10 Misconceptions about judaism and israel within the Truth Movement

I have fallen for and parroted many of these inaccurate sound bites myself in the past. So I try to be understanding when people come out with these clangers. We all like to think we are independent thinkers, but sadly we do fall for misinformation and disinformation.


Much of these misconceptions go round and round the circuits of the alternative media. Many of these terms and concepts get propagated by soft resistance groups. I would suggest they are distributed in order to take the sting out of the whole situation. To kill time, to defuse the seriousness of what really is going on. Keffiyeh-wearing groups such a George Shill Galloway’s ‘Free Palestine’ movement and other leftist (Jewish-run) groups.


They never ever dare to touch the root cause of the problem. They use pseudo-politics as their main tool. Not only are they softy softy distorted politics, but the problem is when we rely just on politics it can be so easily manipulated. This agenda although is way and beyond politics.


All of these areas are intrinsically linked and were quite difficult to separate as individual points.


1/. Israel is anapartheid state!

The hell the indigenous South Africans went through was of course wrong on every level. The cruelty, slavery and inhumane acts must never be repeated. However to equate this with what the Palestinians go through on a daily basis is not only inaccurate, but an insult to them. These people have been brutally evicted from their homes, boxed into an open-air prison camp in squalid conditions where they are treated worse than animals. They are repeatedly attacked, shot at, raided, humiliated and tortured. They are predominantly dependent on hand outs from their oppressors and minimal international aid; with basic survival as their daily existence.



2/. The Nazi state of israel

What more doublethink could there be?? There could be 10 points at least made on this point alone, with all the disinformation about Hitler and the Nazis. But this Hitler-bashing theme just will not go away. It’s the one concept that people still cling to. Every Truther fully accepts that the MSM perpetually lies to them about EVERYTHING….yet, we fall for this ol chestnut again and again. And help propagate the lie ourselves. Surely it should ring alarm bells that the mere fact that one can be imprisoned for even questioning the events of the holohoax. It’s so sad.



3/. israel this, israel that

We all automatically describe occupied Palestine as israel. It’s all part of the conditioning. Even the new israeli towns we name and accept, when we should be calling them by their original Palestinian names, to ensure they never die. By insisting on calling israel as occupied Palestine we are reminding ourselves, the Palestinians, the movement and the occupiers that this land will be returned to it’s rightful owners.



4/. There needs to be a two-state solution!

Palestine has been invaded, and usurped by a bunch of demonic parasitic squatters and plunderers. If you had squatters moved into your home who killed members of your families, destroyed parts of your home, robbed you of your possessions and continued to bully and humiliate you with threatening behaviour on a daily basis – would it make sense to try to negotiate and engage in civil dialogue with these murdering plunderers?


Would you come to some cozy agreement that you will live in the garden shed, whilst they have the house? This is effectively the mindset of this preposterous two-state solution where victim and oppressor can leave in peace and tranquility together. A total nonsense. Palestine belongs ONLY to Palestinians! Any squatters should be evicted. Enough said.



5/. It’s zionism not judaism

Zionism = bad, judaism = good. More BS. I’m quite embarrassed that I fell for this one. More conditioning, more half-Truths. Zionism and judaism are joined by the hip. Zionism stems from judaism. The term zionism is another clever judaic distraction to throw us off scent. If it was just zionism, which has only been around just over a hundred years, then why has this judaic curse on humanity been around for 3000+ years?


We have all been hood-winked into believing from childhood that judaism is just another world religion. JUDAISM IS NOT A RELIGION!! It is a demonic cult, built up of tribal members who practice or indirectly support occult Babylonian demonic practices.


This also ties in with the likes of Icke prattling on about how all these ‘good’ Jews who refuse to go in the IDF and how they are against zionism and are protesting about the apartheid israel.


Well that’s lovely; but what do all these so-called good Jews do at the end of the day after they come back from their protest? – They go back to their lovely Jewish squats built on land belonging to these same people they apparently are protesting for.


