Gentlemanly Bullying

Nice guy, just doing his job. Just like the ‘nice’ police who politely come and arrest you and ruin your life for the next ten years. Just like the awfully ‘nice’ social workers who come and steal your children – just doing their jobs. Just like the very polite traffic warden who gives you a parking fine and says “Sorry mate – just doin me job.” Ever so civil, ever so gentlemanly. Just doing the paperwork.


If only Michael here really knew the damage he was doing. Useful ‘nice’ idiot. He probably just wrote those sites down to humour her and will never bother to look at them. As this wise woman suggested in a way – what he’s enforcing on others will soon come down on him. What comes around ….


This is pure mind control. Sheople controlling and enslaving the sheople.


Michael will probably have enough saved this summer to go to Spain for his hols, which will be nice.

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