Eternal Victims



Let’s reminder ourselves ……..

Jews have been outed from 84 countries 109 times throughout the last 2000 years!


If you were a school teacher and there was one pupil constantly disrupting the lesson and bullying the other children and you found out later that this one disruptive pupil had a history of being expelled from 84 schools 109 times throughout his or her schooling, you would suspect that it was this pupilʼs fault and not the various schools or other pupils.

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  1. with held

     /  October 9, 2014

    How true this is, its high time the world told israel stop the terrorism and join the human race.
    This post will be my meditation point for today, thankyou digger

    • If it was just israhell, things would quite easy to resolve – however tis International Jewry and the cult of judaism.


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