Dedication to the Rescuers

A special thanks to Mrs Lovely for all her kindness and compassion to our sentient friends over the many years.

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  1. That’s truly appreciated, thank you on behalf of so many who might just have one needy companion animal they take in, to the devoted hands behind the wonderful independent charities who accept many many animals of all species daily, in some of the worst and traumatic situations. They do their very best to give a little comfort even if it is for a very short time. Scraping by to nurse, feed and shelter and picking up the ignorance and foolhardiness of a large sector of the the animal-owning public who have no idea how to truly care for their pets. Angels indeed.

    The sad part is the evil that the pet food trade and the veterinary industry (in many if not most cases) has become. The consumer is hoodwinked into buying glossily advertised and packaged substitutes for foods processed way beyond anything resembling nutrients. A cat’s diet in nature would contain at least 70% protein from mice, rats and birds but the well-known cat-food brands have somewhere between 4 and 8%. Starches, grains and sugars packed into pet foods to make more profit, even wood shavings and animal excreta are allowed providing they are not more than 15%. Insecticides and pesticides used on grains, artificial hormones, drugs, antibiotics, heavy metals, dyes, pathogens can all be in the food bowl of your little Fido or Gizmo. Dried pellet and biscuit foods were invented for laboratory animals requiring measured doses for experimentation. They were never intended for nutrition, just to keep an animal alive during the duration of an experiment. Surprise that someone spotted the commercial appeal of convenience of a long shelf life and non-perishing properties of these non-foods. The initial adverts selling features were ‘your cat will hardly urinate at all saving you money on cat-litter’! Later ads and packaging had to add an addendum that you should provide drinking water, but cats being desert animals do not drink frequently getting their fluids from animal blood. So now vets can rake in millions on discovering your pet’s kidneys are too diseased to function.
    Melamine, a toxic plastic added into pet foods killed thousands of pets in the USA in 2007. Even worse, ending up in ingredients processed in China and some other countries, (it certainly happened in USA and Canada in the 90’s and I do not believe that the practice has absoutely stopped) cats and dogs are turned into unwitting cannibals because of the many millions of shelter animals that are killed unwanted every year. These carcases, often full of euthanasing chemicals, go to rendering plants possibly ending up in the food chain.

    Then we over-vaccinate our pets perpetuating viruses, microchip them and frequently dose them with even more toxic chemicals to get rid of fleas and parasites.
    Small wonder that animals of all breeds and species end up diseased and dying, and neatly funding the veterinary/pharmaceutical industries.

    This ethos is no different from the so-called ‘food’ companies that push artificial colourings, aspartame and other neurotoxins, GM soya, nitrites, high-fructose corn syrup, heavy metals and fluoride into our children and young people. The same applies to the body products’ industry dripfeeding toxic chemicals, carcinogenic benzenes, petroleum by-products and heavy metals into shampoos, toothpastes, soaps etc that are taken up through the skin into the bloodstream ending up in and destroying the liver.
    Then when the child becomes sick, diabetic, obese or emotionally unstable the drug pushing medics are there to ‘correct’ the symptoms with yet more toxic chemicals like Ritalin or Prozac or Metformin. Nice business indeed and we all know which companies the finger is pointing to.

    And don’t get me started on vaccines…

    • Spicegirl,

      Thank you for this educational detailed comment.

      Just proving that there is no part of our lives which has not been infected by this demonic entity.

      Thank you again for contributing.


  2. russ hook

     /  April 28, 2013

    Thanx Spicegirl. My cats have never been vaccinated. I use H2O2 food grade in their water since day 1.(5 drops) I give them vitamins, phytonutrients almost daily along with hemp oil, and fish oil. I never get sick and neither do my pets. I have told 100s of people about H2O2 but only a few have tried it. That shows me how mind f**ked the sheeple are. They cannot grasp that OXYGEN is good for them FFS! Maybe they are depleted and have none getting to their alleged brains? C’est le vie!

  3. russ hook

     /  April 28, 2013

    Also, the only chemical that has touched my body in 20 years is micro-brewed BEER! L0L I don’t use/support the Chemical Companies and their many poisons. I am 35 year veggie. NO DEAD ANIMALS ROTTING IN MY GULLET! Is that why I am so good-looking at my age??? Who knows? L0L There are lots of text versions of this also.

  4. Oh Russ – there should be more like you. It’s awful watching people fall for all the slick advertising for pet foods with pretty packaging. It takes a long time to kill our pets by drip feeding all this rubbish into them. Plus ripping all the owners off by the vet mafia – no different from any of the medical so-called ‘profession’ these days. Every little thing has been so carefully thought out to drain every bit of sensibility out of the gentiles – every last penny, every drop of compassion up to every last breath.

    Thank you for the youtube link – well worth watching even though we all think we know it all. Some things come across really well and that 15 minute clip is one of them – it deserves many more viewings and I will pass it on. Cheers with the beer!


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