Kill the Killers


Interesting audio with J.B.Campbell with Dr Rebecca Carley.

Mixed feelings about this one.


I respect both of them for doing what they do. They are making a stand and going out of there way to both resist this tyranny and propagate Truth. Which is commendable.


They also are trying to offer solutions, rather than fear monger.


Plus of course they are telling the whole Truth as far as identifying the judaic criminals.


There are some issues I have which I will try and explain, but it’s more of a gut reaction than an academic disagreement. So I may not be able to fully explain my viewpoint. Here goes.


1/. Rebecca made references to David Icke and kind of categorized him in the new age bracket. This is understandable, but if you really look at Icke’s material, he certainly is not. He in fact often rubbish’s a lot of new age philosophy for it’s passiveness. Icke has never been about passiveness – ever.


Now I’m not a fan of Icke, I have written enough about the areas which I don’t agree with him. But I think if we are about Truth (honesty), we ought be accurate with accusations of somebody. And flexible enough to recant any comments. I slagged him off a few years back in my original article, but have recently softened up on him. I have mixed feelings about the man now.



2/. Rebecca mentioned Icke’s proposal of getting as many people together for a collective conscious awareness. I think this is an excellent proposal. It is not unique and has been done many times in the past with remarkable results. This is not being done enough! I have attempted to encourage a mini version of this in my essay “9pm connection”. Besides – what harm is it doing?


We can do all the physical activism as well. In fact as I keep saying, we should be tackling this from both an internal (yin) position and an external (yang) position. Spiritually and Worldly. After all this is how this demonic force behind the Jews is destroying us – spiritual (occult/satanic/luciferian) and worldly.


I happen to think a collective consciousness is an extremely important aspect of this. I absolutely know in my heart now, that this battle is way way beyond the physical realms. In fact I would say consciousness is the key to get out of this mess.


I think Rebecca may be falling for a trap the Jews have set up, which I wrote about in my essay “Sillyfied”. It is very clever and I have fallen for it myself in the past.


It is equivalent of Alex Jones and all the other shills pushing disinformation to make a mockery of real Truth – but this is junk Truth. It is equivalent of producing de-natured foods as natural foods – but this is junk food. So it has been done with spirituality. This was one of the reasons of the new age movement – it produced junk spirituality.


It made spirituality look silly. It watered it down and made the participants in newagism ultimately narcissistic. It also puts potential people who may wish to lean towards a more spiritual lifestyle off from doing so. Because new age ideals are just ridiculous. Exact same purpose of the shills.


Spirituality and becoming conscious is THE biggest threat to the JCN!! 


Becoming conscious means one leans towards the Light, the true inner Truth. Becoming conscious means one begins to lose the FEAR – which of course is their biggest control weapon. This is because consciousness ultimately is not about mind/body identification nor separatism……other huge weapons they use against us.


There are hundreds of reasons why the Jews/this force do not want us to become conscious. They want us perpetually locked in a type of mind/body semi-consciousness. This mindset keeps us in fear and ultimately controllable.


And – consciousness is not a new concept. It has just been highjacked by the new-age movement (or it could be termed the Jew-age movement).


Consciousness is old as the world. Old as civilization. Old as the oldest scriptures. And written into every serious spiritual doctrine. Because consciousness is everything, always has been and always will be.


As I have previous said, it is probably the first time in history we are now getting a merging of real spirituality and real science in total alignment, that matter is just vibrating energy – consciousness.


Consciousness is absolutely NOT a Jewish construct!



3/. Spirituality and passive non-violence. Ohh dear. This is another myth which has seeped through from the new-ager movement. NV is all about courage.


“Non-violence was not passive. Non-violence in its dynamic condition means conscious suffering. It does not mean meek submission to the will of the evil-doer, but it means the putting of one’s whole soul against the will of the tyrant”

~ Mahatma Gandhi


“I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence… “

~ Mahatma Gandhi


I urge people to read this book (below) and the history on non-violent practices and then dare say NV is about passiveness.


Gandhi’s closest manuscript was the Baghavad Gita. This whole metaphoric script is about the battle field; about how Lord Krishna encouraged Ajuna to have the courage to stand up and fight.


