Denial at every level

This video obviously is focused on sheople who deny 9/11 theories and other conspiracies in general. It talks about cognitive dissonance and various mindsets. It speaks about how some deniers turn to anger.


However I have noticed all of this and more with half-Truthers who have become engrossed in the Illuminati level of Truth who refuse to go beyond that kosher threshold. Many of them are just a notch above 9/11 deniers. They have become so politically correct, and judaified, they just will not accept it is a JWO rather than a NWO.


In addition I have also experienced this with Truthers who spend all their time browsing as spectators. When you politely hint and try to motivate them to actually DO SOMETHING; they too not only get defensive, but good ol cognitive dissonance kicks in, as they actually deny they are being cowardly and lazy and express this by spitting out at you. Just like Jews when confronted by their crimes, they can never actually self-reflect and face the accusations, but just throw out slander and emotive comments.

“Ohh and you think you’re such a hero” or “What gives you the right to tell me how to live my life?”

They just cannot see that for the last X amount of years they have done near on nothing to get the Truth out, or resist this tyranny. Yet they always seem to moan about their lives. They just cannot get it that we are at war and we all need to pull our weight.


This is the mass mind control project we are in.


Cognitive Dissonance


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