The wrong “W”

What are they spraying and now, Why are they spraying – surely shouldn’t we be asking WHO the hell is spraying us?


I’m feeling a bit skeptical about this film already. Something in my water tells me this is another distraction. These types of films are potentially dangerous, because we’ve all seen the 9/11 half-Truth films. They are dangerous because it means we are ELEVEN friggin years on and STILL most Truthers haven’t got a clue israel were the perpetrators of 9/11.


Until someone makes a film associating the chemtrails with the Protocols and the plethora of other forms of judaic eugenics; then I feel we can’t get excited. Somehow I don’t think the likes of the ‘We are Change’ crowd would screen such a film.


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  1. Spicegirl

     /  August 23, 2012

    The film I did think was very watchable and extremely useful as a good lead into the farming community around here – at least to get a discussion started, so I will make copy videos and distribute, but you are right, other than refs to Monsanto and Bill Gates – they still not dare mention who or the deeper reason why. It does give a few easy to understand explanations which surely must help the uninitiated if they will only watch it. I am inclined to think that the programme makers and ‘experts’ are just like me not much more than a year or two ago plus a few thousand Jones, Crane and Icke followers who are absolutely pre-programmed never to look outside the box because that message is still drummed into them the same as calling black white and vice versa. It doesn’t make sense to them because they haven’t found the deeper jwo message out. Not their fault at that stage. Especially to the science brains who dig so deep into the methodology they are only committed to asking certain questions, they can’t see the wood for the trees and still see it as a financial exercise even if deadly. I didn’t find it worthless and not a distraction if it can be a step in the pathway to communicating with the affected sheeple. I’m inclined to think that it’s not totally part of controlled opposition – at least it gives a good resume to make people look up in the sky and then one can echo the Who? question. Mostly the people I speak to are saying they aren’t seeing chemtrails at all, so I think the targetting is noticeable particularly over farming and fishing areas and not places like London or Manchester where they are choked with other pollution issues from the airports, motorways and incinerators.
    Thank you for sending this out and I hope I’m not going to add to the distraction.


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