The only moral option these good Jews have is to do exactly what Gilad Atzman did and that is: (i) get the hell out of that stolen existence – piss off and never come back. (ii) They also have to wholeheartedly renounce judaic identity and ‘authentically’ join the human race. The only good Jew is a ‘genuine’ former Jew.



6/. Settlers doing this n that

More Orwelian double-speak. Terminology is powerful, it is used time and time again as mind control. The term settlers is deliberately used as a euphemism to imply a group of people discovering a plot of derelict land and then naturally, organically, innocently and honestly starting up a life there purely by the fruits of their labour.


These invaders are parasitic through and through. Their tribe members fleece all and everyone on the basis of deception to keep this demonic entity called israel alive. It is not natural, organic, innocent or honest. It is theft, duplicity, cruelty, force, murderous and wrong in every sense of the word.



7/. These zionists are lunatics, this regime is insane. 

Well of course this is true. I still catch myself saying they are nutters. After all people who can come up with the concept, fund, design and implement white phosphorus to be used on innocent children, women and elderly are absolutely insane.


But it’s goes deeper than just their insanity – they are possessed, demonicly-driven. Drunk on their luciferian doctrines. Judaism is merely a conduit, an instrument for satanic-like entities. These people are entrenched in Babylonian occult ritualistic demonism – it’s not accurate enough to say it’s just a mindset. They are acting within the dark spirit realms of the devil/lucifer/djinn – satanism.



8/. israel played a part in the 9/11 attacks

Many people in the TM seem to know that israel played a part in the 9/11 attacks. But unfortunately due to all the dangerous dis-info out there; it all stops there. People seem to say it was a coalition between MI5 (Britain), CIA (America) and Mossad (israel). Like it was all orchestrated by three individual mafias in convenient equal alliance. They just haven’t got it who runs Britain’s and America’s intelligence. They are locked into the mindset that israel was just a third party interloper and won’t accept that 9/11 was yet ‘another’ false flag by the JCN.



9/. It’s Rothschild-owned israel. 

Thanks to Icke the JCN all gets packaged as just “Rothschild Zionism” and that the poor Jews are being used once again; and are just as much victims to this evil Rothschild family. And israel is just an invention of one family bloodline. This is pure BS. The whole essence of judaism is about obtaining the lands between the Euphrates river and the Nile for themselves with an extended dominance and control over the whole world. All the doctrines of judaism preach this ideology – Israel and the game plan certainly is not just isolated to the Bauer (Rothschild) family.



10/. They’re not Jews, they’re khazars.

Now this one I really did fall for hook, line and sinker. Possibly this is more Jewish disinformation. That all Judaism is, is just one big conversion from the Khazar Empire and that’s about it. Nope – unfortunately it ain’t that simplistic. This mass Khazarian conversion may or may not of happened with a large percentage of Jews; but this is irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things. A rose is a rose (perhaps that’s not such a good analogy).


This ideology, this culture, or tribe is a mishmash of peoples and genealogy. That is why Jews are NOT a race. It is a mind control demonic-driven sect made up of an eclectic mongrel people of various backgrounds with a MO of destruction wherever it has been throughout history.



Summary of sound bites

1/. israel is an apartheid state!

2/. The Nazi state of israel

3/. israel this, israel that

4/. There needs to be a two-state solution!

5/. It’s zionism not judaism

6/. Settlers doing this n that

7/. These zionist are lunatics, this regime is insane

8/. israel played a part in the 9/11 attacks

9/. It’s Rothschild-owned israel

10/. They’re not jews, they’re khazars



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  1. Peter

     /  September 7, 2012

    I’ll disagree on the Khazar issue. Yes indeed the jewish ideology is corrosive, toxic and promotes secretive aggression against the world. where the Khazar issue is relevent, is that exposing that a good much (most) of jewry are non-semtic and thus have no biological lineage going back in time to the Palestine, that undercuts their claim to the land of Palestine. I know this to be true. That is why if you bring up the Khazar issue with hard core yidds that flip out. And that is why Israels leaders don’t like this kind of discussion – it exposes their belief that they are related to the ancient hebrews as false. And doing so is good – it’s not the only answer, but certainly everything helps. I say let’s pull all their pillars of support down. Peter

    • Peter,

      Welcome to DFT.

