Prerogative of the Brave

Below are a couple links to audios of Charles Giuliani and Keith Johnson. Both are true Truthers real fighters in the movement doing their bit to get the word out there. They are articulate, knowledgeable on the Truth and very brave. 


As much as I have a lot of respect for these guys and for all they are doing, my intuition, my trilogy (mind, heart and gut feeling) tells me something is not right about their message, or delivery.

Both of them mentioned how they HATE Jews. I understand exactly where they are coming from, I’ve cussed them many a time myself. And of course I’m always ranting about the elite Jews innumerable evil activities. But are we not allowing our emotions to confuse us between hating them as opposed to their actions, their characteristics(?)


I feel this is the power of detachment which many of the spiritual scriptures talk about. To try and respond to events as opposed to reacting. Easy said than done of course. I often fall for this one.


However IF we were are to respond in a detached way to these atrocities, I know we would be closer to defeating this eternal enemy on mankind.


Of course it’s easy for the likes of me to sit hear comfortable spouting these ideals when I’m not being tormented on a daily basis, seeing my family members murdered, my country and people decimated.


Yes it’s easier for me to propagate the concept of detachment. But nevertheless we have to take this route – it is the only winning route.


We are after all in a spiritual battle. We are dealing with a dark force. ‘The Jews’ are physically carrying out these actions, but as I have suggested several times, they are just the conduit, the instrument for this darkness.


Often those of us who really know the character of these elite Jews state that they are insane, crazy, psychotic – which is true. But I honest now feel it may be more accurate to say their actions are predominantly demonic because they are possessed by demons – this dark force.


‘If’ we were able to objectively look at all this carnage and destruction from this perspective; I would strongly suggest this would help us on many levels:

  • It would begin to dissolve our hatred – therefore clearing our heads and helping our stresses, and destructive energy to ourselves.
  • It would allow us to stop our emotive reacting and allow us to begin to start responding in a more productive way.
  • It would stop fueling their energy – they feed off any hatred and anti-semitism (this is a force we dealing with).
  • It will give the Truth movement a better image and draw more middle-ground people towards us. Allowing our numbers to grow. 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”

~ MLK junior


I know on every level as soon as we are able collectively be strong and not fall for this age old reaction of hatred, we will have tenfold results.


All we need to do is put our energy and focus on what we really want. The qualities we aspire to. Of course we need to keep plugging away at both spreading the Truth and resistance, but never losing track of where we actually want to go. What we stand for and of course spiritually who we really are.


To do all of this successfully we have to drop the hate.


This is the description of the word hate from the Collins dictionary:

1. to dislike (something) intensely; detest.

2. to be unwilling (to be or do something).

3. intense dislike.

4. a person or thing that is hated.

5. expressing or arousing feelings of hatred.


Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you.
– The Gospel According to Saint Matthew


Love your enemies is so oft misinterpreted; it certainly does not mean kowtowing to the enemy. It doesn’t involve submission, it does not mean acceptance of these crimes on humanity and it does not conceit to defeat. It is the exact opposite of all this.


Lets just say whilst you were away for a night, your lodger had a wild party and trashed your place, breaking and ruining many of your possessions. This had happened several times before. As much as you may be angry, would you kill the lodger? Would you beat him to a pulp in hatred?


No – because something inside of you would be able to detach, you’d somehow understand that it may have been the drugs, or drink and company that influenced and effected his mind.


Would you make sure he compensated and ensure that it never happened again? Of course.


So the first solution is reaction, the latter is responding.


The first makes the situation worse, on every level, destroys your life and still leaves you in a mess. The latter resolves the situation whilst making the lodger truly pay.


Now I appreciate this analogy is somewhat simplistic and way off track in comparison to what is going, but the core principles are embedded in it.


No hatred, non-reactive, detached proactive response =  productive solutions.


Hate is initially the easier route, the most obvious route and most reactional route. But it will never take us to freedom and the true peace that we all want to see.


“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.”

~ M Gandhi  (in reference to loving one’s adversities)


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May the force be with you

Charlie Giuliani’s

Keith Johnson

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