The Precious Gem Of Enlightenment – Truth




What is reality without truth?  Without truth nothing in life is authentic or factual.  Instead, existence is based on an artificial, counterfeit environment of subjectiveness more akin to a fairy tale.  The perceived notion of what is believed to be real is then, actually – false.

Truth is the one facet of reality that the Jewish agenda prohibits at all costs.  Unfortunately for humanity, it was cleverly hidden in order to maintain their insidious control.


Truth can be elusive, however, which means it only awaits discovery, but first it requires determination so that it can be uncovered.  Like esotericism, truth is being relegated to a select few, therefore, it’s more secret and confidential in today’s world.  Plus the genuine truth behind actual reality carries a horrible unpleasantness and is in complete opposition to accepted dogma both in society and religion.  Attempts to crack the politically correct facade are normally met with anger, hatred, and utter disbelief from the majority.


How then can real truth be conveyed to a world living in a contrived matrix of lies and deceit?  Most actually believe that what they know is really true, when in fact they’ve been led by the nose most of their lives into a web of false reality.  This is another 64 million dollar question that cannot be answered in a clear, concise manner due to its convoluted nature.  Truth is relative, but only if you know where to look, which takes time, patience and a profound comprehension that only resonates from the soul.


To the initiate seeking truth it must first be understood that there are gatekeepers; a form of controlled opposition.  These informers disclose massive amounts of factual truths, but skillfully combine lies and untruths in the mix to keep the initiate confused and stumbling in all directions.  Case in point is confirmed agent provocateur Steve Quayle, who I once respected.  Although an ardent fundamentalist Christian he conveys important information on the American police state, but thrown into his diatribes are false statements on the holo-hoax, Jewish victimization, and Islamophobic scare tactics.  Anyone listening to Quayle would conclude that there is no Jewish/Zionist conspiracy against the American people and the entire world, which is completely untrue.


Just yesterday I was reading an article at Veteran’s Today by Sami Jamil Jadallah entitledThe Right Nation That Went Wrong [1.], and false statements on the Apollo moon missions and the alleged “Curiosity” mission to Mars are mentioned right beside truthful comments on the Jewish agenda, illegal immigration and class warfare in America.  So, even though he tells the truth about Jews and other relative issues, he spews the politically correct lies still accepted from NASA.  Therefore, as a truthful source Jadallah completely invalidates himself.  He can’t be trusted.  And it took years to finally comprehend that this was the nature of the so-called Truth Movement.


Of course, the most infamous agent provocateur is Alex Jones of InfoWars and Prison Planet.  I must admit Mr. Jones was one of the very first individuals in the alternative media that I succumbed to probably because of his massive ego.  Initially, Jones is music to the truther ear.  His rotund voice is intoxicating with the listener hanging on to every inflective sigh.  He does command attention.  After a while, he’s rather predictable with the bad guys always referred to as globalists, or part of the german death cult, etc., but never actually identified.  His secret: although, a Gentile, he is married to a Jewess so his two children are Jews.  Jones’ entire sponsor base also is Jewish.  Therefore, he isn’t allowed to speak the true names of the enemy.  Jones continues to lead his followers in every other alternate direction except for the true path to enlightenment.  Stay with Jones and you’ll continue to be a lost sheep, which is exactly right where the Jews want you.


In the quest for truth the simple reasoning of deduction is a necessary skill combined with common sense logic.  For example, if you doubt everything you’ve read in this essay and actually, you should, check the references provided.  Should you further doubt Jewish domination of every institution in America, any internet search engine can provide the names of the individuals that either own or administer them.  Example: Lloyd Blankfein is the C.E.O. of Goldman Sachs [2.].  Blankfein is a Jewish surname [3.].  When you combine the fact that Jews control everything of major influence in American society with the knowledge of Judaism, it becomes painfully obvious that ‘they’ are the enemy and we are their prey.  It’s simple deduction, which is the only reason critical thinking is no longer taught in primary school.  That is the plain truth behind the false matrix of reality.  There is no other way to interpret it unless you chose to ignore what is staring you in the face.


At the moment, ‘they’ still have the upper hand meaning that only a tiny fraction of the population actually accepts the truth.  And they’re aware that the tiny fraction discovered their agenda mainly because of the still-free internet, which is why they’re working overtime to regain control, so they can shut down truthful sites like Zion Crime Factory and blogs like Northerntruthseeker and yours truly.


