10 Enigmas about Truth Browsers

Truth Browsers = Passives. Those who have chosen to remain neutral in this battle. Those who have opted to sit on the fence. The Truth hobbyists who choose to be spectators throughout this drama.


Most, if not all of these questions are rhetorical. Many of these are interdependent.


1/. Nobody is asking them to do anything outrageous, dramatical, dangerous, risky, controversial, illegal/unlawful, particularly challenging or financially costly – just SOMETHING. Some small act on a regular basis. Just a few fliers placed in cafes here n there – THAT’S IT! ????



2/. Why is it that these people need motivating? When they, more than anyone can see what is going on in the world. Why have they not got the oomph, the spirit within them to want to try and resolve it? Zero self-motivation, compared to ALL the other movements and political activists. Why is it they can’t see that those of us who are engaged in the fight, have enough on our plate, without having to expend energy trying to motivate these lazy cowards? Why have they got no get-up-and-go ????



3/. Why do they get so defensive and aggressive when you call them out? Even when you politely point out that we all need to pull our weight. They have the front to point out how those joos just will not self-reflect, yet they are doing the exact same thing, by their reactions. When they do react (not respond) just like the Jews, they never come from a place of logical perspective. They of course can never defend their passivity, so they resort to emotive slurs, slander, insults. These are a diversion tactic to not face the reality of their passiveness.????



4/. Similar to 3/. They are quick to point the finger at the police and politicians as being traitors, yet they cannot see that by their inactivity they are equally traitorous. ????


They are sitting in a cafe looking out across the road at a man who is kicking a puppy. They watch in comfort and safety, whilst slurping their cappuccino and do NOTHING. And what is worse – they can’t see anything wrong with their inaction.



5/. A classic excuse is they don’t do anything because they have kids and how it’s all right for single people to be involved in the Truth. “Well you don’t have the family commitments.” Pathetic EXCUSE for apathy. So that’s their crutch they lean on every time, because of the kids, they do NOTHING. Work that one out! There is no logic to this argument for these reasons:

(i) We are only talking about putting a few leaflets in a few cafes on a regular basis. This is not being an irresponsible parent. This is not the French Resistance. We are not talking hardcore activism.

(ii) They know damn well that this beast is going to devour their children anyway. If they do NOT do anything. Now that is being an irresponsible parent.

(iii) This attitude (excuse) is coming from a place of selfishness. MY children are much more important than those little brown children over there being blown up.



6/. They actually believe they are somehow part of the Truth Movement – ha. I find that disturbing. They say things like “Yea – we’re all waking up, we gonna win this battle!”  That’s equivalent of wearing a soldiers uniform, but too scared to fight.

(i) As if its a foregone conclusion and (ii) As if they are playing their role in the battle – by viewing lots and lots of youtube clips. It’s almost laughable – it’s equally sad. ????



7/.  They think they have reached a peak, an advanced level just because they have stumbled across the fact that it’s not the NWO, but rather the JWO. It’s a form of Truth snobbery. “Arhh, I know better – it’s not the Illuminati.” And yet they hold this knowledge to themselves, as if it’s all they need to do – just to find it out for self-gratification. They’re almost preening to themselves they made it to the top; an MA in Truthing, yet they hoard it. It’s mine….my secret knowledge. ????



8/.  It’s such a shame that many of them have so many skills and so much talent in all sorts of fields to share this knowledge. Surely if they know how to create software, to design posters, to write powerful poetry, to write creatively they would want to put these skills to good use. What a waste of knowledge, skills and talent. ????



9/. Its an enigma why they can’t see that just sitting on the wall, watching a handful of us who are struggling to bail water is not only wrong, but not pragmatic. Surely it’s common sense that if they were to just grab a bucket and help, we be able to put the fire out quicker. Yet these people claim to be awake, they apparently are able to see through everything else. Truly staggering ????



10/. It’s an enigma how they have no shame, no guilt, no conscience. They can’t see that their passivity is sinful. They are content in their apathy, cowardliness and comfort zones.  They can easily look you in the eyes. Look their children in their eyes. They would be able to look their ancestors in the eyes. They don’t in anyway feel they are letting the Truth movement down, their family down and themselves down. ????



In Summary

1/. Nothing radicle, just a few fliers in a few cafes.

2/. No self motivation.

3/. Inability to self-reflect, they get defensive and are unable to use logic in their argument, just slander…..just like the joos.

4/. Point the finger at others as traitors, but can’t see themselves as being traitorous.

5/. Because of the kids. It’s all right for you child-free people.

6/. They deceive themselves they are part of the Truth movement.

7/. Truth snobs, Truth gratification, Truth hoarding

8/. Waste of knowledge, talents and skills.

9/. Non pragmatic. Not able to see the common sense in helping out.

10/. No conscience about their sinful neutrality.




“Anyone ‘in the know’ who is not actively sharing the Truth and resisting this Tyranny on a regular basis; is not only a pathetic lazy coward, but is assisting the Jewish New World Order – therefore a traitor.”

~ Digger


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  1. Spicegirl

     /  August 24, 2012

    Fearful you may be, but read an article like this one and imagine your life if you were born in the wrong place – in Palestine, or Syria, or Libya, or Yemen, or Iraq or Afghanistan or any one of a myriad of ‘conflict’ places around the globe right now.
    In your mind move from your place of comfort, whatever and wherever it may be, see your life differently, then get angry. Because you can say and do something now – even small acts. They can’t.
    Do nothing and that same conflict could be staring you in the face on your own doorstep.

    • Well said Spicegirl.

      Just lots n lots of small acts, which all accumulatively add up.

      Thank you again for contributing


  2. MJ

     /  August 26, 2012

    The complacent crowd by not opposing the JWO are maintaining the status quo and then there are those who go a step further. Who for a few bucks, position or for their kid;s futures will actively help the other side now those traitors are the worst. They are treacherous to their own people and even to the children they are supposedly looking out for. So you are correct Digger they are the worst parents.

    Do all these things/possessions matter more than integrity?
    Do we really not see that these things are transient?
    Do we not know that we will be judged for what we say and do?

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