A SIC Society

We all have a natural tendency to point our finger outwardly to blame someone else for this mess. The joos, the government, the corrupt local councils, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, and on and on they go. Obviously these external issues are definitely areas we need to address. But whilst we are busy looking at these, we don’t stop to self-reflect.


What role are we playing in all this insanity? Why has this all come about? Why have we allowed this to happen?


I created a post titled PHISICCZ. This was a tongue-in-cheek acronym for some of the personality types for the sheople.

Programmed, Hypnotized, Ignorant, Selfish, Idiotic, Conditioned, Comatised, Zombies


These are near on true, but on a more serious observation. I feel there are three main root causes which are creating ALL of our misery today:

Selfishness, being Ill-disciplined and Complacency.

All to create the SIC society we are now living in.


Sure it’s nice to look at the positive side of life and all the positive attributes and quality people which are out there. But it is irresponsible to just keep saying positive thinking, without addressing fundament issues. In fact by addressing serious issues, this is in fact thinking positive.


Otherwise it’s like a patient has gangrene in their foot and people are saying to them, Be positive, at least your hair looks nice. Look what a beautiful day it is. Yes but if this patient doesn’t address this serious condition, they will soon have to have their foot removed.


SIC (All of these titles are intrinsically linked)


This has to be the biggy. Who isn’t really selfish? Even well-meaning parents, are really only caring for ‘their’ little cherubs. Just look at the way people drive, how self-absorbed they are. Just go into any main shopping mall/centre and you experience how distracted people have become with their self-gratification. How self-focused they have become. At work, in social events. Of course there are gems out there, but they are far and few between. Most people are out for themselves these days and beyond a natural self-preservation.


I would suggest that we have been trained this way. The talmudvizion is all about keeping us in this self-absorption mindset. It serves the JCN, because then we do not look out for each other and certainly not for our brothers n sisters in distant lands. As long as I can have my comfort and sensory pleasures, I am happy to turn the other cheek to other people’s suffering.




Come on, lets be honest we’ve all let ourselves go. Most have us just cannot give up our destructive habits. Be it smoking, booze, puff/spliff, pornography, junk food addicts, gambling, gaming, sexual perversions. But even seemingly innocent habits such as gardening, entertainment, DIY, sports, and our various pass-times can even get obsessive.


These are all distractions on every level. Worldly and spiritually. Keep the goy endlessly distracted, weak, and having low self worth. An ill-disciplined, distracted mob is a perfect mob to control and ultimately destroy.




We’ve let our guards down basically. We have allowed ourselves to become weak, cowardly, lazy. It doesn’t matter who runs the show, so long as I’ve got work. We don’t bother to check the back grounds of our politicians – Who are they? What is their origin? What do they really stand for? And what do all these symbols mean?


It’s OK for semi-porn gay parades through our streets. It’s perfectly fine for the bankers to continually fleece us and then get paid excessive bonuses. It’s fine to allow police to protect criminals whilst carrying out unlawful practices themselves. It’s fine to just go bomb a country, because the 10 O’ Clock news says it’s OK.


However on a deeper spiritual level I would say we have fallen for these three traits:

(i) Illusory desires: wanting and craving material needs, kudos, transient pleasure seeking

(ii) Illusory identities: I AM this or that. Religions, race, creed, colour, age, sex, job title, sports team supporter, regional location – endless false meaningless identities

(iii) Illusory fears: linked to attachment and fear of loss, fear of without, fear of death, fear of change/the unknown, fear of embarrassment, etc


I would suggest all in all it is because we have turned our backs on spirituality, who we really are, and become unconscious, that we have succumbed to the dark force. We must take this responsibility on board. We have to look at ourselves, to address our internal enemies, to strengthen up and defeat these weakness as a priority, before we can begin to start putting all our energies into fighting external enemies.


An A-Z of some of our negative traits and personality types.


Body conscious

Complacent, comatised, conditioned, cowardly

Docile, dogmatic, degraded



Greedy, gullible, goyim


Idiotic, ignorant, ill-disciplined, identity obsessed, insane




Mad, murderers

Narcissistic, neutral


Programmed, passive

Quasi-human 🙂 (sorry this one is a bit desperate)

Retarded, repeaters

Selfish, sheople, slaves

Traitors, talmud obeyers, timid, tax payers

Usurped, unconscious

Vacant, vulnerable, victims

Wasted, weak, watered-down principles and traditions

X lovers: X boxes, X factor (sorry couldn’t think of anything else)





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