Essentially the principle of true spirituality/consciousness is about primarily using a NV non-compliance approach, but having courage to defend others who are being suppressed. Not passively submitting to oppression.


I also feel they have misinterpreted the concept of love. Again I would attribute this to the damn new age movement. It is so dangerous, I would say as dangerous as TV and drugs. It is lethal.


I really don’t think Rebecca has a full understanding of the true spiritual/conscious concept of unconditional love. To give her credit, she may be directly referring to the misinterpretation by that book she mentioned which was new agism. Therefore she would be spot on.


“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.”

~ M Gandhi


I think we should attack new-agism, but be very careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water – which is exactly what the Jews want. Either we embrace and become passive, or we reject the principles of true spirituality and hey presto, we get locked into mind/body mindsets. Win win for our oppressors.


I am not a pacifist I and not against self-defense. But I feel if we kid ourselves that all we need to concentrate on is just gunning up and killing our way of this mess and that only violence is going to resolve this; then we have lost.



4/. As for the J.B.Campbell’s suggestion that the guy should have engaged in an all out shoot out. Mmmm??? not sure about that one. As far as I understand this marine has been let off now and has his freedom. Yes it could have gone the other way and he could have been dragged off into oblivion.


But what if he had of gone for all guns blazing? If he would not have been killed, he would have been injured. Or somehow managed to escape, he would have had to be a futgoative on the run as a cop killer. With everyone knowing what he looks like. There would be a reward payout with no end of sell outs who would expose his whereabouts. Every way he would have lost.


I know the argument could be put forth, that if enough people shot the police, they would soon get the message. But I really question if this is our only solution.


What kind of society would we be starting off from, if we did gun hoe our way out of this mess? A bunch of murderers. Would we be morally superior? That the only collective solution is to kill our way out of our problems?


I’m not in any way saying we should be passive. I’m just desperately hoping we have a better, more conscious solution to this.


This is why I make such a fuss about us doing all we can NOW to try to educate, propagate and resist… that we can try and halt this situation from ever getting that bad. These police officers and soldiers need deprogramming. I know this is tough, but it has to be done. It’s all up to us in the know.



5/. As for J.P.Campbell’s thoughts on having ‘no quarter’ with all these tyrants. Again, I don’t sit comfortably with his ideals. So we set up mass execution centers, where day in day out we mass murder all these tyrants and useful idiots? Again, it gets back to the question – Is this really the foundations we want to start our new sense of freedoms from?


I just can’t get it. Perhaps I’m being too soft and idealistic.


So then after this is all done; do we set up education/history museums on what we have done. So hoards of children in coach parties can come and openly view our acts of butchery, then trundle off back to school filled with moral values??  Filling their little heads with the concept that this is the only form of resistance? What spiritual values would we then be able to impart? “Now off you go children, be good; and remember – don’t fight!”


I can understand the principle of shooting to defend/protect one’s family. But this whole mass slaughter business is not only insanity, but destructive on all levels and futile.


WE are the problem, we are our own worse enemy. It us that needs fixing. It has to start from cleaning up, getting our values in place and ultimately becoming conscious. No matter how hard a task that is, it is THE ONLY WAY.


Be the change you want to see in the world.



Consciousness is our master key out of this mind/body prison cell.


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  1. jrfriend

     /  August 29, 2012

    Great show with JB, thanks for posting.

  2. You are bang on the button with david Icke, as much as i like a lot of what he says, he misses the main focus of what he should be doing, there is a quote ; ” they mess around the edges debating what should we do, while not addressing the cause of it all ” adolf hitler
    icke blames everything on natzis, natzis this and natzis that,, yet it was the natzis who took on the jewbankers, the only other people in history to want to deal with them were Abe Lincoln and president kennedy, and we know what happened to them.
    The people winje now that the banks have stolen their livelihhods and homes and filled their country with foreigners, but hitler offered us freedom from the bankers and look how
    we treated him.
    BTW what is a natzi ? its a national socialist or someone who believes the money in that country is for the people in that country, not for international money brokers and economic dealers and spivs, Natzi is also short for Nazerite, or follower of jesus of nazereth, e g christian anglo saxons. If icke was genuine his books would not be available in public llibraries, david Irving tells the truth yet his books are banned, follow me here ?


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