Creative Truthing

If there are any budding writers or poets out there, who cringe and wince when reading my scribbles and ramblings; and feel in their hearts they could have done a much better job of any of my essays, please feel free to make an offering.


After all I’m not a writer, I’m a chippie – I swing a hammer for a living. I can hang your doors, fit your wardrobes, put up your shelves; but literature and creative writing ain’t my forte. I’m just doing this to get the word out and do my bit to support my street Truthing.


I didn’t start to read for self-interest until I was in my mid twenties. So I haven’t had the foundation in grammar, syntax and essay structure. Not to mention my annoying dyslexia.


So if anyone would like to take one of my themes and convert it to either a poem or improve upon the sentiment of my essay, please feel free to be creative and run with the ball.


I won’t accept hatful or racist offerings. Or unproductive Joo-bashing just for the sake of it. Obviously a good ol rant is fine; but it ultimately has to serve a purpose and be productive to the Truth.


But what’s the point in just writing about our suffering?


This is a question I ask myself often and have written about. What good are we really doing? I have spoken about it like us leaning down on over the patient in the hospital ward with our white gowns and clip boards; writing copious notes on how the patient is slowly dying, when we ought to just roll up our sleeves and help treat the patient.


However I think writing can have an impact on people. If it is informative and educational, or even ignites an idea within someone, then that can be very useful. One of my objectives in starting this blogsite was to motivate (be it nagging). If I have indirectly got a few more thousand fliers out on those streets by my ramblings, then it’s been worth it.  And judging from the feedback, this seems to be the case.


None of us are experts in this NWO agenda, including the JCN. We’re all reacting and responding to events and trying to make head n tail of it all. So I think by having a spectrum of ideas, approaches and styles of tackling this can be useful. Horses for courses so to speak. An emotively charged poem may empower one person, whereas a politically driven essay may engage someone else and a chronological historical article may motivate someone else.


In addition if anybody would like to translate my work into other languages, please feel free to contact me.


I still am a great fan of street Truthing; it has so many benefits which cannot be touched by online activism. One being it immediately taps into newbies. I feel if we can somehow balance these two elements, we have a good chance of waking millions up.


Let’s get creative.


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  1. MJ

     /  August 26, 2012

    You are able to inspire thought. keep at it please/
    I agree about the face to face being better, but such is life.
    When you have lemons you make lemonade. :D!


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