Fire Fire

Just image a scenario where there is a house fire in your local residence. 

Lets just look at the varying roles played in dealing with the fire.

The Perpetrators

We know that the fire looks pretty suspicious. It stinks of an arson attack and an inside job at that. The criminals are well gone by now. Off to claim their insurance or rub their hands in revenge.


The Water Bailers (WBs)

These are just everyone and anyone amongst the residences who have a conscience and who wants to muck in and help the situation. They just cannot stand by and not help. It is just within them to do their bit. Their natural response is to grab a bucket, a hose and get out there and expend some energy.


At varying levels they inconvenience their lives and take some selfless risks to not only put out the fire, but to help save lives. They do not want rewards, they would rather not be seen as heros, they just want to resolve the problem.


Unfortunately there are only a handful of water bailers, and because of this it’s a tough old slog trying to put out the fire. It seems at times as fast as they are trying to quell the fire, it flares up again.


Many of the WB are trying to get other residents to help out. They desperately knock on their doors to wake them up. But many of the residents are fast asleep in a drunken coma from the party the night before. These are not necessarily deniers, they just don’t care about the fire. They live a little way up the street and aren’t directly affected, so they just carry on with lives. These are the apathetics.


They just can’t be bovvered.  Some say they will help out, just so long as they first wash their car and get their suitcases packed for their summer holidays. Others say they would love to help, it’s just that their favorite TV programme is on in a minute.


However most deny there is even a fire, these deniers even though they only live across the street refuse to see, refuse to hear. They can see the fire, hear the commotion, smell the smoke and even though they saw the perpetrators scurry off in the night; to them it’s just a silly theory by those fire theorists.


After all, it’s not on the 10 O’clock news, so why should they believe it? In fact they get quite defensive when the WB’s try to warn them that their house could soon be at risk if we all don’t do anything about it. Some of them snitch on these WB to the protectors.


Through pure frustration the WB have no other choice but to keep frantically trying to put this flaming beast out.


However not all people deny the WB, there is a growing amount of people who are beginning to get a sniff of the smoke and even feel the heat. However for some bizarre reason most refuse to help out with the situation.


Instead of grabbing a bucket of water, they choose to go on line and watch endless hours of arson attacks. Some of them are pseudo-experts on the subjects. They can tell you all about various arson attacks in history. They have read countless books on arson and can roll off stacks of websites they have visited. They are the fire browsers.


A lot of them come out to watch the commotion. They sit on the wall outside and get a perverse buzz from the drama. Yet every now and then some smoke gets in their eyes or the heat gets untenable, or the air quality makes it difficult for them to sit comfortably and they complain.


They moan about the perpetrators, about how those scum-bags should be put on trial and how they need to be exposed. But all the while they are moaning about their woes, the fire is roaring. But they won’t lift a finger to help out. They are pathetic lazy cowards. They have chosen their roles as full time spectators of the drama. This is sinful and traitorous against humanity.


But these are not the lowest of characters. There are worse still!


There are those who have chosen to not only deny there is a fire, but actually are doing everything in their way to prevent the WBs from warning others about the impending danger to the residents. These are the protectors and they come in all sorts of forms.


Firstly there are the local media, who not only deny there is a fire, and that there has been a possible arson attack, which they should have exposed; but they spin the story to tell the local residents that everything is just dandy. Just keep watching the TV, keep playing your sports and any of those fire theorists who claim to be WB are dangerous to the community. Yes those WBs are not only trouble makers but terrorists and need to be outed of this community. Everything is OK.


Then there are the local bobbies. The lower goons not only can’t see the fire, or that there have been a perpetrators of arson, but just like the local media, they protect the perpetrators.


The higher ranking bobbies know what’s going on, but because their mates are part of the arson attack, they arrest and criminalize the WBs and enforce harsh penalties on anyone who is propagating this fire/arson theory.


But if you thought these were low life – I warn you there is even lower than them.


