10 Reasons to be Optimistic about our Outcome

mongoose and cobra

Many of these areas overlap


1/. Every single day more and more and more people are waking up to this nightmare. Not only are people turning away from the JMSM, but half-Truthers are finally getting it that it’s a JWO rather than a NWO.



2/ The JCN are aware their backs are against the wall. That’s why they are now hissing more than ever before. They never have been so twitchy, defensive and paranoid on this scale. We are truly making an impact.



3/. This time the situation is global. This has happened many times before in history, where people get sick to death (literally) of their evil shenanigans and rise up. That’s why they’ve been booted out of 84 countries 109 times over 2000 years. However this time millions across the world are aware of their tricks and game plan.



4/. The resistance is becoming more vocal about the crimes of the JCN, rather than just whispering in doorways. The fear is slowly dissolving. We’re becoming more informed, more proactive, more skilled, boxing clever, more defiant, more courageous, spiritually driven – MORE CONFIDENT in our defense.



5/. This time the mob are more informed, not just the politicians and leading figures. For the first time ever there is an eclectic and comprehensive range of informed people. The nobodies in the background have got themselves self-educated. Sandra the secretary, Gary the car mechanic, Dave the carpenter, Charlie who’s retired, teenagers and even school children. This is truly unique and a positive attribute to the Truth. What this means is this time, even though the leaders and people in positions of influence may be bought off, the Truth will still get out.



6/. Not only are hoards of israelis deserting their land of hell; having had enough of this illegal occupation. But hundreds of lower Jews are waking up to the fact they too have been had, and are ‘genuinely’ turning their backs on judaism and calling themselves former Jews. I have a lot of admiration for these courageous souls. I can’t imagine what they must go through to unwind all that conditioning/Jewish identity nonsense.


The  pressures they are under to stay within the tribe is phenomenal. Many of us welcome these brave people with open arms to the Truth (proving they are authentic). At a deeper spiritual level it is not simply about Gentiles verses Jews. This is about Good verses evil, Light over darkness, Truth over duplicity. Consciousness verses unconsciousness.



7/. The elite Jews are destruction junkies. As bad as this may be with their Samson option – the build up is that they are exposing themselves every day. Hanging themselves by their own ropes. As tough as this destructive process is, it indirectly works in our favour. They expose themselves for the criminals they are. Not only are they so damn transparent but blatantly predictable. Every false flag terrorist act, every grand theft, every act of cruelty, every demonic threat; they are working as a billboard for the Truth.



8/. Not only are people exponentially waking up, but THEY WILL NEVER RETURN TO THEIR SLUMBER STATE!! This is the fabulous news. Now that genie is out of that bottle – it ain’t EVER going back in. People can never unread, unsee or unhear this ugly Truth.



9/. It doesn’t matter how much they try to suppress the Truth – it will never go away – ever. They can attempt to convert the internet into a BBC/Fox news style of information format, but the Truth will always weave through. Those that seek the Truth will always find ways of discovering it. Those that want to propagate the Truth will always find ways of distributing it.


The Truth now is out of the bag anyway. Smart people have uploaded it, downloaded it, burnt it to CDs/DVDs, printed up articles, have written books, and most of all – have the information in their minds and collective conscious. It’s out there now in the global ether.







You may wish to write this summary out, or print them out and pin it to your pin board. Put them in the back of your diary. Keep returning to these in times of despair. This is not just superficial motivational talk to make us feel good. These are all verifiable facts.


All we have to do now, is follow through with both propagating and resistance. Then we will all enjoy the fruits of our collective labour.

1/. Every day more and more people are waking up.

2/. We have the beast cornered.

3/. This time it is global, not regional.

4/. No more fearful whispering; we are increasingly becoming braver and more vocal.

5/. This time the people are informed, not just the leaders.

6/. Lower Jews are turning their backs not only on israel, but on this cultish ideology.

7/. The destruction junkies are helping us with our recruitment.

8/. Those ‘in the know’ will NEVER return to the matrix.

9/. The Truth can NEVER be fully suppressed.



Please share these inspiring and motivational facts to everyone you know who is fighting for the Truth



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  1. grosenberg

     /  September 2, 2012

    “I can’t imagine what they must go through to unwind all that conditioning/Jewish identity nonsense.”

    Reading your blog (among many others) helps immeasurably I assure you 🙂

    • Thank for your kind words of support grosenberg – again. But it is partly thanks to people like you who make the effort to give supportive.

      The best


  2. Thank you Digger, this is inspiring and what we all need. It is a lot easier to approach the sheeple in a positive light than the very black messages we are used to passing on. Maybe this approach will wake a few more up, they have to feel there is hope. Many I talk to are emotionally frail, their lives are already trainwrecks for all sorts of reasons – victims of the jwo system, and will crumble with the truth of their plight. Others have strength and intuition to try and work it out for themselves. It’s impossible to promise there will be a happy ending, we haven’t reached the darkest hour for us, though many have, but we are stronger every day and we are braver in our growing numbers.

