Denial by Choice


Here is a typical e-mail I receive from people who deny this conspiracy.

Where do you go with this type of comment (?)


After looking at much of this material, I don’t believe in the Zionist conspiracy theory. Or more subtley, I CHOOSE not to focus on such things.

Firstly, the 1% don’t need a conspiracy. They’re already in control and fabulously wealthy, and the genius part is that they’ve done it by manipulating the politicians so that laws have been changed to let them acquire their fortunes with total impunity. Why should they want to form a world government? The politicians they pay for, do that kind of boring admin stuff for them, and leave them more time to enjoy their vast wealth and money games. And the best part is they’ve convinced us (and crucially themselves) that they have set up the best system for the good of EVERYONE. So we allow them to continue to trash the economy and the planet.


Secondly, conspiracy theories foster fear and lethargy, a sense of helplessness, and an us and them mentality setting them up as the evil conspirators who can never be won over or reasoned with. I believe that all humans have a divine core. Sure, the 1% have become so wrapped up in their own self interest, that they have conveniently forgotten their shared interest in our planets health. But if we don’t see them (as Gandhi did) as potential allies to be won over, then we have dehumanised them and set ourselves up for war. Also the conspiracy theorists say that we must arm ourselves with knowledge, but they have no suggestions as to what to DO in the face of this vast and implacable enemy, other than seemingly resort to violence against Zionists (or people we claim are Zionists). I think that conspiracies DISEMPOWER. If the enemy is secret and endlessly powerful and evil, then how do we even start to organise against them. But if we see humanity (all of us) as on one side and our problems on the other, we are instantly energised as Gandhi was to effect the change we need.


Thirdly, if this conspiracy is so secret, why do they keep putting giant Zs all around London in 2012? It doesn’t make any sense. If they’re all part of some secret network, then they don’t need to put all these symbols everywhere. Yes the olympic symbol looks a bit like a Z. It also looks a bit like a 2 or a crouching runner (as Seb Coe says its supposed to) or like a swastika. Im not being flippant. I looked at it this morning and could convince myself that it looks like a swastika. Look for signs of a conspiracy and you will find them. The opening ceremony had alot of imagery in it that could be seen as occult, or simply pagan ceremony which has been with us for thousands of years and is aesthetically very pleasing. As i look into my garden this morning, it looks like the branches of my apple tree may have been pruned to look like a Z. But I pruned them. My sister knows the designer of the Olympic bowl, I know Stephen Daldry, the artistic director of the opening and closing ceremonies. Neither of them are Zionists. And even if they secretly were, plus all the other hundreds of people that would have had to have been involved, why announce it to the world so that the conspiracy theorists could spot it? Why not just keep it secret?  My point is that the 1% are completely out in the open and we’re still letting them get away with it, a much more scary prospect.
Here is a link to a page that explains all this much better than I could. If you get a minute, please read it.
Yes Magazine is a great antidote to conspiracy theory disempowerment.
Ok I’m done, basically I believe that by looking at the worlds problems as our problems, then we share in the responsibility of having made them and, crucially, we are empowered to organise together to fix them. For the first time in history, the internet gives us, the people, the chance to organise in the way that only our rulers have been able to before. This is our chance, The Great Turning is upon us.

The only real question is are we going to take part or not?




In a nutshell I just suggested this person look at these issues and then I just fed them research areas. What more can you do with this mindset(?)

  • This agenda is not about money, nor power/control – these are mere tools. It’s all about energy/dark forces verses the Light. Evil vs Goodness, Duplicity vs Truth.
  • Zionists are just a conduit, an instrument for occult/luciferian/djinn/devil – satanic forces.
  • Conspiracy theories = disempowerment and distraction

            Conspiracy facts = very much about empowerment

  • If it was Irish, we would say it was the Irish, if it was Aboriginals, we would say it was the Aboriginals, if it was the Hindus we would say it was the Hindus, if it were the Scandinavians we say it was the Scandinavians, if it was the Kiwis, we would say it was the Kiwis; but it’s none of these – it’s the zionist! This is the ugly Truth.
  • Emotive reaction vs Factual response (Truth)




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