There are the antagonists. These are the scummiest low lifes that the world has ever created. These are the lowest of the lowest. These creatures are a subdivision of the fire browsers who try to trip up the WBs when they are struggling to bail the water.


These degenerates hang about sitting on the wall amongst all the fire browsers, not only observing the commotion, but at any opportunity cuss the WBs for trying to resolve the problem. “You are useless at carrying water, just look at you, you are pathetic” “What good are you doing – the fire is getting bigger!?” Of course they do all of their antagonism from a place of safety and anonymity.


When they’re confronted by the WBs and are asked to pull their weight instead of criticizing, they turn on the WBs and spit out their spleen in response. They have many tricks to try to prevent the WBs from progressing. They cowardly hide in the background amongst the other fire browsers so as not be noticed.


These saddos are sick depraved individuals with not an ounce of substance or conscience. They have the front to actually kid themselves that somehow they are part of the WB movement. They have clearly chosen what side they are on and have sold their souls to evil.


However what they haven’t worked out is when the fire is put out – which it will be. And when the perpetrators are exposed for their arson – which they will be. Then these protectors and particularly the antagonists will also be exposed for having played the lowest card in this whole arson conspiracy.


What role would you play? What role are you playing?


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  1. Well put. We are talking about 9/11 and other crimes carried out by the international Jewish
    power structure aided by Gentile elitist opportunists. The whole thing is covered up and ignored by the types you describe. The so-called 9/11 Truth Movement is, at best,
    a Half-Truth movement if they don’t name the Jewish arsonists.

    I should do more but I do something, in the streets and in personal contacts.
    Zan Overall, The Wise Old Man.

    • Zan,

      Welcome to DFT.

      What a complement to receive a comment from you my friend.

      What a complement to receive a comment from a true Truther and Water Bailer in this movement.

      Yes I agree, unfortunately the 9/11 movement has been totally usurped – because of our complacency.

      I see a similar act of deception going on with this new chemtrail film which many Truthers are getting excited about. They mention what and now they are mentioning why, but they certainly are not mentioning WHO!

      You do more than your fair share brother. You are an amazing example to us all.

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. Firstly may I say Dan Overall is a personal hero of mine.
    During W W II the Jews in London all went to the Jewish doctors and said , i dont wanna go to a war , sign me off, so very many of these jews got signed off with short sight flat feet etc
    and then went into the fire services or reserved occupations.
    Mad Frank Fraser told me that during the blitz the shops that were bombed got stripped bare by the jews, and often under cover of bomb alerts lots of premises were stripped bare for the balck market.
    Churchill apointed Peter mandelsons grandfather Herbert Morrison as Home Office minister
    among other positions and he made sure all the work contracts went to Jewish groups and factories, many Jews i knew blatently used the war to profiteer.
    Morrison also made sure Abraham Gamse ( Abram Games) was put in charge of faking pictures and photographs for the war effort, and did many racist posters for the London underground etc.
    Phil Sher recieved prior knowledge of which goods were going to go up in the budget and a group of jews known as the Edgware boys became rich on this
    Melitta Norwood had a radio transmission intercepted and it was found that the metals market, vital for the war effort was being fixed by the jews, and exploited.
    Flora Solomons who was one of Kim Philbys runners, was involved with the Jews at Marks and Spensers and she was able to buy excess government stock at cost.
    Stoke Newington and Leyton were London boroughs with Jews who were pushing Britian to supply Russia with free goods that were unavailable here, including everything from food boxes to spitfires, the spitfires we sent were not used as Stalin wanted those kept for after Germany was anniahalted, for the war against Britian., This was Rothschlds idea and he also pushed Lord Cherwell into the fire bombing of civilian homes and the strafing of refugee columns, they and Churchil blamed the fool Bomber Harris for this.
    The Jewish bankers who were evicted from Germany were behind the SN group or
    Stoke Newington pressure group.
    My good freind the late Rabbi Louis Jacobs said more as did other Jews, and i saw much in the intel files which are now destroyed.


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