Tacit Enslavement

When you catch yourself moaning about the latest atrocity of this conspiracy; consider adding an appropriate appendix to your rant:

The British police are now introducing something like 36 thousand tasers into the FORCE ~ which we are allowing.


Obama (or his controllers) have set in place a tyrannical law which rejects any Habeus Corpus, (no open trial) ~ which we have all swallowed.


The warmonger Tony Blair is coming back into British mainstream politics ~ which we are consenting to.


New health and safety regulations say that we now are not allowed to smoke in our own cars ~ which we are putting up with.


Now Codex Alimintarias legislation tells nutritionists that they are not even allowed to hint that there is any connection between the MMR vaccine and altruism ~ which we are accepting.


New highway laws state that there will be a maximum speed limit of 20 mph in most built up roads ~ which we are tolerating.


School teachers are now not allowed to correct student’s work in red pen, incase it offends the students ~ which we are putting up with.


The UNLAWFUL Council tax has shot up to ridiculous levels ~ yet people still pay it (albeit begrudgingly).


The airports treat us like pre-criminals and cattle ~ which we all adhere to.


Police stop and search us, beat us, taser us, falsely incarcerate us ~ and we acquiesce to this.


Armed troops are now marching through quiet civilian areas interfering and intimidating residents ~ am we are yielding to this nonsense.


Every piece of Jewelion legislation that they are throwing at us, we have tacitly accepted – tacit agreement. Inch by inch, incremental layer by layer we have indirectly given our collective consent; every single part.

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  1. Spicegirl

     /  August 16, 2012

    Small correction to your article… – Nutritional therapists must not make any implications between MMR and autism.
    Details below from ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ August 2012 http://www.wddty.com
    “MMR and autism?”
    “Don’t mention it – you could be banned

    You’re not even allowed to suggest that the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine causes autism any more. One website that has continued to make the claim has been forced to withdraw it from its website.

    The site – babyjabs.co.uk, which offers advice to parents about vaccinations – has had to remove the claim from its site following a complaint to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). It had said that the three-in-one jab may be causing “up to 10 per cent” of autism cases in the UK.

    The ASA has ruled that the statement is misleading, and was warned not to repeat the claim, nor any other claims about the MMR vaccine.

    Although the site has removed the claim, it has pointed out that an Italian court recently ruled that the vaccine had caused autism in a nine-year-old boy.”

    By stealth EU regulations and strangulation by the pharmaceutical cos bans herbs and natural supplements (butterbur is the latest to disappear) with only a handul of people to argue the legalities at vast expense (ANH). Other rules appear out of thin air – we’re not allowed to use the words ‘treat’ or ‘treatment’. Now they are planning to ban us using ‘therapeutic’. And big surprise, our regulatory bodies just go along with it with barely a murmur. They have to be infiltrated – or maybe they are so hypnotised or terrorised, nobody dare speak out and ask ‘Why – so what?’ Every so often the BBC will give a hounding to some poor soul who is handing out harmless advice yet doctors can kill tens of thousands every year with wrongly prescribed and side-effects of medications. And we accept that, they have a white coat so that makes it all ok.

    • Wow, thank you again for your in depth knowledge. I’m sure this will be useful to many of the readers.

      Great contribution Spicegirl.


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