Darkness before the dawn


Tis night time now, Moloch the owl is keeping a watchful eye,

whilst we lie in bed and worry in fear of the darkened sky.



It all seems so heavy these days, such darkened energy seeped into our existence,

Such influences around us, negativity, hardships coming at us with relentless persistence.



Time to be strong, detached and know what is truly real,

to trust our inner knowing, our wisdom to guide us on how we really feel.



In these times when all around us seems to be full of degradation and impurity,  

it is only tapping into within will we gain our stability and security



The screeching bats, the cold night air, the eery moon

this all will pass to bring about the warmth, the Light – all very soon.



Right now we are in the depths of winter: the coldness, dull skies, scarcity and harshness which seems so cruel,

But very soon we will return to warmer days, lightness, abundance of fruits to replenish our nutritional fuel


The night is full of predators, vampires and nocturnal thieves to fleece when we sleep,

But we will soon be entering into the Light to shed these creatures, these criminals who for so long have made us weep.  



We are Light bearers, this is the reason we are here and why we have been born,

just so long as we remind ourselves that there is always

darkness before the dawn.




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