I’ll sort it out next week

Lying scum bags. And yet term after term we sheepishly submit our trust with these liars. We most definitely deserve what we get. It’s a simple formula – If we take this crap, they’ll carry on giving it to us.


The Iraqis have lethal WMDs! – Whoops no WMDs.


We’ll fix the economy – Ohh looks like things have got worse.


We’ll bring peace to the region  – Ohh dear it seems as if there are more wars.


There will be no flouridation in the water – Oh well, looks as if it’s slipped into the water supply.


But wait a minute – what do we do to each other? The exact same thing. Dishing out broken promises. We’re also full of shit. I know our broken promises are not leading to deaths of people, but the principles are the same.


I’ll pop round on Wednesday and cut your grass, I’ll sort your computer out tomorrow – no worries, I’ll weld your trailer for you at the weekend. I’ve got some work for you – I’ll give you a call. I’ll invite you up to stay. I’ll give you a lift to the airport. I’ll do this, I’ll do that.


None of it materializes. All patter. Sounds nice at the time and makes an impression amongst people in a group – but these good intensions just never get followed through.


Just lots of excuses, more broken promises, more future-tense arrangements, good intensions which drift off into the ether. Potential work, suggested outcomes, hopeful results. Trust me, trust me – It will happen, I promise.


These people even get stroppy with you because you question them why their promises never happen. Despite you being so patient with them after they let you down half a dozen times or more. It is a degree of insanity.


“If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re gonna get selfish ignorant leaders.”

~ George Carlin (comedian)


If we make promises – WE MUST STICK TO THEM. We must be reliable, have substance, have consideration to others who are in need of these promises.


And if we do let them down, let’s say we forget; then we must have the depth of character to say sorry. And mean it. Really try to see things from their point of view and sincerely apologise and make amends. Consider how disappointed we would be if someone did that to us, especially when we needed them.


Values like this are so important – they are essential for the fabric of society. To know we can rely on our friends, family and neighbours in times of need.


We can’t moan about those politicians who are full of it, who never back up their promises, if we ourselves are drifting through life constantly letting others down. It all starts with us.


You must be the change you want to see in the world

~ Mahatma Gandhi


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