hence my slogan on my banner. And I think I will continue to use a capital letter as a mark of respect. I certainly want to lean towards the Light and wish to be diametrically opposed to darkness and demonic entities. All I know is my intent is of goodness and I am coming from a good place.


I do not rubbish the Bible or the teachings of Jesus, in fact I often make references in a positive light to Christianity. I just detest separatism. I really don’t believe the character called Jesus would label himself as I AM a Christian. I would strongly suggest he stood for everything opposing separatism. I feel we should be more open to a comprehensive range of religious teachings (except judaism), and not throw the baby out with the bath water. Across the board they all have more in common than we are led to believe. It’s only our deep-rooted artificial identities (I AMism) that keeps us in this separatist mindset and hence in conflict.


I urge anyone who recognizes that this whole conspiracy/agenda is about demonic entities verses Light/Truth/Goodness, to immerse oneself in the true spiritual doctrines of a plethora of religions and try not to get trapped in MY God, MY religion (club) mentality. This is so destructive. This is why I often push the concept that we must all clean up. And we become what we absorb. Living a cleaner lifestyle and moving away from these conditioned imposed destructive stimulants will have enormous benefits in our lives – physically, mentally and spiritually.


That is why it is essential for us in these times to read a variety of spiritual scriptures. That is why I keep planting a spectrum of various spiritual verses from all religions across the board, from throughout the ages. They have a power, a spiritual resonance, they clean, repair and I now truly believe rid one of demonic entities. We have to be mindful of who we associate with (energy vampires) and what we absorb physically and mentally and spiritually. We must not be complacent, we must make effort and be disciplined and train our senses. This is what will protect us in these dark times.


Finally as much as I agree with this documentary that Icke’s description of us being in a holographic universe is inaccurate – I maintain my believe (inner knowing) that we most definitely are living in a dream reality. And that there is no physical existence as such. We are absolutely projecting our reality/consciousness through our minds. I also would fully understand people initially rubbishing this as a wacky theory…..I know I certainly did for a year or so. However please research it and try to experience this knowledge through meditation and immersing oneself in the ancient scriptures. You may be very surprised.


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  1. this is excellant and folows what i have always believed, sectarianism has done great damage to the people, statements such as ” no one come to the father except by me ”
    are racist and hateful, what about the good sikhs, hindus and muslims ? are they saying ok these people may have led exemplary lives but because they dont belong to our club they cant come ? and these statements such as “ours is the true faith ” and “we are gods chosen ” it is so weak and puerile as to be ridiculous, but here is the real division, between religion and spirituality, because religions are not spiritual, they are confining not releasing, they give constriction and not freedom,religion is from the external to the inward, spirituality is inwards to the outward showing progression and upliftment

    • Thank you once again T,

      I agree with you sentiments in general terms – accept that I’m also careful not throw the baby out with the bath water. I gain so much from the true spiritual scriptures. I feel we have to be mindful that most if not all of the religions have been usurped at one level or another. Food is not bad for us, just de-natured food.

      Just look at the Catholic church, and look what’s happened to Hinduism lately. They are even trying to pervert Islam through the Islam Brotherhood. These do not represent the message of Jesus, Lord Krishna or Mohammed – even if people don’t even believe in these characters, the beauty of their message has been warped, perverted and corrupted.

      True spirituality as you say is nothing whatsoever to do with separatism. We must be mindful of this.

      Thank you agin for your contribution.


  2. MaryC

     /  November 11, 2012

    I also distrust that woman called Svali. She has said that the Illuminati is German and Nazi at it’s highest level; that they hate Jews and Israel and that if Jews want to be part of the Illuminati they have to renounce Judaism.


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