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10 areas where us Truthers need to look at our lifestyles

1/. No true Truther should be doing their shopping at supermarkets. It may be necessary on occasions for odd items. But as a regular habit we should be supporting local shops and farms.

Why would any of us want to support our enemy??



2/. No true Truther should be paying taxes at all. If this means we have to get off grid and make our lives more difficult, then so be it.

Why would we want to support our adversaries?



3/. No true Truther should be running off to their local general practitioner every time they have a slight cold, or mild rash or minor ailment. We must be more independent. We have to learn to gain our self empowerment, to trust ourselves and nature. Support local trusted natural remedies and natural practitioners.

Why would we want to give our power away to this force?



4/. No true Truther should be sending their children off to fight wars on behalf of judaism and the dark force behind judaism. This is insanity. There is not one excuse in the world to allow your children to kill others and be killed for demonic, greedy, psychotic criminals.

Why in the world should we fight their dirty wars for them?



5/. No true Truther should be watching talmudvizion on a regular basis. If you are a responsible parent and know full well the demonic poisonous degenerative effects the TV has on our lives, you should smash the thing up and take it up the local dump.

Why would you allow them to programme your loved ones?



6/. No true Truther should be engaged in a career where they are directly (or even indirectly) helping to bring about this Jewelian nightmare. A police officer, banking, social worker, medical mafia, teacher (sciences, history, etc), traffic warden and any one of the supportive roles as a useful idiot. It’s time to go off grid.

Why would you want to play your role in this enslavement?



7/. No true Truther should be passively sitting back expecting others to get them out of this mess. We all should be doing our bit. Nobody out there is going to save us. It is us individually doing lots and lots of small acts which all add up for the collective good. No more middle ground, no more cowardly procrastination, no more laziness, no more pathetic excuses. Finger out time. Do SOMETHING.

Why on earth would you want to make this nightmare worse by doing NOTHING? 



8/. No true Truther should be having their children vaccinated. Is this needed to be said(?).

Why would you want to have your child euthanasied? 



9/. No true Truther should allow their fellow Truthers to become passive and inactive and turn into pathetic Truth browsers. We should be kicking these lazy cowards in their butts. Get off your lazy asses and DO SOMETHING. Use every trick in the book, every means possible to get these people engaged in the fight.

Why on earth would you allow others ‘in the know’ to sit back and not give you a hand?



10/. No true Truther should be regularly wasting money on trivial and destructive elements in their lives – when this money could be put to good use for fliers, stickers, CD/DVDs, posters and making contributions to those who are willing to stand up and be counted.

Why would we not want to support the good cause?



Why would we want to help bring on our own enslavement, to help our enemies, support the dark side?



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