      You may well be right. You have a valid point. My only point in bringing this up is that I feel many people (like I did) used to lean on this alone, as if this was their whole identity. I know for sure many are Eastern European, and certainly have no right to invade Palestine. But judaism is a mishmash of all sorts of cultures. John Kaminski once told me that he could not find any trace of this Khazar connection other than the Koestler book and repeaters of this theory. I’m a poor historical researcher, so I cannot verify either way.

      I hope this ha helped explain my point.

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. Peter

     /  September 7, 2012

    Hey Digger, …you have explained your pont well, as I hope I have mine. We need all the weapons we can muster,.. and you made many good ones. There is lot’s out there about the Khazars – read a book by Schlomo Sand, called “The Inventiion of the Jewish People?, or something like that. I know and like Kaminski, but he’s not always right, and can be reactive – but I love him. There are many books on the Khazars. But yes, more impotantly, the software program for these yids is eveil – and whn downloaded into any people, coverts or not, it always leads to what we see today. Peter

  3. bostonblah

     /  September 7, 2012

    you both make good points and,yes exactly 90 % of jews are khazar ashkenazi the rest are sephardic mizrahim, and black etheopian jews so digger is right they are certainly NOT a race , even thought they themselves claim to be, and use their double standard jew hypocrisy to call you a racist if you so much as imply that they are a race, even though the truth is so blatantly obvious. they have been trying frantically themselves to prove to themselves they are a race through genetic testing etc, i guess they are racist anti semites, oh wait they are.
    yes its their poison ideology that defines them they are indoctrinated with hate, ethnocentrism,an absolute entitlement , and a victim mentality since they can crawl literally , that is what makes them so dangerous


    digger your also quite right about the demonic thing ,when i was younger i was into occult, ,then i came across a book ,called the secret lore of magic , its about 80 years old ,and in it it talks about the key of solomon and how it is the basis of all black magic and magikal grimoires ,its all about conjuring and invoking demons ,how to sell your soul to lucifer and lucifuge rofoclale ,the black pact, etc ,and it goes into orgins of all this and how it all goes back to solomon ,when i was young and naive i thought occult and magik was all about gothic castles, merlin, king arthur, wizards, england and kind of what you see in harry potter(incidentally,also a jew)today, that type of stuff , then i discovered its all just jewery and all goes back to the jews and solomn and kaballah

  4. Nemeth

     /  September 8, 2012

    Maybe you guys could explain the Jewish tendancy to certain specific genetic disorders scarcely found in “gentiles” if they are not a race. Of course they ARE a race.

    Their ethnocentric tendancies are hardwired in, as are many of their supremacist tendancies, NOT purely the product of ideology. Thats just the gloss on the top of the edifice. Jews have always had maximum pressure to marry within the tribe, and NOT to marry “gentiles” for just this reason. The Khazar thing is a great distraction and was thorougly debunked through genetic research. We need to be honest if we are going to address these issues.

    • Nameth,

      Welcome to DFT.

      You bring up a valid point. I am aware of these ‘genetic’ diseases. A typical disease for example Jewish people suffer from is Crohns disease. Excuse my ignorance on this specific area, but is this just not the results of intense interbreeding, just like islanders or in some isolated villages experience. This is indeed genes and you are right, they do have hardwired ethnocentric tendencies; but I don’t think these necessarily pertains to race??

      I am willing to be proved wrong on this. I am always open for sensible, objective debate – PROVIDING there is no nastiness and points are put across in respect.

      Thank you for this great contribution.


  5. Peter

     /  September 8, 2012

    They’re an inbred tribe – who performed the genetics? The yidds who have a vested interest into making people believe they are semitic – most are not. If they were semitic, they’d be brown, like the Palestinians. Genetics have not disproven the Khazar aspect. The yidds/jews,,ashkenazim are an amalgam tribe, inbred over time and held together by an ugly, tribal mentality that is hostile to the entire world. Peter

    • Nathaniel

       /  October 3, 2012

      Actually Peter, Some Jews are a swarthy “brown” by certain peoples standards, I assume you’re referring to skin color, but that’s besides the point. Skin color does not determine whether a population is Semitic or not, Semitic is a linguistic term, and a population is Semitic if they have had cultural/linguistical impact.

