10 Roles of the Modern-day Police Officer

All of these are intrinsically connected


1/. Primarily to protect the JCN and it’s minions. Effectively working as a private judaic security firm.


2/. To conceal and suppress the Truth and uphold duplicity.


3/. To fleece us goyim of our possessions. Through fines, penalties, house possessions (all corporate theft).


4/. To enforce more jewelian legislative control, acting within the capacity of someone of the sea (officer), not of the land. Under contract/admiralty/maritime (shipping) laws, not God’s law, natural law or common law for the people of the land.


5/. To further enforce more separatism. Them and us mindset. Divide and rule.


6/. To assist the other unconscious useful idiots who are also blindly protecting and assisting the evil unlawful deeds of the JCN. The child-snatching social workers, thieving bullying bailiffs, the corrupt local councils and courts, etc.


7/.  To act as a pseudo-military element to help enFORCE the JWO agenda.


8/. To uphold a mindset and illusion that other people who wear fancy costumes (black occult uniforms) and have a badge, are somehow better than us and have presumed authority over us.


9/. To uphold and support the ludicrous parade of parasitic leaches called the British monarch/royalty.


10/. To further irritate us with their annoying screeching sirens, throbbing helicopters to further destroy our peace, serenity and sense of stability.


These are reasons why the modern-day officer of the sea has no longer has respect from the public. This is why this has to be one of most distasteful roles in the whole JWO agenda.


This is why this entity and unconscious mindset has to be brought down along with this whole JWO.


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