We are at War

That’s it – enough’s enough. I can’t handle any more texts, e-mails, phone calls, meeting up for cozy chats over cappuccino to discuss how bad things are and what they’re going to do to us next.

I’ve tried to be understanding, I have been super tolerant with your innumerable excuses, I have showed patience way and beyond my capacity with your procrastination.


I’m not even angry with you. I’m just disheartened, perplexed, disapointed and completely exhausted with you.


We are at war and there is no time now for politeness. You need to be told straight.


You are a traitor!


We have been invaded and you not only know this, but you even know who the enemy is, yet you perpetually sit comfortably behind your screen browsing in entertainment mode. Or merrily plod along with your hobbies and past times in the middle of this battlefield. Adopting the inactive passive spectator position.


You have made your choice where you stand. That being “We’ll see how things pan out – let’s hope for the best” stance.


Please stop lying to yourself – YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT PART OF THE TRUTH MOVEMENT. You are not part of the resistance. You are only part of the browsing non-movement. Again and again you have refused to do ANYTHING. So I hope you can live with yourself.


To think what our ancestors went through for their families, culture, country and our freedoms. Despite them having being duped to fight and die for the JCN; they still had courage to give up their lives and be prepared to be maimed.


And you are scared to put some leaflets in a few cafes. Or can’t be bovvered.


Nobody is asking you to go write a book, go off interviewing people, or get out there with a video camera doing street activism, or create podcasts, or do public speaking, or even set up a website.


Just covertly distribute a few fliers here n there, on a regular basis….that’s it.


Or any of the hundreds of possible ways of getting the word out there and showing just a bit of resistance.


You are happy to bitch about ‘the Jews’, slag off the police, be outraged by your local council, express your distain for the debt collectors and all the other useful idiots playing their roles.


Yet you have opted for the pathetic lazy coward role in all this. So that of course is your choice.


But just so you know you have chosen to be a traitor.


You are a traitor to your family and loved ones.


You are a traitor to yourself.


You are a traitor to your to your ancestors.


You are a traitor to your country.


You are a traitor to humanity.


You are a traitor to your soul and spirit.


You are more than just part of the problem –

You are a traitor.


This video should help nudge some people. It’s not just about being awake. It’s about being proactive awake.



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  1. Spicegirl

     /  August 16, 2012

    How on earth do we break free from years and years of ‘conditioning’ of rules and regulations that smother every one of us – we’re watched with cameras constantly, conversations recorded, Mr Tesco knows every bit about us – all our bad habits, what sizes the kids are, what we eat for breakfast and even what flavour biscuit the dog likes. And much worse to come. WE have become part of our own stranglehold on ourselves – we like all the convenience and comforts, but we are so trapped we can’t break away from it to smash up the rule book that we allowed to be put in place. Don’t blame us totally, we need encouragement to learn to stand up again. People can find the depths within themselves to stand up to tyranny but not when they feel demoralised and helpless and guilty. Time has run out, but there are still a few moments for those with insight to take a deeper breath and realise they should do something of value however small. That goes for me too.

    • Thank you Spicegirl,

      “How on earth do we break free?” Well by making a START to do SOMETHING. Just a little something. Hence my essay “The beginning of a new mindset”. Also through spiritual meditation. That’s why I’m making such a big deal about this internal/yin aspect of the conspiracy.

      It is because we have all ‘chosen’ to repeatedly turn our backs spirituality that we have become unconscious, weak and basically pathetic slaves. By embracing spirituality, one gradually erodes FEAR. Nobody has turned us into cowards, we have have chosen the cowardly route.

      As for Mr Tesco (Tes’Cohen); he is only going to know every bit about our shopping IF WE SHOP THERE …..yet again, it’s all about choice. Choice to be lazy and go to Tesco, Asdas, Sainsburys, Warmarts through laziness and convenience. We are selling our souls for convenience. Any true Truther should not be regularly shopping in these kosher places. Why are we supporting our oppressors??

      I hear your words when you say “Don’t blame us totally” …..but how much patience, understanding, time, encouragement and nicey nicey attitude should we use? This is not a rhetorical question; please answer this?

      I/we have run out of patience with these traitors. As I always say, we are not asking people to march into war, go and do anything daring, risky, unlawful/illegal, dramatic – just do SOMETHING!! As you say “do something of value, however small.”

      I’m sorry I have politely asked these people to get out of bed, I have begged them, used humour, pulled their legs, being awfully awfully polite, tried using encouragement – I have screamed at them outside their door “GET OUT oF BED”, but they still wont. I’m drained, exhausted and depleted of patience. So now there is no other choice other than to burst into their room and slap them across their face with a cold wet towel to force them out of their destructive slumber.

      What is so irritating about these people (this situation) is that it isn’t as if we haven’t enough on our plates dealing with those Joos, the useful idiots, the sheople and now we are having to expend our energy on these lazy pathetic cowards. We need as many foot soldiers as possible. Every day they ‘choose’ to be passive/neutral is a crime against humanity. This JWO is so unnecessary, none of this collective suffering needs to happen. There is a solution – that is: those that know have to do their bit.

      Thank you again for another valid, stimulating 🙂 comment.


  2. truthvibe

     /  August 16, 2012

    At first I felt uncomfortable with this piece Digger. I thought the word traitor was a bit heavy. But when I re-read it I realized how accurate and important it was. Yes indeed we are at war! We all have to do our bit. Thank you for your inspiring work.

    • Thank you Truthvibe.

      I hear your sentiments regarding this term ‘traitor’ being heavy. It is heavy. It is also very judgmental. But what are we to do? We are most definitely at war. Most people who claim to be in the Truth movement have chosen to remain in entertainment mode (they just Truth browsers).

      If our best buddy started to take heroin, should we just stand back, let them do their thing because we are scared to come across as judgmental? So that we didn’t want to interfere with their life choice? No of course not. We would do everything to try to stop them – even if that means screaming and insulting them.

      To repeat myself – we have enough on our plate, without having to deal with these cowards.

      Thank you for contributing.


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