      Palestinians are not all “Brown” they come in all sorts of skin shades from very light white to a more swarthy brown and everything in between, like other Mediterranean populations this variation in skin color is due to their amalgamation of various ancestries into their genetic makeup.

      Current genetic sequencing has shown Autosomal Dna affinities in Palestinians Muslims, Jews, and Christians to that of Ashkenazi and other Jewish populations. This suggests a shared common ancestry to an extent.

  6. alfabetazulu

     /  September 8, 2012

    yep yep yep. check my one and only youtube video(entitled the fatal lie of anti-‘semitism’ UP is DOWN) read some of the comments.

  7. Ingrid B

     /  September 8, 2012

    All I know is, Palestine, and the planet in general, would have been better off without them..

  8. What about the Sephardi Holocaust where the lighter jews attempted to exterminate
    the inferior darker jews as to maintain the purity of their master race bloodline, referenced
    under RingWorm Children. (amazingly sounds like a reference to Hitler) Their hypocrisy
    knows no bounds.

  9. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 9, 2012

    Several very perceptive observations put into one tidy article.

    1/ Israel is an apartheid state!
    I agree. About equal to calling a major coronary a bit of heartburn. It’s a diversion from the true conditions and certainly doesn’t do justice to the hell the Palestinians live under. A couple of weeks ago I posted a very critical comment about Israel in PressTV. Moderators at PressTV took the liberty of altering what I submitted and quoted me as calling Israel an “apartheid state”. I was miffed.

    3/ israel this, israel that
    Good point. Let’s do what the Jews do. Let’s force a bill on and through the congress mandating that particular part of the Middle-East be referred to as “occupied Palestine”.

    4/ There needs to be a two-state solution!
    Criminal squatters describes it. I often use the comparison you’ve used here to counter anyone who argues rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza. What would you do if someone took over your home and threw you out?

    5/ It’s zionism not judaism
    I think this is non-Jews compromising. I think this is them negotiating. This is them trying to come across as not racist and reasonable. Trying to ally themselves with Jews against Zionism.

    6/ Settlers doing this n that
    Beautifully put, DFT. “Settlers” implies the land was unspoken for. Thieves are what they are.

    8/ israel palyed a part in the 9/11 attacks
    Dual-citizen Jews got into powerful positions in American intelligence along with Jew-owned
    private military-related contractors to pull-off the attacks. Not an inside job that my(?) government conducted, but a Zionist operation.

    9/ It’s Rothchild-owned israel
    Never quite understood this. But I did hear David Duke laugh about this on his broadcast and remark something to the effect that it was many decades ago.

    10/ They’re not Jews, they’re khazars
    I never looked into it; I never cared. I roll my eyes over the amount of debate there is about this by the readers of ICH. I’m looking at the present. And I agree. The Jews are destroyers. Why have so many societies revolted against them? Look at what they are doing to America. Years pass and the stakes are higher. Is America next? At present course, America appears to be heading for perhaps the greatest calamity in history. Just as it controls eye color and hair color, I’m beginning to think subversion, control and destruction is in the Jewish DNA.

    • Matthew,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you very much for such a detailed intelligent piece. Such beautifully expressed too.

      I agree with you totally that there is far too much debate on this whole Khazar issue, I myself have got wrapped up in this, where as now I feel we have to look at the bigger picture.

      Glad you’re on our side.

      Thank you for your great contribution.


  10. The Jews ARE a race. DNA studies prove it. The Jews are highly cohesive and very protective of one another. That behavior is genetic. The Khazar theory appears to be Jewish disinformation.

    • Yea, agree. i wrote this yonks ago. My learning curve is slowly getting me more accurate.

      Thank you for commenting.

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