Ohhh WAKE UP you Sleepy Occupiers

This is painful to watch. Controlled opposition oozing at all levels. Can they not see through the uniformity running across all of the camps. The control of finances, the Orwelian controlled newspeak and groupthink, the internal security, the hierarchical control. From an objective position it is so obvious. Well at least this video shows they have a sniff of what’s going on. Just a shame they don’t know who really is behind it all.


Not one of them these genuine souls are Jew-wise. If they were, they would know who is behind the masonic tendencies, the deceptive trickery. Can they not see behind those stupid “V” (yiddish 6) for Vendetta occupy masks.


I suppose that’s where we come in. But as many of us have experienced – even when you do tell them that “It’s the Jews”, their politically correct programming will not accept it. They all are conditioned to be anti-Nazi/Hitler, sensitive to Jewish ideals yet steadfast anti-government and big brov!!!???

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