Truth Filters


10 degrees of conversion from a zombie to a fully-fledged Truther.

It sure is tough trying to get the Truth exposed and trying to get someone who is in an anesthetized sheople mindset to a fully-fledged proactive member of the Truth movement.


We’ve all made the mistake time and time again of being presumptuous that they too will grab this information and run with the ball. Of course we know this just does not happen. Boy, have they done a sterling job on us. We truly are living in a mass mind control project.


Here are some of the filters people need to get through, if they are ever to be a part of the fighting team.


Most people we interact with have unfortunately been completely judaified. They are generally comatised, anesthetized, hypnotized, programmed, conditioned zombies – let face it. All repeating without thinking what they have been fed. Many of us to an extent were once there – We need to remind ourselves of this. So as frustrating as they are, they have potential.


However here are some levels which they may need to go through before they really get hold of ball and run with it.

Part of the Problem

Level 1 Indifferent

Most people who you present the Truth to dismiss it instantaneously. It’s a programmed response. Most people are either to busy being busy in their selfish lives to care. They just can’t be bovvered. They are too indifferent to anything outside their norm. They just don’t want to change their routines or outlook. This is a combination of fear and apathy. But at this level, it’s more about apathy/laziness.



Level 2 Denial

These people show some interest, but immediately go on the defensive. To an extent they do care about what is going on outside their lives, but the conditioning has penetrated so deep. You have to watch these people’s egos; as they never want to be proven wrong. Their narrative of events which has been drip fed to them is THE only narrative. They will at least engage in a discussion, but always in denial mode.


You are always battling with them, trying to weave around their sound bites and programmed responses. A hard slog and almost futile. The most you can hope for is you may have have just sowed a seed at some subconscious level…..providing you have been patient and not hurt their precious pride.



Level 3 Entertainment

These people have somehow slipped past this two stages and will at least take your literature/DVD and actually watch it. However there isn’t much response back from them. It was just entertainment to them. You may as well have given them a normal DVD from the video shop. They never ask for more or follow the information through. It was almost a waste of energy. They will never share the information. They have no more interest in the subject after that and they just slip back into the matrix world.



Level 4 Casual interest

These people have a lightweight interest, they take the time to look at the websites or films you show them and have have a mild enthusiasm. They are good listeners and nod their heads a lot. They will even look at more stuff THAT YOU PRESENT TO THEM, but never show any self-interest themselves to go beyond the material you show them. They’re almost a waste of time and energy.



Level 5 Distracted

These people show more levels of curiosity. They do wonder off track a bit from the info you have given them, which is encouraging, but then they are all-inclusive with their information in that they will look at everything from crop circles, to UFOs, to Lock Ness Monsters, etc. They become dazzled by the whole subject of conspiracy theories.

It’s soul destroying to see them get distracted. They get caught up in the entertainment of it all. It’s just an alternative to the telly. There is some hope that some time down the line they may wonder back on track. But time is against us and it may be too late.



Level 6 Browsing

These people are really very curious and are much more focused on the real Truth. They are discerning enough to filter out the BS and intuitive enough to realise you have led them on the right track. They engage in intelligent conversation and ask appropriate accurate questions. They also look at similar Jew-wise sites and films. They have got it. Unfortunately they just morph into Truth browsers. They are not much more use to the Truth than the Level 3’s in that it’s all selfish entertainment to them.


Endless browsing browsing browsing. That’s all they amount to, just Truth seekers. They may tell their mate up the pub or at work, or someone up the gym, or they may whiz a few e-mails to one or two of their friends, but that’s about as far as their Truthing activities go. Such a shame to see them stagnate as Truth hobbyists.




Part of the Solution

Now it’s not until people get through this Level 6 of filtering that things begin to move. This really is the dividing line. This decides what character they are. Only until someone reaches this stage are they are on the side of Truth. Because at this level they make a conscious decision to do something about the problem,not just be a perpetual observer.


Level 7 Proactive

These people have that fire in their belly that they just cannot bare to stand by and be a spectator. They grab a bucket and help put out the fire and do whatever they can.


This is really the first stage of being a proactive Truther and although they’re not dynamic, but it’s a start; and they go out of their way to share the information. They whiz around lots of threads on line and can’t help but enthusiastically tell all and everyone.



Level 8 Resistance

As Level 7, but this time these people up their levels of propagation by producing some leaflets/fliers, stickers, burn CDs/DVDs of information. These people also engage in some levels of resistance too, by not paying taxes, or abiding by every legislation thrown at them. They have much more of a fighting spirit. They actively go out of their way to get the word out in all weathers. Spending their free time and money to ensure many others wake up.



Level 9 Devotee

Another notch up the Truthing ladder. These people take their Truth propagating further. They start up blogs, do local talks, write articles, start up a small Truth group. They rack their brains on the most productive ways to get the Truth out. The Truth is a big chunk of their lives and they truly are devotees to the Truth. They tend to promote the Level 10s.



Level 10 Leader

Well these people have pulled out all the stops. They have evaluated their lives and realize how important it is to get the Truth out above almost everything. These people are far less fear-based and are extremely socially conscious and selfless individuals. They are seriously productive in propagating the Truth. They have set up podcasts, do interviews, write books, give seminars, do deep-level research and present the Truth in a professional and winning attitude. They are strong characters and natural leaders. They are a shining example to us all. What would we do without these people(?)




Level 1  Indifferent – don’t give a damn.

Level 2  Denial – programmed argumentative responses.

Level 3  Entertainment – something to pass the time.

Level 4  Casual Interest – mild levels of interest, but no self drive.

Level 5 Distracted – all-inclusive interest in conspiracy theories.

Level 6 Browsing – can’t get beyond being just a spectator.


Level 7 Proactive – enthusiastically tell all and everyone about their discovery.

Level 8 Resistance – propagate the Truth through fliers, stickers, etc

Level 9 Devotee – spending most of their energy getting the word out.

Level 10 Leader – role models for budding Truthers


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