Isn’t it funny how everyone accepts this level of mind reading/control which can be carried out within twenty seconds; yet people somehow think by watching 30,40,50 years of TV ‘programming’ that it hasn’t had an effect on them. I find that bizarre. 

Plus the indocrin-education on top of that, plus they read their daily liespapers, plus the cinema and DVDs mixed in, plus their training courses, plus the trashy novels and magazines, plus the ubiquitous advertising, plus the radio.


In addition everyone repeats and regurgitates this judaic conditioning to each other, further reinforcing the illusion.


And if that lot wasn’t enough, they then have all the toxic damage due to all the poisons they induce.


Then these people argue with us who try to give them an alternative, as if they are making their own independent informed opinions – my goodness!


This is what we are up against. This is the depth of mind control and much more that we have to somehow penetrate when imparting the Truth.


What a task we have on our hands.


So we must be understanding, that first people need to be deprogrammed before they can be fed any real education. Our job is more about undoing, about de-hypnotizing, output as much as input. Removing the old dirty oil from the engine before putting in the new quality oil.


Frustrating as it is at times, especially with loved ones and people we care about, we have to be understanding. They are all munching away on their potatoes thinking they are eating apples and until that programming breaks down, as far as they’re concerned they are always eating apples.


Until they get, they won’t get it.


We have to have stacks and stacks of patience, tolerance and understanding. Which is tough. None of us have been trained for this task. Most of us are struggling to deal with our own personal pressures, and aren’t spiritually grounded to have this level of understanding; especially in the heat of the moment when dealing with such programmed responses.


The endless statements and sound bites come at you as if you are talking to an organic robot. “You can’t blame the Jews for defending themselves – after all they’ve been through.” “Of course we went to the moon – everyone knows that!” “Al quaeda Muslim terrorists attacked the twin towers, so they could easy carry out a similar attack!”


Oh really!


But try screaming at someone who is hypnotized that they are eating a potato and not an apple – it will never work. Try showing them endless videos of apples and potatoes, they still may not get it.


In most cases, the programming is too deep and their ego is delicate. They have been matixfied. Zapped and trapped by the system. It’s all happened to them through a relentless drip drip drip, hypnotism by stealth from birth – cradle to grave illusory existence.


They are too far gone – spellbound. In fact that is why Hollywood is aptly named so; after the wood from the holly tree which was traditionally used in witchcraft to cast a spell on people.


The word government literally means mind control (government control mind). So hidden within their symbology and words there is a perverse honesty in their deception. Only for eyes to see and ears to hear.


All we can do is just keep tapping away, and as hard as it is to accept, we have to realise many people are just too damaged.



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