Then why is it so imperative for this truth to reach the light of day?  Take a hard look at the country and the world for that matter; what do you see?  Due to wealthy Jewish/Zionist influence, programs and political platforms “The united states of America” no longer exists in its original incarnation.  It went down in flames decades ago.


Beginning with water fluoridation over 50 years ago this toxic, corrosive carcinogen that Jewish industrialists convinced the American Dental Association to accept as beneficial to preventing tooth decay has only accelerated it; and the cancer rate continues to climb higher than in all previously recorded history.


Jewish influence dictating education standards dumbed-down our children and now many graduate from high school barely able to read.


Complete dominance of the medical community has only increased sickness and disease for a large body of the population, as it should, since their holy Talmud teaches that a Jewish doctor is forbidden to save a Gentile life.  And the onslaught begins at birth.  Right out of the womb healthy infants are injected with deadly mercury containing vaccines, so that the opportunity for a normal life is destroyed in the first few hours of human existence.


Jews own or control the entire world’s food supply and through Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO’s) our DNA eventually will be altered at some level. [4.]


All tenants of Christianity have been so thoroughly polluted and reorganized that it now mimics Judaism, in essence, murdering Christ all over again.


The entertainment mechanism known as Hollywood, though, was the ideal vehicle with which to alter American society ad infinitum.  Due to Hollywood’s insidious influence through television, film and music Christian culture was subverted from within with the three biggies: feminism, rock-n-roll, and gay pride.  In the future annals of history it will be recorded that the once proud American male was virtually destroyed overnight.


As for the licentious crew in Washington NATO could drop a bomb on the City of Washington and I doubt any American would shed an actual tear.  The entire political system whether or not it was ever open or fair has descended even further into the abyss of corruption, pedophilia, and debauchery.  If it can be named somebody in the halls of Central Criminal Command has no doubt done it.  Behind every perfectly painted smile lies a demon horribly grotesque due to the ravages of a soul consumed with greed and gluttony.  Taxpayers have suffered their wrath far longer than should have been tolerated.  Why the entire country hasn’t rebelled is also from Jewish meddling because apathy is a psychological side effect of fluoride.


And just when it was thought things couldn’t be worse, toxic chemtrails began appearing in the sky around 1999, maybe even before.  We’ve been bombarded with heinous Jewish programs that are detrimental to our lives and even our souls and now they want to take away the last human sense once thought beyond anyone’s control – our very life breathe.  Due to chemtrail proliferation over a decade the planet’s weather patterns were forever altered causing a greenhouse effect that the Jew’s successfully sold to their Agenda 21 cult as man-made from human intervention through industry and nuclear technology, although, the existence of man-made chemtrails continues to be denied in the overall mainstream media.  They’ve convinced the entire scientific community that carbon dioxide is poisonous gas that the world does not need.  When in fact, for photosynthesis to occur the planet requires an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide.  As a result, new taxes are already being created to insnare fat payments from the world’s population.


And I haven’t begun to elaborate on Jewish controlled white slavery, or their propagation of the Gentile abortion industry.


Once the entire world truly awakens ‘they’ and their treasonous Gentile lackeys will have no place to hide.  Ever wonder why there are empty FEMA camps around the country?  They’re not for the falsely planned civil unrest amongst illegal immigrants, but rather – dissidents.  And these concentration camps actually contain crematoriums unlike the infamous German camps.  If the overall majority stays the course orchestrated by Jewish power and influence these eventual death camps will be filled to the brim with individuals like myself that tried in vain to wake-up an apathetic world.  This is why real truth matters, why it must be searched out and truly discovered by the masses.  Armed with truth and a passion to mete out severe justice on the enemy will we ever hope to change a world made for us by Jewish overlords who only want to further our grief and joyously celebrate obliterating every Gentile from the solar system.


Whitewraithe~   from


Postscript: Growing up I was acutely aware that what we were being told was untrue, although, it couldn’t be proven.  We know from science that there is a divine order to the universe, and I always knew that one day either I would find the truth, or, it would find me.  In my case the latter occurred.  Had it not been for the creation of the internet and becoming a MySpace member, I might still be languishing in a fluoride-induced dispassionate existence still asking questions for which there never were any answers. 


If you seek, whatever the desire, shall be found.  







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