Sound Soul



All that matters now is your heart is in the right place

That you are on the side of goodness,

That your soul can rest rest in Grace.



The only important thing in your life at this stage is you are leaning towards the Light.

Your coming from a place of consciousness

And that you are fighting the good fight.



If you are going to have one nagging concern,

Make that whether you’re doing your bit,

Whether you stood by the Truth, rather than what you could earn.



In this worldly experience with all our transient identities, our various superficial IAMisms of the human race,

Our meaningless kudos, separatism and materialism,

All we need to do now is ensure our soul is in the right place



It matters not about your silly hobbies and career, nice house and shiny car,

It matters not about how much digits and photons you have in your account,

What matters is your ethics, your values are on the right side – and who you really are.



As for those of you playing the neutral card, by procrastination and leaving it up to others to sort this mess out,

Your passivity, your cowardliness means you have chosen the side of darkness,

You have let yourself down and everyone around you – no shadow of a doubt.



You unconscious useful idiots – police officers, murdering soldiers, and child-thieving social workers, with your jobsworth insanity.

Those of you who have sold out to the dark side,

No amount of mammon, kudos, or artificial security will mask your crimes on humanity,



Only by turning your back on this darkness and working for the Truth will you be able to reverse your evil deeds,

By looking at your lives objectively, what you are doing to your brothers and sisters,

Only with self reflection will you see that your soul bleeds



It is in these last hours we can attempt to make amends, make our selves whole,

To get our act together, to break through our selfishness, become conscious,

To ensure we leave this world with a sound soul.

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