Spiritual Warfare

First things first we have to realise we are indeed at war!



We also have to realise we are in a spiritual battle. Good verses evil (GOoD verses dEVIL), Light verses Darkness, Truth verses Deceit.


Imagine a long-term friend who has been possessed by the devil/dark force. Imagine them going through the process of an exorcism. How they would lash out at you, spitting, hissing, with abuse and language you couldn’t even imagine  coming from your friend.


As disturbing as this experience would be, you would some how come from a place of understanding. You would manage at some level to detach and differentiate between the friend you have always known and the experience they are going through. You would be able to, because of course you could physically see the demon within them manifesting in front of your very eyes.


Just suppose – we could be objective and look at everyone who has been tainted by this evil force in a similar light, at whatever level; and consequently look at their actions from a detached perspective.


A tough one I know.


Now this of course does not mean we soften up to them, to their dark deeds. No way. It just means we now are coming from a more informed, objective, wiser position.


We can now no longer keep reacting to each and every one of their nefarious actions. We can now begin to respond. Just like an experienced martial artist, a balanced teacher, a well-trained first aider. The power of detachment.


Could we possibly look at the actions of our foes as not truly being their real selves. If you think about it on a very deep level, we are we eat (well digest and assimilate) and we are what we absorb, what we focus on.


So if 90% of us are eating de-natured foods, exposing ourselves to de-based, unnatural, degrading, destructive material on an almost daily basis; then surely we are going to only be the result of what what goes in comes out.


We become what we absorb and meditate on


We are literally being programmed, conditioned, trained, propagandized, comatised, honed, hypnotized, anesthetized, drugged, poisoned. And we are mainly doing it to ourselves. It’s not so much the chemtrails or fluoridated water that’s destroying us – it’s our habits, our chosen lifestyles.


All this is done through our minds, foods, environment, energetically, structurally (habitually). If our cells are impure and debased and our energy is impure and debased. So  therefore our minds and actions will indeed become impure and debased. It’s that simple.


So if we accept this. Could we also make a quantum leap in our understanding that those pesky Jews have also been effected by this darkness – despite them eating ‘kosher’ purer foods?


Is it too much for us to accept that they too have been usurped by a their own demonic influences: their environment, their doctrines and of course the old gene pull too.


I would suggest they also have been possessed. They are under the influence of dark entities, the dark force, satanic/luciferian energy. As we all have to an extent.


There are some absolute evil Gentiles out there, which we must never forget. Likewise there are some terrific people who have come from the Jewish community – despite many people in the Jew-wise community who will recoil at this thought and only accept that all Jews are evil!


I feel so long as we are always coming from a place of hate-the-joos, all we need to do is sort them joows out, then we are deluded and we will never ever see peace in this world.


We have to try and approach this from a mature detached position; boxing clever with a full understanding that we are entrenched in a spiritual warfare of energetic forces. Simply put – darkness verses Light.



I feel these intertwined elements are all we should be focusing on at this stage


1/. Understand it is energy we are dealing with – dark negative energy (force) verses Light positive energy (force).


2/. Accept every one of us has been infected, tainted by this darkness. It is just a matter of degrees and the amount of immersion/absorption one has had. Both Jew and Gentile.


3/. Despite how deeply anyone has been possessed by this force, if they are willing to move towards the Light and make consistent effort themselves with support; they can dissolve this darkness. i.e. lifestyle changes with determined effort.


4/. Those of us ‘in the know’ must be vigilant to these dark forces around us. Protecting ourselves from external influences: people, substances, environments, reading material, destructive careers, visual material, audio, foods, etc. And then gradually lean in the opposite direction towards purer influences.


5/. Those of us ‘in the know’ must do all we can to resist this darkness and propagate the Light (Truth). If we don’t, then we have succumbed to the dark force (apathy/laziness, cowardliness).


6/. We are better off if we can try hard to be detached from the drama. We can be tenfold more productive/effective if we try to respond from an objective spiritually-wised up mindset, rather than react from an emotive hateful worldly mindset. This can only be done if we truly realise what we are dealing with – dark forces as opposed to just people’s actions. I know this is very difficult, but we have to try.


7/. We must be super strong and look deeply at our obsessions with our artificial identities – separatism. I AMism. I AM this and I AM that. We have to get it, that in the broader picture, these are just fleeting superficial experiences. Meaningless labels we cling to for security. They are NOT are true Selves! Only the small “self” not our true divine BIG “Self”.


Number one you are a beautiful eternal soul. This is the only true identity you must cling to. All the rest is just a temporary facade – an illusion. Everything else are just layers of identity crustaceans.


At the end of the day we just take off our jackets and hang them up. Next time (life) we put on a different jacket. But our true core Self remains constant.


8/. Our priority now is to get our souls in order. Clean up spiritually. Do things only because they are right. Get our values, ethics and morals in place – turn to the Light/Truth.




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