  3. TQ digger, I have an interesting time mulling over these truths and also mulling over their despair.
    They cannot hide their destructive behavior and it is quite interesting watching them spin it as well.
    TQ for the article.

    • MJ,

      Good points. Thank you for your comments. Just so long as we take it beyond just being an ‘interesting time’ – as you well know these are very very serious times and we have to ensure we are doing something every day. I’m sure you are though.

      Thank you again for your contribution.


  4. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 3, 2012

    Yes Diggerfortruth! If I can feel a spark of optimism, anyone can — and I have recently. We’re at the edge with Obama hedging on attacking Iran. Let’s hope he has the strength to say “No!” to AIPAC and Netanyahu. Read the comments in RT or ICH. Criticism of Israel and Netanyahu runs beyond 95%. People ARE waking up. Moreso online than on the street — but that’s coming. A well-written piece, Diggerfortruth.

    • Matthew,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Optimism is good – providing we’re grounded; realistic to what we’re facing and being proactive.

      Thanks for contributing.


  5. TQ Digger you are right.

  6. Ingrid B

     /  September 4, 2012

    yes, we all need something positive to hold onto, and to know we are not alone..

    • Ingrid,

      Yep, def’ agree – so long as we’re grounded and proactive.

      Thank you for contributing.


  7. wad

     /  September 5, 2012

    great stuff.
    I agree! feels good.

    one word of caution, we must NEVER fall for this “former jew” crap. those are literally 1 in a million or maybe 1 million. they did this in europe all the time and it helped them “get back in” and even worse corrupt christianity and Islam.

    Let us not be sol gulliable again.

    This virus never lets go

    • Wad,
      Thanks, here your thoughts. Yes we must be on guard. I feel we have to put as equal amount of energy into looking at ourselves, why have we allowed this. It is our weaknesses, being ill-disciplined and falling for their traps. If we had stayed on the true spiritual path, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

      We shall know them by their fruits.

      Thank you again for contributing.


  8. Crow

     /  September 5, 2012

    I just posted on your blog, first comment on the page about the nouveau-slavemistress Gina whatsername in Australia, world’s richest (and bitchest) woman…

    Having posted on a blog that I now see appears antisemitic, I need to put my take on this. I’m not antisemitic. I think the walls Israel put in Palestinian turf were out of order, though a better placed wall may not have been, but apart from that I have no axe to grind.

    I think that the rich who have become stateless due to their wealth letting them buy their way into any nation, and to exploit any nation, IS a serious problem one set to provoke world revolution, and SOON, I imagine now, but don’t confuse this with Jews. No doubt like any Venn diagram there is overlap, not least because Jews were stateless, and had to fend for themselves often, in many places, but it isn’t Jews who caused this bother. Plenty of others have become rich and stateless, and treasonously exploitative. If you want to deal with the problem directly, do so, but find a cause, not a scapegoat, or you might as well be playing their game for them. If there is a larger number of rich Jews than rich others in control of many things in the world, it wouldn’t be because of what they were, but what they chose to become. As far as I know, many of the most ruthless capitalists in the US came out of non-Jewish European diasporos during times of war and famine that they fled from. Persecuting anyone is a great way to perpetuate this till we’re all biting each other’s faces off like rats stuffed into a box. Be careful what you wish for! The best way seems to be to take the welth, by force if need be, redistribute it as widely as possible so it is hard to gather it in one place again, then turn the rich free to fend for themselves like the rest of us. At least that way they won’t have to go hungry any more than we will. So long as we show more mercy than they did, it’s a win-win situation. People in Spain and other places know that industry can work without a rich individual creaming off the top and making themselves ‘indispensible’. Cuba managed one of the best heath services in the world, based on a different model than capitalism. There are ALWAYS other ways to do stuff, and do it well. Blaming someone is sorely tempting, but it usually leads to a misdiagnosis.

    • Crow,

      All I can say back to these comments in the kindest way is – get educated! You are not Jew-wise and have certainly not grasped the situation. You are still in politics r/l mindset and haven’t worked out yet that every ism is Jewish-controlled.

      You say: “Blaming someone is sorely tempting, but it usually leads to a misdiagnosis.”. So if someone perpetually hits you over the head with a hammer, you can’t blame them?? Jews have been booted out of 84 countries 109 times. Is that plain ol anti-semitism? Why were Jews stateless? It always gets back to WHY WHY WHY every time. By the way a semite is an Arab or Palestinian.

      All I can say is start to read the books on the side bar. Once you’ve read at least 20 books, get back to me and we can have a serious discussion. A start would be to read “The Wondering Who” by Gilad Atzman (a former Jew and IDF soldier).

      My intent is not to be condescending/patronising, but every single sentence you have said oozes someone who is not informed of the Jewish perfidy.

      Look through the various sites, really dive in deep and you can not come up to the surface with this same mindset – unless you have tribal biases.

      In respect


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