Latest additions to your newspeak dictionary.


Continuation of mind control techniques masked as education. Soaked in kudos (ego) and separatism, all to create obedient conformist goy slaves.



Mind control term to induce a guilt complex on any goy who dares to mention judaic criminality.


Austerity measures

Mind control term to get the goy to accept being fleeced to the max by their oppressive judaic overlords – without rebelling.


Bailiffs and debt collectors

Bully goy henchmen suppressing and fleecing fellow goy on behalf of the judaism.


Capital interest

Judaic corrupt usury: built on ponzi schemes, debt-based fiat currency and compound interest.


Communism = judaism



As with voting and revolutions, this is just another technique to deceive the goy that they have some levels of persuasion in how they exist. Just let them throw their toys out of the pram whilst we carry on business as usual.



Individuals who dare to openly expose the Truth about judaic crimes.



Further distraction technique to keep the goy off the scent of judaic crimes, by maintaining them in their illusory spellbound mindset.



Judaic technique to depopulate, control and fleece the goy.


Further education/college

More mind control, whilst acting as a buffer for the lack of slave positions available. Giving young goy no real hope, or true purpose in life.



Desensitizing murder training technique, masked as entertainment.


Hate speech 

Telling the Truth about judaic crimes.



Judaic eugenics centers.



Judaic legislation using admiralty/maritime (shipping) legal and statutes – contract law under the pretense of God’s/natural and common law.


Law courts

Corporate judaic fleecing centers.



Propaganda outlet for judaic mind control to perpetually suppress and enslave the goyim.


Medical staff

Goy culling fellow goy on behalf of the judaic eugenics agenda.



Artificial slave tokens backed up by NOTHING, with built-in debt, presented in hemp form; but increasing becoming just digits on statements and photons on a screen.



Judaic puppets and proponents of judaic criminality.


New ageism

Junk spirituality: to ultimately destroy any true spirituality, keeping the goy in a mind/body illusion, and induce narcism.


Newspapers (liespapers)

Indoctrination and propaganda sheets to deceive the goy and keep up the judaic illusion.



Judaic private security guards – goy enslaving and suppressing fellow goy on behalf of judaism.



Puppet orators to mask and propagate judaic crimes.


Public transport

Minimalist slave transportation.



Jewish invention to mask and suppress judaic hegemony.



Centers to punish those who do not comply to judaic slavery and destruction.



Technique to get the goy to submit ownership of their possessions: houses, vehicles, guns, boats, even baby goy.



Orchestrated events to defuse civil unrest and deceive the goy into thinking that they have some levels of power.



Indoctrination mind control centers for young goy to be conditioned into a judaic slave mindset for life.


Self-hating Jew 

Anybody who stems from this bloodline who has woken up, who has a conscience and has exposed and resisted their clan members – they have become conscious.


Sexual freedom

Technique for the destruction of the family unit for social degradation purposes.



Murderers – goy killing fellow goy on behalf of judaism.



Distraction tool to prevent the goy from stopping to think, and work out the bigger game plan. Keep the goy perpetually busy so they never have time to contemplate. Also a technique to train and maintain the goy in a separatist mindset (reds vs the blues).


Sustainable housing

Minimalist slave huts and boxes to contain the goy.



Judaic theft


Television (talmudvizion)

Amazingly successful mass hypnosis weapon to maintain the judaic illusion.



Collection of people who dare not to comply to judaic criminality.



Advanced level indoctrination. For the more conditioned good repeaters. Hinged on ego/kudos and self-serving separatist supremacist attitudes. The better people in society.



Another judaic stealth eugenics weapon.



Deception technique to trick the goy into thinking they have some levels of autonomy.



Method to instigate orchestrated occult babylonian rituals whilst carrying out mass culling of the goy.



Slavery: goy slaving for elite Jews.


Zionism = judaism


Let’s start telling it as it is


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